It looks like Google's getting ready for primetime with a series of TV-ready Android Wear commercials. Four videos have popped up on the official Android YouTube channel showing how you might use an Android-powered smartwatch while on safari, going out to a party, or surfing. The common tagline across all of them is "at a glance", which sums things up nicely. The above video is the longest clip of the bunch that takes snippets from the other three.

As you might expect, the Moto 360, LG G Watch, and Samsung Gear Live all figure prominently in the ads. If you want to check out the other 15-second clips, they're all available at Google Mobile YouTube channel link below.

What do you guys think? Will these ads get the message of Android Wear out to the masses, or are smartwatches going to stay a niche product?

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New Android Wear commercials show off smartwatch uses


Not sure what functionality you expect to see. They are an accessory. They aren't necessary to your daily life but definitely add convenience. If the convenience of having glanceable information on your wrist isn't important, then nothing they say is going to sway you to buy one. For me, this is exactly what I want, well next to Glass that is.

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You were probably the same person saying "why do I need internet on my phone" back in 2003.. Then finally in 2010 you realized you did actually need internet on your phone...

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

I'll admit that I was one of those who thought a combination of a music player and a phone together were ridiculous. Internet didn't even cross my mind. :)

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At least you can clearly see the size of these watches in this commercial. I am sick of the renders that make them look smaller than they really are especially on women.

So? Clearly it's not my device. When someone innovates and makes something that has some useful functionality that won't be like a gauntlet on my wrist, I'll be interested.

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I still can't justify the price for them unfortunately. It's not like it's a chore to pull my phone out of my pocket. It's cool and neat, but Android wear is still in its first generational stage as well. It'll probably catch on, but I'm not looking to be an early adopter.

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I really like my Neo (that I paid around $140 for). I agree that quite a few of the features are useless, but glancing at my watch when I get a call, text or e-mail while driving; changing songs or the volume from the watch without having to take out my S5 while on the Metro and even answering calls on it when my phone was too far away, leaves me with no regrets.

I suspect they're going to stay niche. Sure, it's slightly more convenient than pulling out your phone, but is it $300 more convenient?

Maybe I'll change my mind after I play with a demo unit of the 360...

I think you mean, "is it $200 more convenient," since so far that's the starting price. People are willing to spend a lot more money than you might realize. I know I was. My G Watch has been great so far.

Have they released the price of the 360? All the speculation I've seen places its price north of $300, and it seems to be the only one generating any real interest.

Have you considered that you might be the niche market? ;-)

This article wasn't about the 360 specifically, it was about Android Wear in general.

And I know I'm niche, but I also know enough of my clients, as I'm an IT provider, who aren't remotely niche. Their interest level is quite high.

WHAT THE... You mean to tell me that you can use a watch to tell the time?!?! What kind of sorcery is this?

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I chuckled when they highlighted that, but it kind of made sense. I think we've all lost sight of the convenience of telling the time without pulling our phones out of our pockets. Once I got a smartwatch and I began to remember I had one, it was weirdly liberating to go back to quick access to the time.

They need to make an app where you can use your watch like a walkie talkie. Similar to the app tikl.

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Don't really need one but I will probably get one in a few months after the early adoptors get them and the price drops.

From my Note 2 to you

"Oh, it's late." Seriously? Seriously? Geez, I could have never guessed you could use a smartwatch to tell the time.

Focusing on the "watch" aspect is a smart play on Google's part. If they just focused on the gee-wiz features, people will see it as a spendy smartphone accessory. But sell it as a watch, and people may compare it to watches (which easily get more expensive than $200), while also making it appear more mainstream.

On this I agree. People already forget that the phone was meant for calling. Marketing it as an actual watch with other useful features is a good move, even though I won't be getting one.

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thing that bugs me is it shows them tapping the thing and saying "I'm gonna be late" it implies you can start a conversation when in reality all you can do is respond. I should point out that text messages you can start unless you use Google Voice which can't even respond... good job Google.

Yeah wearables are definitely still beta, not wasting my money on "smart" watches for at least another year (I'll probably never get one unless it's free). Hell, they STILL haven't perfected Bluetooth headsets yet and they've been out forever.

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I'm really enjoying my Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch. I haven't said one thing to co-workers yet they ask me about it. I'm continually finding new apps for it and it's become my phone protege. I don't have to carry my phone around within BT range, and that's perfect for my Note 3 interactions.

Reading the comments - some of you people really need to clue in or not comment. No one consumes your negative babble. I see smartwatches as growing functional technology. Imagine people NOT interrupting meetings with their silly ass ringtones (vs. wrist vibration) as one example. I'm not interested in the glass products, but that doesn't mean someone isn't integrating that technology into their life. Enjoy!

I thought the idea was stupid at first. I now have the Gear 2. I'm an H.V.A.C. Tech and usually when someone calls or texts, I have oil or refrigerant on my hands. (I swear people wait to call until that happens)
Now I'm not reaching into pocket to find out it's someone I don't want to talk to anyway. So convenient and worth every penny.
My 2 cents.

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