All the watch band things for Huawei watches

Whether you need to replace a broken watch band or you simply want to try a different style of band, you have many choices for your Huawei watch.

We've rounded up a few of the best third-party watch bands available.

Yesoo magnetic Milanese stainless steel strap

yesoo milanese

If you're looking for style and that elegant, upper-crust feeling, then look no further than Yesoo's magnetic Milanese watch strap.

Yesoo blends elegance and durability together with this watch band. Made of stainless steel, its beautiful Milanese loop pattern won't look out-of-place at a black tie event.

Forget fumbling and struggling with buckles to get your watch strapped on. Yesoo's magnetic clasp clicks into place with little effort and stays closed until you decide to take your watch off.

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Eagwell crocodile genuine leather band


Another great replacement band comes from Eagwell. Its leather bands are made from genuine crocodile leather, so if you want a replacement leather band with a little bit more panache, this is the one for you.

The other nice touch about Eagwell's crocodile leather band is that it is hand-stitched together with care and precision.

At 18mm wide, this watch band will fit wrists between 5.5 inches and 7.1 inches in circumference.

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Barton quick-release band


Getting a silicone band for your Huawei Watch is a great way to make sure you have a band that's durable, lasts, and follows you anywhere.

Barton's quick-release bands are just about the best silicone bands you can get because not only are they incredibly easy to put on and take off your watch, but they're inexpensive as well, meaning you can grab a few and switch it up daily! They also have special offers every now and then where you can buy a few for a reduced price (cha-ching!).

Barton's bands are washable and waterproof, so no more stink-wrist and no soggy wrists if you get caught in the rain.

You have 13 fun colors to choose from to match your style, and these bands will fit most wrists (up to 8 inches around).

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Monoy stainless steel metal bracelet watch band for Huawei watch


If you had a stainless steel band on your Huawei watch, this offering from Monoy makes a good replacement choice.

Made of quality stainless steel with a high-tech finish, this band is comfortable to wear all day and into the night.

Its dual fold-over clasp is easy to put on and remove and most importantly, straps your watch securely to your wrist.

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Motong leather watch watch band for Huawei watch


Made of beautiful Italian leather, Motong's replacement band lends a touch of European elegance to your Huawei watch.

This replacement band has strong fold-over clasp that feels comfortable against your wrist and keeps your watch securely fastened to your wrist. You can release it with a single press of a button, too.

Measuring 18mm wide, it is about 6.9 inches long and adjusts to fit most wrists.

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MODE bands

MODE band

MODE bands get rid of the hassle of dealing with those pesky pins all the time and they might just be the easiest watch bands to install ever! Take a gander at the neat video on the MODE site, and you can see just how easy these bands can attach to your Huawei Watch.

All you have to do is replace the original pin that is on your Huawei Watch and add the MODE pin. Then it's just a matter of simply sliding your MODE band over the pin and locking it shut!

The only manufacturer making the MODE bands right now is Hadley Roma and they start around $50. Remember, in order for the MODE bands to work with your Huawei Watch, you need to get the the 18mm band — don't make the mistake of getting the wrong size!

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What's on your Huawei Watch?

Are you using an awesome third-party band that we missed here? Let us know in the comments below!

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