Huawei announces the Watch GT2e and Sound X speaker, launching from April

Huawei Watch Gt 2e
Huawei Watch Gt 2e (Image credit: HUAWEI)

What you need to know

  • Huawei has announced the Huawei Watch GT2e alongside the P40 and P40 Pro.
  • It's a cheaper version of its Watch GT2, planned for an April launch.
  • Huawei has also announced a new Sound X speaker, ts first wireless speaker. It's slated for a Summer launch.

Huawei today announced a cheaper smartwatch for those users embedded in its exosystem — the Huawei Watch GT2e. As its name implies, it is related to the Watch GT2, but it's not a successor. It's a slightly cheaper version with new colors that's ultimately meant to be more accessible and affordable for users. Many of the killer features from the GT will make a return here.

You'll see the 14-day battery life powered by the 455 mAh battery, the magnetic charger at the rear, and the round AMOLED screen. It's all powered by a Huawei HiSilicon Hi1132, with 4GB of flash storage and Bluetooth 5.1 for connectivity. It'll work with iPhones from iOS 9 and above, and Android phones running 4.4+.

As for the Watch GT2 itself, it's getting a small update with a new Champagne Gold edition.


Source: HUAWEI (Image credit: Source: HUAWEI)

Huawei also announced the new Sound X speaker, a beautifully designed wireless speaker and the first of its kind from the Chinese company. Huawei worked with the French audio brand, Deevialet, while building this. It made use of Deevialet's patented signal-processing SAM (Speaker Active Matching) technology, and iconic Push-Push symmetrical structure (in essence, symmetrically positioning two speakers so that their vibrations cancel each other out for a relatively impact-free experience.)

What Huawei brings to the table, aside from its design chops, is its Huawei Share for easy music streaming when using an EMUI 10.1 equipped handset (say, like the P40). You can use WiFi direct and Bluetooth to connect to the speaker as well, though while Huawei says Wi-Fi leads to lossless audio and fewer lag issues, it ultimately recommends Huawei Share as the optimum method of connectivity.

The Watch GT2e will set you back ₤199 when it launches in April. Huawei plans for the Sound X speaker to launch in early Summer 2020.

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