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The Android Central Team

Daniel Bader, Managing Editor

Daniel Bader makes sure the mighty Android Central trains run on time. Previously Editor-in-chief at MobileSyrup, Bader also runs Canadian coverage and excels at making the deeper levels of technology accessible to everyone. In addition to writing and editing, Daniel regularly appears on Canadian networks CBC and CTV as a technology analyst.

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Alex Dobie, Executive Editor, U.K.

Alex cooks up steaming bowls of European coverage for Android Central on a daily basis. Fueled by caffeine, a love of tech and a mortal fear of natural light, Alex operates our European desk from a dungeon somewhere in Manchester, England.

Andrew Martonik, Executive Editor, U.S.A.

Andrew Martonik helms American coverage for Android Central, including a heaping helping of Samsung, Pixel, and more. He's been tinkering with computers, PDAs (remember those?), gadgets and phones his whole life. Living in Seattle, Andrew enjoys his Starbucks coffee and Sounders FC soccer matches as much as anything else.

Jerry Hildenbrand, Senior Editor

Linux Professional, aging hippie and recovering engineer. Editor in charge of touching things until they break, trying to figure stuff out, and talking about Android. I think the black jelly beans are the best and wear sneakers I bought in 1996. I'm also the Mobile Nations Senior Editor of excellent headgear.

Russell Holly, Senior Editor

Based in Baltimore, Md., Russell's journey into writing started shortly after picking up an HTC G1. When not making words happen on the Internet, Russell can be found running through a field with a sword, playing getting shot at on his Xbox One, or getting schooled by his spouse in comic books.

Ara Wagoner, Writer

Born and raised just outside Austin, Texas, Ara Wagoner dove into Android in 2011 when she bought her Samsung Captivate Glide, which she named Soarin after the Disney ride. She considers the Android home screen her Tetris, trying new launchers, widgets, and themes whenever she has a moment to spare — and sometime when she doesn't. When she's not checking out new themes or music apps, she's probably off indulging her fangirl tendencies.

Nirave Gondhia, Editorial Director

Nirave Gondhia has been writing about the mobile industry for over a decade, and began his career selling and fixing phones for the major UK carriers. He's used every flagship smartphone over the past five years and carries at least two phones at all times. He's most excited about the potential applications for 5G, as well as the smart home and a truly connected future.

Mobile Nations

Android Central is part of Mobile Nations, which also includes the CrackBerry, iMore, and Windows Central communities.

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