Best bands for Samsung Gear S3 in 2022

Samsung Gear S3
Samsung Gear S3 (Image credit: Android Central)

It might have some years under its belt, but the Samsung Gear S3 is still one of our favorite Android smartwatches, and it's a great alternative to many of the Wear OS watches out there. In addition, it supports standard 22mm watch bands, which makes it incredibly easy to upgrade to something new. Here are a few of the best Gear S3 replacement bands for your consideration.

Best Gear S3 replacement bands: How to decide

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One of the many great aspects of owning a watch like the Samsung Gear S3 is how easily interchangeable the bands are. While the included band may work for most users, having the option to customize your watch band to match your style can be an enjoyable experience. If you need to dress up for work or a night on the town, you can switch over to a leather or metal band. Do you want to switch to something more comfortable for that trip to the gym or that hike on a hot summer day? If so, check out a nylon or silicone watch band instead.

What do we recommend as the best Gear S3 replacement band? We're always on the hunt for the perfect band, and we're quite fond of the Maxjoy Nylon Watch Band. It'll work for just about any occasion, including workouts or basic everyday wear, since it offers both breathability and durability thanks to its premium materials. Another great pick that caters to fitness enthusiasts is the waterproof Barton Silicone Watch Band, which provides you with textured comfort that will stay in place during your exercise routine.

If you'd prefer a more classy or traditional look for your Samsung Gear S3, you can't go wrong with the Snowoxen Leather Watch Band. Not only does this specific band look fantastic, but there are a few different color options to choose from. Plus, who doesn't love the tried-and-true buckle on a watch band?

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