Best Bands for Samsung Gear S3 Android Central 2020

The Samsung Gear S3 is one of our favorite smartwatches, and a great alternative to many of the Android Wear watches out there. In addition, the Gear S3 supports standard 22mm watch bands, making it really easy to upgrade to something new. Here are a few of the best third-party watch bands to consider.

Breathable convenience: Maxjoy Nylon Watch Band

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This nylon watch band by Maxjoy is made of high-quality nylon fabric with integrated premium leather. It's safe to say this is one of the most unique band options out there. It's equipped with a strong stainless steel buckle that's wear-resistant. The blend of these two materials gives you the perfect balance of breathability and durability.

$16 at Amazon

Luxurious leather: Snowoxen Genuine Leather Watch Band

There's nothing more simple and stylish than a classic leather watch band, and Snowoxen nails it with its affordable leather band for the Samsung Gear S3! Made from a high-quality soft leather material that's lightweight yet sturdy, the strap comes with an easy-to-buckle stainless steel clasp, making it the perfect day-to-day band.

$14 at Amazon

Nylon paradise: ArtStyle Nylon Watch Band

Keep things simple, fun, and functional with the ArtStyle watch band. It's easy to adjust and it's hypoallergenic, making it the perfect band to wear if you have sensitive skin. The material from this particular band is also breathable and waterproof on top of being extremely comfortable to wear all day long.

$9 at Amazon

Ultra-slim durability: Koreda Stainless Steel Mesh Band

If you want a bit of additional security when you're sporting your S3, the Koreda Stainless Steel Mesh Band might be a good pick. It's crafted with premium woven stainless steel mesh that provides you with all-day comfort and a convenient magnetic clasp. Plus, it's super sleek and slim on the wrist.

$13 at Amazon

Stainless steel dependability: TRUMiRR Milanese Stainless Steel Band

The Milanese style has been a staple of traditional watch design for decades, so incorporating the TRUMiRR Milanese Stainless Steel Band could be the perfect fit if that's your preference. To attach and detach your watch band, you simply release a small spring bar, which minimizes the need for annoying tools. The TRUMiRR band is available in black and silver.

$11 at Amazon

Textured comfort: Barton Silicone Watch Band

The Barton silicone band is a great option to check out when customizing your Gear S3 if you like vibrant colors and a comfortable feel. The band is designed with a textured back, so the slipping and sliding of other silicone straps is a thing of the past. This design also makes it an excellent choice for working out as its waterproof and can be washed.

$15 at Amazon

Classy and classic: V-MORO Stainless Steel Watch Band

The V-MORO 22mm stainless steel watch band is an affordable, high-quality option that keeps your Gear S3 looking classic and clean without any clutter or useless accents. Unlike other bands, the V-MORO cannot be adjusted to fit individual wrists with a simple tightening system. Instead, users can remove the links if they need to make it a smaller size.

$15 at Amazon

Leather all-day: Fullmosa Quick Release Leather Watch Band

There are some leather watch bands that have a way of standing out from the rest and that's what the Fullmosa band offers. There are a dozen color options to choose from, all of which will work perfectly with your Samsung Gear S3. The included quick release mechanism makes life easy for those who like to regularly switch between bands on the go.

$11 at Amazon

Perfect for the gym: Hagibis Replacement Silicon Bands

This band from Hagabis takes a play out of the Nike playbook with its ventilated, breathable design. There are many different colors to choose from, so you aren't stuck with the boring black and gray if you don't want to be. You can up the ante and snag a multi-pack. If you love working out, then this may be the band for you.

$8 at Amazon

Expand the inventory: HMJ Band Replacement Sport Straps (11-pack)

Who says you don't need more bands in your inventory? This amazing multi-pack from HMJ Band provides you with 11 different bands to choose from, now that's impressive. You can have a different band for every day of the week, the weekend, vacation, and any other occasion that might come up.

$22 at Amazon

Get two for one: Loxan Genuine Leather Replacement Bands (2-pack)

What's better than one leather band? Two leather bands. Loxan provides a two-pack with a black option and a more-traditional brown option. Both bands include quick-release pins while sporting the classic buckle design found on many leather watch bands. If you need to switch a band to properly match your outfit before heading to the office, Loxan has you covered.

$22 at Amazon

So many color choices: MoKo Silicone Watch Band

If you like having plenty of choices when it comes to the color of your band, you'll appreciate what MoKo is offering. These bands are made of high-performance silicone that's soft, flexible, and water-resistant. You'll have a traditional buckle that's made with hypoallergenic nickel-free stainless steel. What's more, there are over 12 different colors to choose from.

$8 at Amazon

Which band is best for you?

One of the many great asepcts of owning a watch like the Gear S3 is how easily interchangeable the bands are. Although the included band may work for most users, having the option to customize and accessorize your watch bands can be an enjoyable experience. If you need to dress up for work or a night on the town, you can switch over to a leather or metal band. Do you want to switch to something more comfortable for that trip to the gym or on a hot summer day? Check out a nylon or silicone watch band instead.

Is there a third-party watch band that you think would be perfect for the Samsung Gear S3? We're always on the hunt for the perfect band, and we're quite fond of the Maxjoy Nylon Watch Band. It'll work for almost any occasion, including workouts or basic everyday wear since it offers both breathability and durability thanks to its premium materials. Another great pick that caters to fitness enthusiasts is the waterproof Barton Silicon Watch Band, which provides you with textured comfort that will stay in place during your exercise routine.

If you'd prefer a more classy or traditional look for your Samsung Gear S3, you can't go wrong with the Snowoxen Leather Watch Band. Not only does this specific band look great, but there are a few different color options to consider. Plus who doesn't love the tried-and-true buckle on a watch band?

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