Best Samsung Gear S2 Bands Android Central 2019

The Samsung Gear S2 might be a few years old by now, but if you're really still loving your watch — or don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on an upgrade — you can make your watch feel brand new without breaking the bank. The price of replacement bands is surprisingly low, so you can completely revamp the look of your Gear S2 at a price that's affordable.

Solid swappable bands: V-Moro Soft Silicone Bands

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If you're a fan of giving your technology a bit of personal flair, V-Moro offers a nice variety of silicone bands in a multitude of solid colors. This is the go-to choice if you're replacing the band and want something close to the original in your own style.

$9 at Amazon

Flexiblity for days: ViCRiOR Soft Silicone Band

Looking for the perfect workout companion that's both flexible and durbale? This is the band for you. The overall weight is reduced thanks to the compression-molded perforations, a unique design that also improves the breathability of the band.

$13 at Amazon

Functional comfort: ViCRiOR Nylon Ballistic NATO Band

Finding the right level of comfort doesn't mean you should have to sacrifice durability. Luckily, that's not the case with these bands. The ballistic nylon is designed for maximum durability and abrasion resistance that offers moderate softness for your wrists. It's truly the perfect blend of comfort and function.

$12 at Amazon

Cozy fashion: V-Moro Soft Leather Band

For those who want both comfort and style, check out this leather band from V-Moro. It comes with high-quality top layer cowhide leather for the whole band, so you can feel confident it'll always feel good and look good on your wrist. Keep in mind that it's not water-friendly, so you won't be able to swim with it.

$16 at Amazon

Dashing durability: V-Moro Solid Stainless Steel Metal Band

If you'd prefer to keep things classic with your Gear S2, you might consider a more traditional band, like this solid stainless steel option from V-Moro. While this watch band is definitely durable and solid, it's more for looks than anyhting else. You might want a back up when it comes time to run that marathon.

$16 at Amazon

Breathe easy: ViCRiOR Nylon Canvas Woven Band

Let your wrist breathe easy with this ViCRiOR nylon canvas woven band. It feels extremely soft on your wrist and allows for maximum breathability during all of your workouts. It can withstand any high-intensity activity you have in mind, so you won't ever have to hold back when you're in the zone.

$14 at Amazon

Simply soft: NaHai Soft Silicone Band

Looking for more color options with your ultimate goal still being to find a soft band that'll stand by you throughout your daily activities? If so, these NaHai silicone bands were made for you. There are six soft pastel colors to choose from, including sand pink and ocean blue. The material itself is also quite soft!

$8 at Amazon

Twill with a twist: Lavkom Soft Silicone Sport Band

Want a bit of a twist to your solid color replacement band? Choose one of the twill options from Lavkom. These are also the most affordable bands on our list. They also come without the twill effect if you're not a fan of texture. The stunning color choices include black, vintage rose, slate, mint green, and more.

$6 at Amazon

Which Gear S2 replacement band should you choose?

As you scroll through and try to determine which band replacement band is right for you, you should be thinking about your daily activity more than anything else. If you're solely shopping for a band that can handle your workouts but also serve as a day-to-day band, we're partial to the V-Moro silicone bands. They're soft, durable, colorful. and reasonably priced.

For extreme comfort that's also functional, we'd recommend you go with the ViCRiOR nylon ballistic NATO band. It offers the level of strength you need for various types of exercise while also feeling nice against your skin. Not to mention, these bands fit a wide range of wrist sizes, from 6–8.6 inches, to be exact.

Prefer silicone material but looking for a bit of a twist? We love the Lavkom soft silicone sport band. The twill design adds a unique touch that other bands lack. If you like the color options but could do without the twill, plain versions are also available. Most importantly, this is the cheapest band we've found that has tons of great reviews.

Any option on this list will serve you well. No matter which Samsung Gear S2 replacement band you choose to buy, we hope it's everything you wanted and more!

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