Thank you Twitter. Or more specifically, thank you Cory O'Brien's Twitter for snapping a picture of the Nexus One aka Google Phone and posting it for all to see. The Nexus One (doesn't exactly roll off the tongue) looks exactly like the HTC Passion/Dragon we saw months ago, which gives credence to the idea that the Google Phone is simply a re-branded HTC Passion/Dragon.

Interestingly enough however is that the 4 Android hardware buttons are in a different order from what we previously saw in HTC-built Android devices. The one above goes 'Back, Menu, Home, Search' while the one that originally popped up went 'Home, Menu, Back, Search'. Other HTC devices are ordered like the latter, so it's a noteworthy switch. Delving deeper, the menu button carries the same look as the Motorola Droid, unlike HTC devices which have simply said 'menu'.

The details don't particularly have to stay consistent with HTC's previous efforts, given it's supposed to be a Google branded phone and not a HTC branded one, but it's definitely something worth pointing out. Either way, the design of the Nexus One basically hinges on the quality of the screen, if it's amazing the look is amazing, if it's not, well let's not go down that route yet. What do you guys think?

[via engadget]