LG Display's stretchable high-resolution display is like something out of sci-fi

LG Display's new stretchable display.
(Image credit: LG Display)

What you need to know

  • LG Display revealed its new stretchable, durable display.
  • The display can stretch from its natural form of 12-inches to 14-inches.
  • LG Display's new screen utilize a micro-LED light source along with an S-form spring wired system that allows it to bend and endure repetitive form changes.

LG Display has revealed a 12-inch display that can stretch without damaging the material.

According to LG Display's press release, the Korean brand revealed a 12-inch high-resolution stretchable display that can expand by a couple of inches. The company had set out to create a display with 20% stretchability, a resolution of 100ppi, and features full RGB color. LG Display hopes that the new display's durability and flexibility can bring about a commercialized life for the new tech.

South Korea's Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy chose LG Display to lead this project of creating a stretchable screen back in 2020. What the company ended up creating was a display based on a highly resilient film-type substrate comprised of special silicon found in contact lenses.

LG Display's new stretchable screen during a demo.

(Image credit: LG Display)

During its unveiling, LG Display's new display showed off its rubber band-like flexibility, allowing the tester to stretch the display from its natural 12-inch form to 14-inches.

LG Display claims that the "display’s free-form nature offers a cutting-edge solution surpassing the existing foldable and rollable technology."

Its lightweight design may allow a screen such as this to bend to the whims of multiple everyday scenarios. The stretchable display uses micro-LED with pixels less than 40μm in size. LG Display states that this secures the display's durability while also allowing it to compete with most computer monitors.

The flexible display contains an S-form spring wired system which lets it bend and endure repeated changes to its shape.

LG Display claims that the new display could easily conform to curved surfaces like a person's skin, clothing, furniture, cars, and aircraft. The company is even eyeing its potential use in the fashion industry.

However, LG Display's screen technology does make us think of the now-canceled LG Rollable, which we caught a bitter-sweet hands-on video of in September. Perhaps this featured the start of this new stretchable display technology and, as we can tell, has only gotten more advanced over the years.

This also isn't the first time we've heard or seen something about some sort of "stretchy" display of tech devices. During Global Tech Korea 2021, Samsung revealed its flexible OLED display that it was developing. The company showed off a 13-inch display that would stretch and bend depending on what was being shown, a demo that was both creepy and cool.

Earlier that same year, Royole showed off a project aiming to bring stretchable micro-LED displays to wearables. While this is something we're also seeing LG Display dabble in, Royole's 3D shape-conforming display was a bit smaller at 2.7-inches. The small, high-density display is fitting for wearables, although Royal said it had smart car windshields in mind as well.

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