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Finding the best LG Stylo 6 case may seem like a daunting task, but we've got you covered — there are more options than you might think. The Stylo 6 is one of the mid-range handsets that doesn't stand out amongst the crowd until you see it in person and start using it. Whether you're a first time owner, or already have the phone and are just looking for a new case, these are the best you can find.

Classic design and protection: CaseRoo Carbon Fiber Brushed Cover

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CaseRoo's Carbon Fiber case has a familiar design with a brushed texture finish on the back for some added grip. The top and bottom sport a carbon fiber design to add to the look and feel while keeping a low-profile. Thanks to the TPU material, this is quite flexible and does a great job of protecting your phone, making it our favorite of the best cases for LG Stylo 6.

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It's barely there: Banzn Ultra Thin Matte Cover

There's no fun in adding a bunch of bulk to your sleek smartphone, and the Banzn Matte Cover helps to avoid that. This case measures in at just 0.8mm, which will add hardly any weight to the already-large Stylo 6. The matte finish on the back adds just the right amount of texture so your phone won't slip out of your hands.

$12 at Amazon

Get everything you need: Teayoha Scratch Resistant Case

Teayoha released a carbon fiber case for the Stylo 6, and while the design is familiar, there are a few benefits here. First, Teayoha includes two tempered glass screen protectors in the packaging, removing the need to try and find the right one later. The case also comes in a few different colors, giving you some options if you don't want the standard black color.

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Added protection: Leychan Rugged Shockproof Case

Those who need a bit more protection for their phone will love the Leychan Rugged Shockproof case. This provides all the right coverage in all the right places, with a dual-layer system made from TPU and polycarbonate. On the back, you'll find a ring that pulls out and can be rotated 360 degrees, and there's a metal plate for those who use magnetic car mounts.

$10 at Amazon

Relaxing colors: Starhemei Flexible Gradient TPU Case

Sometimes it's fun to have a bit of "pop" when picking out a smartphone case. The Starhemei Gradient case offers just that with this pink and teal colorway, but there are also more than 10 other case designs to choose from. As for protection, you'll find the familiar TPU material for flexibility, along with added material on all four corners for improved drop protection.

$7 at Amazon

Shine through: Osophter Transparent Cover

Nobody likes to get a brand new smartphone only to have to cover it up and not be able to show it off. With the Osophter Transparent Cover, there's no need to worry. It's completely clear and has added materials around the four corners and the Power and Volume buttons. This added TPU material provides improved drop resistance, along with ensuring that the buttons are still tactile.

From $7 at Amazon

Flower power: Leychan Floral TPU Cover

Leychan offers a few different great case options that are up for consideration as the best LG Stylo 6 cases, and that includes the Floral TPU Cover. Along with being able to show off your new phone, the added floral designs provide a bit more personality to an otherwise simplistic case. If you want to switch things up, there are more than 10 different designs to choose from.

$7 at Amazon

All-in-one: PULEN Full-Body Rugged Case

Some of the best cases are made with more than just one piece of material, and that's where the PULEN Full-Body Rugged Case comes in. It has a polycarbonate shell that snaps into the rear bumper, which is made from TPU and polycarbonate. Plus, there's a built-in screen protector, removing the need of trying to install one yourself.

Soothing design: CoverON Liquid Glitter Case

Although it may be a bit bulky, the CoverON Liquid Glitter Case provides both protection and a unique design. The case itself is made from two pieces of polycarbonate along with TPU helping your Stylo 6 withstand a fall from up to eight feet. The real story is on the back; you'll find glitter that floats around as you use your phone and can just be fun to look at.

Get rid of the heat: Venoro Heavy Duty Cover with Belt Clip

Combining TPU and polycarbonate, your LG Stylo 6 will be able to handle anything that life throws at you with the Venoro Heavy Duty Cover. There's an added benefit of the built-in heat insulation, which ensures that your smartphone doesn't get too hot if you're in the sun all day, or just playing games for a while. There's even a swivel belt clip included, which doubles as a kickstand when it's time to kick back.

From $13 at Amazon

Sit back and relax: Androgate Bumper Case with Kickstand

The Androgate Bumper Case doesn't look all that interesting at first, but then you look a bit closer and see the added functionality. There's a dual-layer design with this case for added protection, to go along with the rigid edges for added grip. Androgate also added a built-in kickstand, which is perfect for those who want to prop their phones up every once in a while.

$9 at Amazon

Starry night: BENTOBEN Hybrid Protective Case

With the BENTOBEN Hybrid Protective Case, you'll find all the protection you need, save for a screen protector, with this 2-in-1 design. Your Stylo 6 is nestled into a TPU cover, which is held in place by the polycarbonate back cover which snaps into place. And, there's the added benefit of the nebula pattern on the back, so your phone will definitely stand out from the crowd.

$11 at Amazon

With the best LG Stylo 6 cases, the choices are aplenty

It can always be frustrating when you want to get the best LG Stylo 6 case you can find and find too many options but the truth is that there are a lot of great options out there. Our favorite is the CaseRoo Carbon Fiber Brushed Cover as it gives you that classic look and feel that you've likely used before from other case makers. There's protection in all the right places, a brushed finish adds some extra grip, and it's lightweight and flexible so it won't weigh you down.

If you want to go even slimmer than the most basic of cases, then you'll need to pick up the Banzn Ultra Thin Cover. Not only are there a few colors to pick from, but there's also a matte finish on the back for better grip, and the case curves around all four corners to add the protection you may need. The biggest benefit to the Banzn case comes in the size and weight, as it measures in at just 0.8mm, adding almost no extra bulk to the 6.8-inch LG Stylo 6.

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