Best Nokia 3.2 Cases in 2022

Nokia 3 2 Lifestyle
Nokia 3 2 Lifestyle (Image credit: Nokia)

The Nokia 3.2 is an intriguing budget handset powered by Android One without breaking the bank. The handset sports up to 3GB of RAM, and has a sleek design despite featuring a plastic build around the edges and back. Nonetheless, you'll want to find the best case for the Nokia 3.2 (especially with the weaker plastic), and we've rounded up our favorites.

If we had to pick

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It can be tough finding the right case, because you never know whether it's something you'll use for years, or if you'll want to grab another one quickly. But when you end up using the MAIKEZI Brushed TPU Cover, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the combination of protection and design. With the brushed finish on the back, your Nokia 3.2 is less likely to slip out of your hands, but if it does, the TPU material will absorb some of the shock.

If you want to go slimmer than slim, there's no better option than the SHIWELY Ultra-Thin Case. This measures in at just 0.03mm, so you'll practically forget that it's even there. But you'll be more than happy it is considering that the case wraps around all four corners. Plus, with five colors to choose from and a money-back guarantee, there's nothing to lose.

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