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The Nokia 7.2 is one of the more impressive mid-range devices on the market, and while it has a great feature and value combination, you'll want to keep it protected. The device hits many checkboxes for users such as great hardware and battery life, along with a clean software experience. Nokia even packed in a dedicated Google Assistant button so you can get things done quicker. We have found the best cases to consider when trying to find the perfect match for this awesome device.

Spigen Rugged Armor for Nokia 7.2

Ol' reliable: Spigen Rugged Armor

Staff Pick

Spigen has been there for just about every major phone release in recent years, along with some quieter releases like the Nokia 7.2. With the Rugged Armor, you know that you're getting some of the best protection with Spigen's Air Cushion technology.

$13 at Amazon
32nd Classic Series Leather Folio for Nokia 7.2

Real leather wallet: 32ndShop Classic Series Leather Book Wallet

There's just something about real leather cases that gets people excited, and the 32ndShop Leather Book Wallet ticks the boxes. This case is made from real leather and has both a built-in card slot and an extra pocket for some cash.

$10 at Amazon
TUDIA Merge for Nokia 7.2

Dual-layered protection: TUDIA Merge

TUDIA's Merge line of cases are some of the most protective available thanks to the dual-layer design. There is a soft TPU inner shell to help with shock absorption and a hard outer shell to help protect against scratches and drops.

$13 at Amazon
Starhemei Slim TPU Cover for Nokia 7.1

Extra personality: Starhemei Slim TPU Cover

The Starhemei Slim TPU Cover is rather basic, but comes with a few different unique and stylish designs to stand out from the crowd. The TPU case is designed to enhance the look of your Nokia 7.2 while keeping it safe from accidents.

$7 at Amazon
Flyme Snugly Fit Case for Nokia 7.2

Non-slip fit: Gesma Grippy TPU Case

The Gesmy Grippy TPU Case will feel like there's no case at all with as tight of a fit as this case has to offer. Plus, there's a lanyard hole on the side, and you get a tempered glass screen protector with every purchase.

$9 at Amazon
Sun Van Armor Case for Nokia 7.2

Military look: Sun Van Armor Hybrid Case

If the intention is to have a case that looks like it was designed for the military, then the Sun Van Armor Hybrid Case is perfect. This TPU case is designed to withstand shocks from drops and includes a 9H tempered glass screen protector.

$8 at Amazon
Olixar FlexiShield for Nokia 7.2

Show it off: OUBA Slim Fit Clear Case

Don't hide that beautiful new device that you just got. You don't have to with the OUBA Slim Fit Clear Case Case. OUBA's case is made from two layers with a TPU frame around the corners and a hard polycarbonate backplate for scratch resistance. The company also thought about your display, as the edges are raised 1.2mm higher than the screen so that you won't have to worry about scratches.

$10 at Amazon
Kqimi Slim Cover for Nokia 7.2

Barely there: Kqimi Ultra-Thin Cover

Nobody likes to add a bunch of weight and bulk to their slim new smartphone, and the Kqimi Ultra-Thin Cover makes sure your phone stays light. The case itself measures in at just 0.8mm while still offering a lip around the display and the camera cutout to save it from scratches.

$10 at Amazon
PUSHIMEI Air Cushion for Nokia 7.2

Prop it up: PUSHIMEI Air Cushion Cover

Sometimes your phone needs a little bit of added versatility, and that's what you get with the PUSHIMEI Air Cushion Cover. This ultra-rugged case not only does a fantastic job at protecting your phone but also includes a built-in kickstand to sit back and relax to some videos.

$8 at Amazon
SLKJ Nokia 7.2 Wallet Case Render

Slim and versatile: SLKJ Retro Wallet Case

You wouldn't be able to tell at first glance that the SLKJ Retro Wallet Case is made from faux leather. Between looking great, offering a few card pockets, and the magnetic fastener, you can't go wrong with this wallet case.

$14 at Amazon
BANZN Slim Fit Cover Nokia 7.2 Case Render

Set it and Forget it: BANZN Slim Fit Cover

The BANZN Slim Fit Cover is so thin that you'll barely notice it's there since it measures in at just 0.8mm thick. There are five different colors to choose from to match your style, and the case itself provides excellent grip due to the material being used. BANZN also offers a 30-day money back warranty, and a 365-day warranty in the event that something happens to your case.

$11 at Amazon
Kwmobile Crystal Clear Nokia 7.2 Cover Render

All the flowers: Kwmobile Crystal Clear Cover

Most clear cases don't help to accentuate the design of your device, but that's not the case with the Kwmobile Crystal Clear Cover. This case is slim and light thanks to the TPU material, which also provides great shock absorption. Plus, you'll find a few Magnolia blossoms that add a nice touch to your case and your phone.

$8 at Amazon

Pick a case that works for you

It can be tough to pick a case that really works for what you need on a day-in and day-out basis. Regardless of what you are looking for, the Spigen Rugged Armor is perfect for just about every situation with its Air Cushion technology for improved shock absorption. Plus, it has that classic Spigen design that many have come to know and love over the years.

Those looking for more of a professional or versatile case won't want to look any further than the 32ndShop Classic Series Leather Book Wallet. There is a card slot cutout on the inside of the flap, along with an additional pocket for any business cards or cash that you need. Plus, you can prop up the Nokia 7.2 if you want to watch some videos and the case will stay closed with the magnetic closure.

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