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We've all been there before. You're walking down the street and you suddenly feel your phone start to slip. Before you can react to stop the inevitable, it happens - the phone falls from your hand and onto the concrete below. If you have a case on your device, chances are there's nothing to worry about except for a few scratches. If not, then you'll likely be looking for a replacement. We hate dealing with those scenarios, so we have found some of the best cases to keep your Nokia 6.1 safe from any disaster that may arrive.

Sleek, protective, and functional: MAIKEZI Slim Hybrid Case

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Finding the most protective case can be difficult for lower-budget smartphones since the demand is lower than other handsets. The MAIKEZI Slim Hybrid Case offers two layers to keep your Nokia 6.1 protected, along with a built-in kickstand for the times you want to catch up on some YouTube videos. The company has also ensured that the cut outs are "precisely cut" so you still have access of all of the ports and buttons without any limitations.

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Able to withstand damage: TUDIA Merge Heavy Duty Case

Maybe you don't want something as bulky as an Otterbox, but you don't want to opt for a slim case either. TUDIA solves this with the Merge Case with its soft TPU inner shell, and polycarbonate outer shell to keep your phone completely protected. Installation is extremely easy with the Merge's snap-on design, and there is a lip around the display to ensure that the screen stays free from scratches.

$13 at Amazon

See thru to the other side: Yiakeng Clear TPU Case

What's the point of getting a great looking phone if you can't show it off? That's where the Yiakeng Clear Cover comes into play, as the case shows off your Nokia 6.1 in all of its glory. There are also raised edges around the display and camera, so there won't be any accidental scratches when placing the phone in your bag or on a table.

$8 at Amazon

Time for a new wallet: RUIHUI Leather Wallet Case

What happens if you leave the house and you remembered your phone, but forgot your wallet? Avoid the trouble with the RUIHUI Leather Wallet Case thanks to the credit card slot and cash pocket. This case comes in seven different colors and can also be used to prop up your Nokia 6.1 if you wanted to watch some TV shows on your lunch break.

$12 at Amazon

Basic and to the point: Kwmobile Soft Cover TPU Case

Some TPU cases are boring and only come in a single, solid color, but where's the fun in that? Kwmobile solves this problem by offering 20 different color options, including this awesome-looking bi-color design with a little bit of transparency. The TPU material ensures that your Nokia 6.1 will stay protected, and the design will make sure that it stands out from the crowd.

$8 at Amazon

Beautiful options: Okaccessories Hybrid Armor Case

One problem with TPU or polycarbonate cases is that they can tend to be a bit too slippery. Luckily, there are options out there that take advantage of the protection offered by a TPU case, while providing a bit more grip with different material. This case from Okaccessories includes both a carbon fiber and faux-leather material on the back, giving you the best protection possible, all in a slim and lightweight package.

$8 at Amazon

What case do we recommend?

If you're someone who likes having a phone that is protected without all of the added bulk, then you'll want to check out the MAIKEZI Slim Hybrid Case. This case is bulky enough to keep your Nokia 6.1 safe from any drops or other damage, but won't add a boat load of bulk. It's still light and compact. Plus, there is are two-pieces for easy installation, and a built-in kickstand for those times you just want to relax with your favorite movies.

Those looking for something a bit more fashionable and functional will want to take a look at the RUIHUI Leather Wallet Case. This case sports a card slot for your credit card or ID, along with an additional pocket so that you can keep your cash on you all the time. As is the case with the MAIKEZI Slim Hybrid, the RUIHUI also makes it possible to use it as kickstand for your device.

Finally, and perhaps the most unique of the bunch, is the Kwmobile Soft Cover TPU Case. This comes in an array of different colors, although we are biased towards the dual-color design offering. The case is made from TPU so you know it'll keep your phone safe from most drops, but is also light enough for you to not really notice that there's a case on your phone at all.

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