T-Mobile highlights upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich updates for the HTC Amaze 4G and HTC Sensation

T-Mobile ICS Updates
T-Mobile ICS Updates

With Ice Cream Sandwich slowly making it's presence known around the world on various device, T-Mobile has now gone ahead and presented some information for HTC Amaze 4G and HTC Sensation owners. The support documents for both devices have just been updated to let everyone know a forthcoming Ice Cream Sandwich update will eventually be available for both.

HTC has said all of this in the past so it's not as if any big secret was revealed, though it is nice to see T-Mobile getting things in order. Sadly, they forgot to mention any dates for release but as noted above, have advised the documents will be updated accordingly when things get closer.

Source: T-Mobile (opens in new tab) (1 (opens in new tab)), (2 (opens in new tab)) via: Android Police

  • NICE! Now the waiting...
  • And waiting on the announcement for the Samsung Galaxy SII..........
  • I hope it happens quickly cause its been said these phones will get ICS before the Rezound, and I am anxious to get my Rezound updated. Hurry up T Mobile!
  • The (1) and (2) both link to the same doc.
  • This might be closer than we think. The Sensation is getting ICS from Vodafone starting today. I have a feeling we might see ICS for the Amaze sometime in April. I was just in my local T-Mobile store (have been going to the same store for over 6 years) and my sales rep told me that the Amaze in white was EOL'd but not the black version. He said they didn't sell a single white one, so was no surprise to see it put out to pasture. He also said that with the LTE upgrades coming down the line the Amaze will continue to be relevant and one of the top 2 or 3 phones T-Mobile has for the next year. He actually said that I should not consider purchasing another phone until they go LTE in our market.. which will be about 12 months down the line. The fact is the Amaze is one heck of a phone and I am totally satisfied with it and it's performance. With ICS I am not sure their will be another phone that will touch it.
  • I agree... great phone. Happy to hear the EOL was for the white one and not all of them. That eases my worries.
  • Right on. Still a top 5 phone in my opinion.