Saving money on your data plan? That's fine — who says you shouldn't be allowed to share that data with the rest of your peers when the situation arises? If you're hoping your carrier allows tethering so you can log on with your laptop, read on. And if you don't see your preferred carrier, let us know in the comments.

Republic Wireless

Tethering is available on its Clear Choice Plans.

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Metro PCS

Hotspot and tethering capabilities are included with all data rate plans.

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Only 3G wireless tethering is supported for GSM devices.

See at Ting

Boost Mobile

Mobile Hotspot is included in Boost Mobile's $35-$50 unlimited plans. On the $35 a month plan hotspot usage will draw from the high-speed data allotments of that plan. You can purchase more high-speed data as you need.

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Cricket Wireless

New and existing customers with $50 or $60 per month plans are eligible for tethering abilities. You'll have to pay an extra $10 a month to use it and it isn't available for Talk & Text, $40 Basic, or $70 Unlimited plans.

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US Mobile

Tethering is offered at no additional cost.

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Your turn

Does tethering matter to you when you're paying so little for data? Does it factor into your strategy when looking for an alternative carrier? Let us know!

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