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Best MVNOs That Use Verizon's Network Android Central 2021

If you like Verizon's service but hate the contract, there are some great MVNOs that use Verizon's network. The three big wireless service providers in the U.S. are AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Each one has its own unique set of deals and features, but these aren't the only options you have to choose from. Mobile Virtual Network Operators (or MVNOs for short) are other carriers that harness the network of the Big Three carriers, so you can still choose the one that has the best coverage in your area while having more flexibility over what you spend. When it comes to carriers powered by Verizon's network, Visible stands out as the best overall choice. However, it's far from the only one out there.

Best Overall: Visible

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Visible is the first and one of the most unique prepaid carriers on this list. Rather than going into a store to get started with your new phone service, everything with Visible is handled through its mobile app. This includes creating an account and paying your bill.

There's just one plan to choose from at Visible, and it costs $40/month. For that price, you get unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data with uncapped speeds. Mobile hotspot is included, there aren't any annual contracts, and Visible prides itself on offering access to fast customer service that's powered by real people. Even better, that $40/month rate is all-in with taxes and fees included.

Visible also has a unique twist when it comes to family plans. It's called Visible Party Pay, and it allows you to get multiple lines at a discount. However, rather than one person being in charge of everyone's bill, each person that's included in a Party Pay gets their own Visible account and their own bill. You can get two lines for $35/line, three lines for $30/line, or four lines for $25/line.

Perhaps the biggest downside to Visible is that it doesn't currently support any international calling, texting, or data use. That's a rough omission if you do a lot of traveling or have family in other countries, but if not, Visible is an easy recommendation. Visible also doesn't offer any 5G service yet though it has announced that the service will launch in the coming months.


  • Unlimited everything for just $40/month
  • Taxes and fees included
  • Uncapped LTE speeds
  • Free hotspot
  • Party Pay offers big savings


  • No international calling
  • Plans not flexible

Best Overall

Visible logo


Not much to complain about

For just $40/month and not a penny more, Visible gives you unlimited everything on Verizon's LTE network.

Best Family Plan: Total Wireless

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Another great option to consider when looking for Verizon MVNOs is Total Wireless. Plans start as cheap as $23.70/month for unlimited talking and texting with 1GB of LTE data (after that, it's downgraded to 2G speeds). Stepping up to the $33.20/month plan upgrades you to 5GB of LTE data, with the highest-end $47.50/month plan offering "unlimited" LTE that's pushed back to 2G if you use more than 25GB during the month. Yes, hotspot access is included.

Total Wireless is also a solid choice for families thanks to its selection of various family plans. They work out as follows:

  • 2 lines — Unlimited talk/text and 30GB of shared 4G LTE data (then 2G) for $57/month
  • 3 lines — Unlimited talk/text and 60GB of shared 4G LTE data (then 2G) for $80.70/month
  • 4 lines — Unlimited talk/text and 100GB of shared 4G LTE data (then 2G) for $95/month

Total Wireless lets you add 5GB of extra LTE data for $10 no matter which plan you choose, and any that's unused carries over to the next month without any hassle.

International calling isn't natively included with Total Wireless plans, but you can add it for an extra $10/month. However, that $10/month charge only gives you the option to make international calls. You'll still need to pay the per-minute rate Total Wireless charges, which can be anywhere from $0.01/minute on the low-end up to $14.20/minute.


  • Low-cost family plans
  • Generous data allowances
  • Data carries over to the next month
  • Hotspot access is free
  • Optional international calling


  • International calling is pricey

Best Family Plan

Total Wireless Logo

Total Wireless

Lots of shared data at a great price

Total Wireless is an all-around great pick, but its affordable family plans with generously shared data are where it shines.

Best International Calling: Straight Talk

Straight TalkSource: Android Central

If you live in a town that has a Walmart, it's kind of impossible to not hear a thing or two about Straight Talk Wireless. Straight Talk plans are sold in-store at Walmart and online, and similar to another pick on this list, it uses the service of all four major carriers to cover as many customers as possible — including Verizon.

There are four unlimited plans to choose from, with the cheapest costing $35/month for 5GB of 4G LTE. Jumping up to $45/month will give you 25GB of LTE to use, and if you want to go big with the $55/month plan, you'll have unlimited LTE speeds for the entire month (although Straight Talk has the right to throttle your speeds after you use 60GB). Also, if you want to be able to talk to friends or family overseas, Straight Talk has an international plan that comes with 25GB of LTE and unlimited calling/texting to Mexico, China, Canada, and India for $60/month.

Hotspot access is included for free, but only if you get the $55/month plan. Straight Talk also allows you to add additional LTE data if you're running low for a particular month, selling 1GB for $5 and 2GB for $10.

Visible tends to be the better deal overall, but for people that do a lot of international calling, Straight Talk's unlimited international plan is definitely worth a look.


  • Unlimited calling to Mexico, China, Canada, and India
  • Hotspot included with Unlimited Nationwide plan
  • Unused data rolls over to next month
  • Physical top-up cards available


  • High prices compared to the competition

Best International Calling

Straight Talk Logo

Straight Talk

A solid choice if you make a lot of international calls

Straight Talk's international plan is a great option for people who often make calls to Mexico, China, Canada, or India.

Best Perks: US Mobile

us-mobile-sim-cardsSource: Joe Maring / Android Central

US Mobile is an MVNO you may not have heard of before, but it's one you'll definitely want to check out. It uses a combination of T-Mobile and Verizon to power its service. Still, if you bring over a Verizon phone, you'll gain access to Verizon's network, which US Mobile dubs as its "most reliable 4G LTE coverage."

Service plans with US Mobile are highly customizable. You can pick and choose how much talk, text, and data you need with a Custom Plan, or go with the Unlimited Plan and get unlimited talk, text, and data with your choice of how fast you want it to be. The Customizable Plan is great for people that don't use their phones too much and can practice some self-restraint, but the real magic of US Mobile lies with that Unlimited Plan.

You start at $40/month for unlimited calling, texting, and data with speeds capped at 5Mbps. You can add hotspot access for another $5/month or pay $10 more per month for hotspot and "Ludicrous" speeds that are marketed as being 200Mbps and higher. The unlimited plan is also discounted as a family plan with up to four lines.

The plan on its own is decent, but the real appeal comes from US Mobile's "Perks" program, which allows you to get free subscriptions as you add more lines to your account. You get a new perk with two lines, three lines, and your fourth line. Each tier comes with new perks to choose from, and for a family of four, you could end up getting Apple TV+, Spotify Family, and PlayStation Plus free — a value of almost $300/year.

Finally, if you ever travel out of the country, US Mobile gives you up to 10GB of free LTE roaming data if you choose the Unlimited Plan.


  • Custom Plan is great for light users
  • Decent value with the Unlimited Plan
  • Ludicrous data speeds
  • Free digital subscriptions as you add more lines
  • Up to 10GB of international roaming


  • Hotspot isn't free
  • Unlimited Plan caps the speed at 5Mbps (unless you pay more)

Best Perks

US Mobile logo

US Mobile

Free music, movies, and games

If you have a bunch of digital subscriptions, US Mobile can save you a good chunk of money every month with its Perks program.

Best for Wi-Fi: Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity MobileSource: Comcast

Xfinity Mobile launched in April 2017, and while it's only available for subscribers of Comcast's Xfinity home internet and home phone services, it's a pretty good deal for those that are.

Xfinity Mobile comes with unlimited nationwide calling/texting and access to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots. For mobile data, you have a couple of options. You can go with Xfinity's By the Gig plan, with data costing $15/month for 1GB, $30/month for 3GB, or $60/month for 10GB. The actual cost is pro-rated based on your usage.

There's also the much more appealing unlimited plan, which is $45/month for unlimited data. However, no matter if you pay by the gigabyte or go unlimited, you may see reduced speeds after you hit 20GB during the month. Hotspot access is included for free, but it's limited to just 600Kbps. Xfinity also offers international calling with per-country rates and a $10/month optional add-on for unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada.

Speaking of add-ons, Xfinity offers something called an "HD Pass." If you subscribe to the $45/month unlimited plan, this increases your video streaming resolution from 480p SD to 720p HD and gives you "higher quality cellular service" — aka preference over other customers when the network is especially congested. HD Pass costs an extra $20/month, meaning you'll need to spend a total of $65/month per line if you want the best experience Xfinity Mobile has to offer.

That definitely puts a damper on Xfinity Mobile's unlimited plan, but if you don't use much data per month, you could end up paying just $15/month for your wireless service. Xfinity Mobile and Spectrum Mobile is one of the first MVNOs to include nationwide 5G access.


  • Affordable By the Gig plan
  • Access to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Change your data at any time
  • Mix and match plans for a family
  • International roaming in 200+ countries
  • Nationwide 5G access


  • One of the most expensive unlimited plans on this list
  • Only for Xfinity customers

Best for Wi-Fi

Xfinity Mobile logo

Xfinity Mobile

Always around Wi-Fi? Xfinity is worth a look

For someone that mostly uses Wi-Fi to stay connected, Xfinity Mobile has the potential to be a super low-cost wireless option.

Best Budget Pick: Page Plus

Page Plus HeroSource: Joe Maring / Android Central

For our last pick, we recommend checking out Page Plus. I actually used Page Plus some years back when I used to rely on Big Red's service to communicate with the outside world. While there's nothing here that's groundbreaking, it's a solid MVNO with some good plans worth checking out.

Page Plus plans start at just $12/month with automatic billing turned on, and while you'll only get 500 call minutes and texts with 100MB of data, it's a dirt-cheap option that just may work for some folks that only use their phone here and there for basic communication.

Unlimited plans start at $29.95/month with auto-billing, and this includes 3GB of 4G LTE data before being slowed down to 2G. The two other plans cost $39.95/month and $55/month and come with 8GB or unlimited LTE data, respectively. No matter which plan you choose (as long as it's not the $12/month one), you also get unlimited international texting and a $10 credit for international calling.

If you find yourself needing additional data during the month, you can get 1GB for $5 and 2GB for $10. Any unused data carries over to the next month, so you're never out any money for topping up.


  • Cheap plans for lighter usage
  • Affordable per/GB data add-ons
  • Unused data carries over
  • Free international texting
  • $10 credit for international calls


  • Not the best-unlimited plan out there
  • Not a lot of extras

Best Budget Pick

Page Plus Logo

Page Plus

Keep costs as low as possible

Page Plus shines with its dirt-cheap plans that appeal to people who aren't constantly on their phones.

Bottom line

Verizon has launched its nationwide 5G network, but, for now, it's only available to Verizon customer as well as Xfinity and Spectrum Mobile customers. If you're looking to try out Verizon's 5G network without having to sign up for a postpaid account, your best bet for the time being is Verizon Prepaid. If you're patient, 5G will be coming to prepaid carriers in the coming months including Visible.

All of these companies work well for certain groups of people. Still, overall, we have to give our top recommendation to Visible. Wireless service providers aren't always the most user-friendly. Still, Visible goes out of its way to make things as simple as possible. When you see that you'll pay $40/month, that's exactly how much you'll pay. Taxes and fees are included in that price, meaning you won't find any surprise charges on your monthly bill. There's also no keeping track of how many minutes or data you've used, like everything with Visible, is unlimited.

Visible's $40/month plan is solid on its own, but things get really exciting when you factor in Party Pay. If you have a family of four, this brings your per-line cost down to just $25/month. Plus, since everyone in Party Pay is in charge of their own bill, this makes it a great option for roommates, friends, and work colleagues if you're all trying to save some extra cash every month.

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