Google Fi's unlimited group plans are now more expensive

Google Fi SIM card
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What you need to know

  • Google Fi recently hiked prices for its Simply Unlimited plan, impacting users with three or more lines.
  • The price adjustment only affects the Simply Unlimited plans, with no changes for individual subscribers or those with two lines.
  • Fortunately, the Flexible and Unlimited Plus plans remain unaffected and maintain their existing rates.

Prices for certain Google Fi unlimited plans just went up, and if you're already on board, you'll only feel the pinch after April 4.

Google announced via a support page that Fi's Simply Unlimited plan is getting pricier if you have three or more lines (via 9to5Google). New members felt the hit on March 5, but if you're already in, the price hike kicks in on your first bill after April 4, 2024.

Fortunately, there's no price increase for individual subscribers or plans with two lines. On the other hand, three lines now cost $90 a month, four lines jump to $100, five lines climb to $125, and six lines set you back $150 per month.

Google adds that only the Simply Unlimited plans are experiencing a price hike. The Flexible and Unlimited Plus plans remain at the same rates.

You don't have to worry if you're still getting promotional credits or paying off a device financed before March 5. Google says you'll stick with the old rate as long as those commitments are in play.

If someone bails on the account, they lose their credit. Members who are still on the original account, however, will continue to receive plan credits.

Google Fi Wireless justifies the price shift, saying it's crucial to maintain high-quality product offerings and features.

Google Fi, once called Project Fi, gained popularity as an MVNO carrier, partly due to its competitive plan prices. However, it's now raising the cost and becoming even pricier than other MVNOs.

Even though Google Fi's Simply Unlimited is digging deeper into your pockets now, the plan's features stay put. In a nutshell, you'll only feel the pinch if you have more than three lines on this particular plan.

If it's too steep, consider snagging a plan with more bang for your buck or exploring some of the top alternatives to Google Fi Wireless.

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