Google Fi's cheaper Simply Unlimited plan comes with a few limitations

Google Fi SIM with LG
Google Fi SIM with LG (Image credit: Samuel Contreras / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Fi has introduced a new Simply Unlimited data plan.
  • Subscribers on the new plan will still experience "unlimited" data without a few notable features.
  • The plan is available now for new and existing Google Fi subscribers.

Google Fi is one of the best MVNO carriers in the U.S., particularly when it comes to traveling outside of the U.S. That's thanks to its lower cost and dependence on the T-Mobile 5G network and its ability to switch between cellular and WiFi on the fly. To celebrate the 6th anniversary of Google Fi, the carrier is introducing a new "unlimited" plan that forgoes some of its popular perks.

Google Fi's new Simply Unlimited plan is available for users that want the perks of unlimited data but without some of the extras. That means no tethering or international roaming. Until now, Google Fi has offered two plans for customers, the Flexible plan for WiFi users that charges per GB of data and an Unlimited Plus plan with unlimited data and full access to all the perks. Simply Unlimited falls somewhere in between the two plans.

International roaming may not be a deal-breaker for many at the moment since the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed international travel. The lack of tethering may be a deterrent since many users may rely on it for working from home or distance learning. The plan also lacks the 100GB of Google One cloud storage and data-only SIM cards, so you wouldn't be able to add a line for the best Android tablets or cellular-enabled laptop.

Subscribers will still have access to the usual like unlimited talk and text in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, 22GB of high-speed data, and Google Fi's family features. If this is enough for you, Simply Unlimited starts at just $30 a month for three or more lines and can save you as much as $20 per month compared to Unlimited Plus. And you'll still get more out of the service with the best Google Fi phones like the Google Pixel 5.

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