Froyo on iPhone

Does iOS fragmentation have your iPhone 3G sluggish and buggy?  Drop Froyo on it and give it some new life!  The new Bootlace app in Cydia (yes, like most things fun and unauthorized, you'll need to jailbreak) for the original iPhone and the 3G will get Froyo running without the use of a computer.  Froyo for the iPhone has had the keys remapped so that the volume rocker, power button, and home button on the Apple hardware work for Android's four buttons, but there's no Google apps (Gmail, GTalk, Market, etc) available just yet. 

If only you could download something to get rid of that silly proprietary connector. [Redmond Pie via EngadgetThanks Derek!


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Install Froyo on your iPhone 2G or 3G without a computer, using Bootlace


I'm Going to be honest...
I am surprised this hasn't been accomplished sooner..

But I am glad to see it none the less - I am assuming the actual phone/data/camera functions work as well?

It's regular the regular froyo weather application widget.. i don't know if it's froyo or vanilla stock android that comes with that widget

Let me guess, you think "fragmentation" has something to do with a fragmented hard drive, right? You above comment makes no sense.
Android would be too complex for you to grasp. Stick with the iPhone.

Haha... I love this.
I'm visiting my parents next week and my mother is going to give me her old 3G for some development I'm doing... I know the first thing I'm going to do to it. :)

Oh the irony! Now the Apple fanbois can cast away their cult-status and fionally join the real tech community.

I'd say the copy community, there is hardly nothing original on the Android.....looks, works, and feels like iOS. Android is iOS wanna be just like Windows is a Mac OS X wanna be. Amazing how similar Windows 7 looks like OS X now. Can't wait for Windows 8! Even Microsoft came out with there own OS this time with Window 7 Mobile. We got a new copy cat in town and its called Android/Google. lol

Totally! They are identical! Android so stole multiple home screens, widgets, multi-tasking/task-switching, voice actions and turn-by-turn navigation from iOS!!!! Rip off!

iOS is losing to Android because iOS people from Jobs down to you don't know anything about Android. You think you are competing against one set of features/functionality, but you are terribly misguided.

Oh look... an iPhanboy. Don't worry, he just got off the shortbus with his brand new helmet and he's just trying to show off.

It appears to me that cashxx is just another crazy Apple fanboy who has less than no idea what he is going on about. If you do a real comparison between Android and the iOS, you'll see differences aplenty. They boot differently, handle apps differently, and so on. I have friends with the iPhone and we have compared devices more than once. My friends are often more impressed with my G2 than their iPhone. (And don't even get me started on all the differences between Windows 7 and Mac Crap. The only similarity is the sleekness of the GUI, and they aren't even that similar.)

Couldn't be more ironic that an iPhone now has Froyo, but my Samsung Galaxy S still doesn't !
Samsung, are you listening ??