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    In the early days of Android, the Google Search app was limited to a simple text box which you could use to search the web. But over the past several years its feature set has grown larger than ever. The current version of Google Search app lets you search the web, your music library, your Chrome history and apps on your device. Voice search and the "OK Google" hotword lets you search the web — or your own stuff — by talking to your phone. Google regularly adds new voice commands to its Search app.

    In Android 4.1 and above, Google Now (accessible by swiping up from the home key on some phones) introduces predictive search into the mix. Google Now shows you weather details, public transit times, upcoming flight details, driving directions for upcoming appointments and scores from sports teams you follow.

    And with the Google Now Launcher — available as a separate download — the Google Search app takes over your home screen, putting Google Now within easy reach as the leftmost home screen panel.

    Because of its expanded feature set, and its presence on the default home screen of every Google-certified Android device, Google Search is one of the most important applications in Google's mobile services arsenal.


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    Google Search will keep you up-to-date with the latest election results

    Google Search will now keep you up to date on the latest election results

    Google is making some tweaks to Search to keep you up-to-date on the 2016 U.S. elections. With these updates, you can easily look up the positions of the different candidates, check in on primary results, and get voting reminders for your own primary. When searching for a candidate, your...
    Google enhances weather experience on Android phones and tab

    Google brings a new look and feel to the weather experience in its Search app

    Google is trying to make it a little bit easier to stay current on the weather conditions, as the company begins rolling out a new weather experience for Android phones and tablets. Finding out the current weather conditions has always been a voice command away, but Google is looking to make this...
    Google enriches mobile results for entertainment-related searches

    Google enriches mobile results for entertainment-related searches

    Google has introduced more detailed results for media-related searches in Google Search on Android. When searching for recording artists, TV shows, and more, you'll get a tabbed results page that goes in-depth on your search, offering things like song lyrics, related artists, and broadcast...
    Google makes it easier to find content in Google Search

    Google introduces new ways to find content from apps in Google Search

    Google has added some new ways to find content in Google Search by showing "app-first" content as well as "streaming" apps that you don't have installed. Apps have been indexed by Google for roughly two years now, and previously Google has only been able to show information from apps that have...
    Google's voice search gets better at fielding complex questions

    Google's voice search gets better at fielding complex questions

    Google's voice search is getting a big upgrade today, with the company announcing that it can now answer more complex natural language questions. The update comes in the form of a few different improvements, including the ability to understand superlatives, better handling of questions about...
    Google Maps Search

    Google Maps and Search apps add holiday hours for businesses

    We all know that during the holidays, some stores and businsses have special extended hours for shopping, along with reduced hours during the actual holiday dates. Google wants to help smartphone owners during this time with new updates that are rolling out to its Maps and Search apps that will...
    You can sign up to beta test Google Search

    You can sign up to join the beta testing of Google's Search app

    You can now sign up to beta test Google's Search app on Android. A few individuals have noticed cards in Google Now offering the ability to sign up to beta test Google Search, and now you can too. For those not familiar, through Google Play developers can beta test their apps with people who...
    Google app

    Google shows you how to Google with a set of new videos

    Google has posted a few videos showcasing the Google Search application, and all the really great things you can do with it. More than just a web search, the Google app ties into applications like your calendar or maps, and while many of us reading know how great it can be, these three...
    Google search app

    Hey Google, don't just change fundamental parts of my launcher without warning

    This is the least user friendly way to update your apps. Since it became available I've been using the Google Now Launcher on pretty much every phone. Though it's of course pre-loaded on Nexuses and now Motorola phones, I even go out of my way to install it on my Galaxy Note 5 and Shield Tablet...
    Search Bar

    Let's talk about the weird new Google search bar

    There's nothing wrong with Google's revamped logo. But the bizarre new technicolor search bar needs to die. When a company like Google (or in recent days Verizon) makes a major branding change, a lot of ink gets spilled. That's what's happened this past week as the new Google, under freshly-...
    Google to crack down on mobile sites with obtrusive app install ads

    Google to crack down on mobile sites with obtrusive app install ads

    Google is set to make more changes to its mobile search rankings, this time downranking websites with annoying, overly-large popups asking users to download their app. Called interstitials, the popups cover a significant portion of the webpage upon arrival, making for a generally poor user...
    Google rolls out new branding to app icons on Android and the web

    Google begins rolling out new branding across web and Android apps

    Following the announcement of its new logo, Google has started updating the logos and icons of several of its apps. On the web, several of Google's services now feature a capital sans-serif G where there was previously a lower-case serif g. Likewise, updates have started trickling out to the...


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