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    In the early days of Android, the Google Search app was limited to a simple text box which you could use to search the web. But over the past several years its feature set has grown larger than ever. The current version of Google Search app lets you search the web, your music library, your Chrome history and apps on your device. Voice search and the "OK Google" hotword lets you search the web — or your own stuff — by talking to your phone. Google regularly adds new voice commands to its Search app.

    In Android 4.1 and above, Google Now (accessible by swiping up from the home key on some phones) introduces predictive search into the mix. Google Now shows you weather details, public transit times, upcoming flight details, driving directions for upcoming appointments and scores from sports teams you follow.

    And with the Google Now Launcher — available as a separate download — the Google Search app takes over your home screen, putting Google Now within easy reach as the leftmost home screen panel.

    Because of its expanded feature set, and its presence on the default home screen of every Google-certified Android device, Google Search is one of the most important applications in Google's mobile services arsenal.


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    Apps in Google mobile search results

    Google makes finding Android apps even easier with new Apps tab in mobile search

    Google has added a new tab to its mobile search results, apps. This tab will give you a list of related Android apps that you can download from Google Play, with an install button that will take you right to the listing. If you want to check and see if your favorite Android site has an app (hint:...
    Romance novels are the fueling the Google app's conversation skills

    Google's AI is beefing up its conversation skills with romance novels

    While the saucy language of romance novels and the high-tech world of artificial intelligence don't sound like natural partners in crime, combining the two is exactly what Google has been up to for the past few months. Specifically, Google has been feeding a steady stream of romance novels to the...
    Live TV listings are headed to Google search results

    Live TV listings are headed to Google search results

    Google has revealed that you'll soon be able to quickly check live TV listings inside of Google Search. While there's no timeline on when to expect the feature to pop up, Google says you'll be able to check air times and channels for any given TV show with a simple search. From Google: Today...
    Google 'Find My Phone'

    Misplace your phone? Simply Google 'find my phone' to locate it

    Lose your phone? You can now simply ask Google to find it for you right from a web search. Google's ability to find and ring your phone or tablet has expanded outside of the Android Device Manager to regular Google search. Instead of going to the Android Device Manager website or app to find one...
    You can now play your favorite podcasts directly in Google Search for Android

    You can now play your favorite podcasts directly in Google Search for Android

    The Google Search app for Android is getting an update that will allow users to play podcast directly from search results. This comes on the heels of Google Play Music adding support for podcasts on the web as well as in the Google Play Music app. And it's exactly as easy as you'd think. If a...

    Google makes it easier to access basic healthcare information in India

    Google is rolling out new health cards in the Knowledge Graph, providing basic access to healthcare information in English and Hindi. Google Search will display the additional information when you search about common health conditions, highlighting typical symptoms, whether it's contagious, what...
    Check out how the Google app's latest voice was created

    Check out how the Google app's latest voice was created

    Recently, you may have noticed that the Google app received an updated, slightly clearer text-to-speech (TTS) voice. The more natural-sounding voice is a welcome change, but have you ever wondered how Google brings the words coming from your phone to life? In the latest episode of Nat and Lo...
    Google Search adds U.S. Presidential campaign finance info and search trends

    Google Search adds U.S. Presidential campaign finance info and search trends

    Google continues to add more features to Search for people interested in the current for the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. They include adding fast access to campaign finance info for the candidates, along with search trends for the election. Google says: Today, working with one of...
    Google Search will keep you up-to-date with the latest election results

    Google Search will now keep you up to date on the latest election results

    Google is making some tweaks to Search to keep you up-to-date on the 2016 U.S. elections. With these updates, you can easily look up the positions of the different candidates, check in on primary results, and get voting reminders for your own primary. When searching for a candidate, your...
    Google enhances weather experience on Android phones and tab

    Google brings a new look and feel to the weather experience in its Search app

    Google is trying to make it a little bit easier to stay current on the weather conditions, as the company begins rolling out a new weather experience for Android phones and tablets. Finding out the current weather conditions has always been a voice command away, but Google is looking to make this...
    Google enriches mobile results for entertainment-related searches

    Google enriches mobile results for entertainment-related searches

    Google has introduced more detailed results for media-related searches in Google Search on Android. When searching for recording artists, TV shows, and more, you'll get a tabbed results page that goes in-depth on your search, offering things like song lyrics, related artists, and broadcast...
    Google makes it easier to find content in Google Search

    Google introduces new ways to find content from apps in Google Search

    Google has added some new ways to find content in Google Search by showing "app-first" content as well as "streaming" apps that you don't have installed. Apps have been indexed by Google for roughly two years now, and previously Google has only been able to show information from apps that have...


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