China-based Xiaomi has now sold one million of its Android smartphones in India, according to an announcement today from its Indian chief Manu Kumar Jain on Twitter.

The company started selling smartphones in India just under six months ago. Until just recently, it had three devices on sale in that country; the Xiaomi Mi 3, the Xiaomi Redmi 1S, and the Xiaomi Redmi Note. However, Xiaomi got hit with a sales ban in India earlier this month, due to a claim from Ericsson that its smartphones violate several of its patents. The sales ban won't be lifted until at least Feb. 5. However, the company later got an Indian court to allow them to sell smartphones that have Qualcomm chipsets until Jan. 8, which allows sales of the Redmi 1S to continue. The Redmi Note 4G will go on sale in India next week.

Source: Manu Kumar Jain (Twitter), Via Miui