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Phones just keep getting bigger, fitting in more features, better cameras, and larger batteries. But our hands and pockets aren't getting any larger — some of us just want a small phone. The options are limited nowadays, but there are still good choices — at the high end, with the Pixel 4, and even for less money as well.

Great size: Google Pixel 4

Staff Pick

Google has done a stellar job releasing the "same" Pixel 4 in two different sizes. The Pixel 4 doesn't miss out on any features from its larger sibling — it has the same specs, cameras, and stereo speakers. The display may be smaller, but it's the same quality. The only downside here is battery life, which is frankly poor.

$550 at Amazon

Full of features: Samsung Galaxy S10e

The Galaxy S10e offers a 5.8-inch display that's perfect for one-handed use. Samsung didn't compromise on the hardware, keeping the same general spec sheet as the S10 and S10+, plus all of the features like wireless charging, a headphone jack, and MicroSD card slot.

$600 at Amazon

Pure Android: Nokia 7.1

The Nokia 7.1 has been replaced by the newer 7.2, but its successor is much larger. To stay compact, stick with the 7.1, and you'll save money at the same time. It has a vibrant 5.8-inch HDR10 display, and the Snapdragon 636 ensures you don't see any lag. Then there's the software — it runs Android One, guaranteeing a clean interface and timely security updates.

$209 at Amazon

Amazing camera for less: Google Pixel 3a

Take the software, capabilities, and camera of the Pixel 3, but cut the price down — now you have a Pixel 3a. Strategic cutbacks in the hardware and specs are noticeable. But you may not care when you get to save a few hundred dollars and keep that compact form factor you desire.

$360 at Amazon

Mid-range marvel: Honor 10

The Honor 10 stretches the definition of a small phone as it comes in just shy of 150 mm, but its narrow form factor makes it great to use one-handed. The design at the back is evocative, the phone offers excellent value for money, and the 3400mAh battery is more than adequate for all-day usage. But you don't get a warranty in the U.S.

$290 at Amazon

Unbelievably inexpensive: Nokia 5.1 Plus

The Nokia 5.1 is incredibly inexpensive, but that also means it keeps things modestly sized with a 5.8-inch display. The specs are basic, as is the design, but for this money, you can't have any complaints. You get everything you need, in a compact package, for a compelling price.

$150 at Amazon

If we're making some suggestions

The market for small phones is dwindling, but there are a few reliable options still available. The Google Pixel 4 is the best pick right now, given its incredible camera and clean Google software experience. It's easily usable in one hand, and when paired with Gboard, swipe-typing on the narrow display is a great experience.

The Galaxy S10e is neck-and-neck, bringing you the core Galaxy S10 experience in a smaller package and also a lower price. It's ever-so-slightly wider, but a little bit shorter than the Pixel 4, so it's easier to reach the top of the screen with a left or right thumb. It's also got better battery life than the Pixel 4, which is significant.

If you're looking for something a bit cheaper, the Pixel 3a is your best bet. It's an incredible phone at a price much more palatable than either the Pixel 4 or the Galaxy S10e, and it has a fantastic camera to boot.

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