Best T-Mobile phones 2023

Unsurprisingly, a lot of the best T-Mobile phones double as some of the best phones period, but that doesn't mean it's always easy to choose. Whether you're a new customer or you've been with them for years, we've created a list of all of the best smartphones that are compatible with T-Mobile and placed it below for your perusal.

The key is to choose a great Android phone that has all of the features you need at a price you can afford, and don't forget to pair it with one of T-Mobile's excellent trade-in offers or new line discounts. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra tops the list because it combines outstanding power with great camera software and a truly stunning AMOLED display, but there are plenty of other options to consider. 

Which T-Mobile phones are best?

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You have plenty of options at T-Mobile

T-Mobile's network works with the majority of unlocked phones, including those that support 5G. For the best coverage, you'll want a phone that supports 5G bands n71 and n41 at a minimum. It's also worth keeping in mind that most people don't necessarily need top-of-the-line phones. Something like the Galaxy A53 5G is a great option with plenty of power that comes in at less than half of the price of the S22 Ultra. There's also the excellent and affordable OnePlus Nord N20 5G for those looking for something stylish and unique.

Even so, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is proving to be everything Galaxy Note fans were missing with a large screen, solid battery life, and an included S-pen that's stored inside the phone. This phone also supports all of T-Mobile's 5G bands including mmWave. If you're looking for a phone that does just about everything, the S23 Ultra is a great place to start.

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