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Best OnePlus phones 2022

It started as a small outfit catering to enthusiasts back in 2014, and OnePlus is now a major player that sells over ten million phones a year. Things have changed in the last 18 months as OnePlus became a subsidiary of OPPO, but the manufacturer continues to deliver flagships and value-focused phones that hold their own against the likes of Samsung and Google. 

These are the best OnePlus phones in 2022

Get the OnePlus phone that fits you best

The best OnePlus phone right now is the OnePlus 9 Pro. You get everything you need in an Android flagship, including the Snapdragon 888 chipset with mmWave 5G, outstanding cameras, sublime 120Hz AMOLED panel, and bloat-free software that's a delight to use. There's also 65W wired charging and 50W wireless charging, IP68 dust and water resistance, and stereo sound.

Even though the OnePlus 10 Pro was released a few months ago, you should buy the 9 Pro in 2022 for the 50MP wide-angle lens. There's also the fact that you get to save a decent amount of cash by going with the 2021 offering. In short, it is still among the best Android phones

If you're looking for a more budget-focused phone, the Nord N20 is a good choice in the U.S. The phone has reliable hardware with 5G connectivity and a decent 64MP camera at the back, and it offers a lot of value. 

The Nord 2 offers many of the same features as the OnePlus 9 for a little less money, but at the cost of cameras and build quality. With OnePlus starting to roll out phones faster than ever before, you don't have to wait too long before a new model shows up.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Harish Jonnalagadda

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia at Android Central. He leads the site's coverage of Chinese phone brands, contributing to reviews, features, and buying guides. He also writes about storage servers, audio products, and the semiconductor industry. Contact him on Twitter at @chunkynerd.