Dinc 4G camera

A few weeks back we asked everyone about dedicated cameras that run Android, like the Samsung Galaxy Camera or the Nikon CoolPix S800c. This time, we're going back to basics and talking about the camera included on the phone we carry every day.

When you're out and about, with your Android phone in your pocket, and see something you want to capture forever you pull out the phone and take a quick picture. We all do it, and I don't think any of us expect the same quality of picture we would get from a thousand dollar DSLR or even a $400 point and shoot. The pictures you do get, are they good enough?

Manufacturers have been scrambling to put better optics in our phones, and some of the phones released this year do capture some very nice pictures. Is this something they should be focusing on? Hit the poll in the sidebar or after the break and let us know how your current Android phone is doing in the camera department.

Before we go, let's have a look at last weeks poll:

What's your browser of choice?

  • Chrome -- 51-percent
  • Dolphin -- 17.4-percent
  • Default Android -- 17.31-percent
  • Firefox -- 7.24-percent
  • Opera -- 4.28-percent
  • Other -- 2.78-percent

We can take two things away from this. The first is that over half of the people who voted are running Android 4 or higher, as they're using the Chrome Browser. The second is that as usual, is great that we're offered choices, as every major player is well represented.