There are plenty of ways to sell your phone when you decide you're ready to move on to something new, and since some of us experience to urge to swap phones a whole lot more often than others there's usually some research needed to determine the best price to list your hardware. Researching this kind of thing can often be a lot of work, since listings usually disappear as soon as the transaction is complete, and in many sites there are private conversations that can have a significant effect on the final price tag.

The folks at Swappa have been doing this whole third-party smartphone and tablet sales thing for a while now, and one of the best tools on their website is the record of what devices have sold for in the past. That experience now exists in app form, so you can quickly see what your phone or tablet would be worth when considering selling it. The app is called Swappa Price, and as the name suggests it's all about letting you know what other devices have sold for on Swappa. Like the Swappa site, you can break things down by carrier, unlocked, and if you've decided you're interested in buying or selling based on that information you can tap either of the big friendly buttons in the search results and be taken to the Swappa site.

It's fairly simple stuff, but for folks who are constantly buying and selling phones and tablets in the search of something new this app can reduce a lot of the research time. Enjoy!

Download: Swappa Price (free)