Google Play Books

PDF and ePub files can be shared to Google Play Books using the Android intents system

Google Play Books is getting a nifty little update. The app has the same look and feel, but performance tweaks and new sharing features make for a worthwhile upgrade.

For starters, things have been tweaked to make your books — both your own uploads and Google Play purchases — open faster. If you've ever had to sit through the spinning cursor while the app looks for your bookmark, you'll appreciate this. Also included are improvements to your highlights and notes, the ability to dismiss recommendations, and a lower brightness setting for low-light reading. All good stuff.

But the best new feature, and one plenty have been wanting, is the ability to upload your own ePub and PDF files right from your phone or tablet. Using the standard Android intents system, selecting a compatible file gives the choice to send it to Google Play Books. Once uploaded, it will be available for reading at your leisure. 

As usual, this is a slow rollout so it may take several days before you get an update notification. If you understand the risks, you'll likely find the file at the usual locations.