On February 15, Essential launched the Essential Phone in three new colors – Ocean Depths, Stellar Gray, and Copper Black. Just one day later and seemingly out of nowhere, we have yet another color in the form of Halo Gray.

Halo Gray is most similar to Stellar Gray as they're the only two versions of the Essential Phone with a matte finish on the back. This makes the Essential Phone look incredibly sleek, but unlike Stellar Gray's black frame, Halo Gray has a silver, natural-colored frame.

Perhaps most peculiar is the fact that the Halo Gray Essential Phone is also the first variant to come with built-in Amazon Alexa. I don't know if this is something current Essential Phone owners have been asking for, but nonetheless, it's here for your pleasure or to ignore.

The Halo Gray Essential Phone will be sold exclusively through Amazon, and while pre-orders are open now, it'll officially be released on February 21. I could care less about the Alexa integration, but Halo Gray does offer a nice proposition considering it looks nearly identical to the Stellar Gray version and costs $150 less.

Of all the Essential Phone's new colors (Ocean Depths, Stellar Gray, Copper Black, and now Halo Gray), which is your favorite?

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