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Relive Samsung's Galaxy S4 announcement event


Miss our live coverage of Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2013? Fear not, the entire event is now available to stream on YouTube, so if you're so inclined. On the night, the Galaxy S4 was unveiled with the kind of pomp, ceremony and surrealism we've come to expect from the Korean manufacturer. Actor Will Chase, Samsung Mobile head JK Shin and box-wielding miniature humanoid Jeremy Maxwell saw us through the proceedings, which included some bizarre role-playing segments to demo the main S4 features.

Check it out after the break, and be sure to hit up our hands-on coverage if you haven't already.

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4 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S4 software improvements headed to the Galaxy S3


Samsung showed off a whole bunch of new software improvements launching with the Galaxy S4, but apparently they won't remain exclusive to Samsung's latest. 

PC Mag managed to catch a word with Nick DiCarlo, Samsung's VP of Portfolio Planning, right after the Unpacked event in New York City. While discussing the new software features on the Galaxy S4, the topic of what might see its way onto the Galaxy S3 cropped up:

Anything that we can do that's not dependent on hardware like infrared, we'll definitely bring to all the flagship devices

This could also include the Galaxy Note 2, though that wasn't specifically mentioned. That opens the door to a whole bunch of the new features such as dual-camera, S-Translator, S Health, and perhaps even the Smart Pause and Scroll features. We've seen a real push on the software front in recent months from Samsung, highlighted by launching the Galaxy S4 on Android 4.2.2 -- the latest and greatest. 

It's by no means a concrete confirmation, nor do we have any idea when such updates may appear. But, the Galaxy S3 was a worldwide smash for Samsung, it's not unreasonable to think they'll support it as long as they can. 

Source: PC Mag

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Rogers, Bell and TELUS all announce plans to carry the Samsung Galaxy S4


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is hot property, and we're sure to hear about many of those hundreds of worldwide carriers to offer it in the coming days. U.S carriers have been quick out of the gate, with three of the big four already announcing plans, along with U.S. Cellular. Our friends up in Canada need not worry, as Rogers, Bell and TELUS have all released their first statements about Galaxy S4 availability. 

All three have taken to their Twitter accounts to deliver somewhat vague, yet still important statements of intent. All three are keeping release dates close to their chest right now, and are just saying 'soon.' We know not to expect anything before the end of April, but for anyone hoping to snag a new Galaxy S4 on one of these carriers this will be good news to hear. 

Samsung Galaxy S4 Forums | Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S4 |Samsung Galaxy S4 Details

Sources: Rogers, Bell, TELUS

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4 years ago

AT&T branded Samsung Galaxy S4 anounced


Not that anyone was doubting they would, but AT&T announced their plans to carry the Samsung Galaxy S4. As AT&T reminds us in their press release, they were the first U.S. carrier to get the Samsung Galaxy series, and now just a few short years later we have the fourth iteration of this immensely popular family of devices. Their official page is located here, however it doesn't appear to be up quite yet - attempting to load it will take you to the general Samsung devices page. This will most likely be fixed shortly after this writing.

Jeff Bradley, senior vice president of devices, AT&T says:

AT&T was the first to deliver Samsung’s Galaxy series and we are excited to bring the Galaxy S4 to the nation’s fastest 4G LTE network. We continue to offer our customers a broad choice of devices and features to fit any mobile lifestyle, and look forward to growing our family of Samsung Galaxy devices.  For more information, please visit http://www.att.com/galaxys4.

For a complete listing of the Galaxy S4's specifications, you can check out the official specs. However, the real draw of this phone is the software, so make sure you see Samsung's latest flagship phone in action by heading over to our hands on reviewThe forums will be hopping for the foreseeable future, so make sure not to miss out on the discussion. See you there!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Forums | Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S4 | Samsung Galaxy S4 Details

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4 years ago

U.S. Cellular confirms their plans to carry the Samsung Galaxy S4


As we all hoped heading into Samsung Unpacked in New York City, U.S. carriers are certainly getting behind the new Samsung Galaxy S4. It's by no means surprising to see so many want a piece of one of the hottest devices to launch in 2013, but it's still reassuring to see such support literally moments after the event ended. 

The latest to confirm the Galaxy S4 is U.S. Cellular. There isn't a whole lot to go on at the moment though, as their statement is short, and sweet: 

As you may have seen, U.S. Cellular is excited to bring the Samsung Galaxy S 4 to our customers in the near future. We will be sure to share details and presale information with you as soon as we can.

So, no pricing or availability information yet, but nevertheless a great sign from U.S. Cellular that they'll be picking this one up. 

Samsung Galaxy S4 Forums | Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S4 |Samsung Galaxy S4 Details

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Samsung shows off Hub and new content services on the Galaxy S4


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is real, official, and the waiting is finally over. There's a lot to take in on both the hardware and the software front, and we're really only just beginning to scratch the surface. During the Unpacked event in New York City, we were treated to a first look at some of the new content services that will be coming to market with the Galaxy S4. 

First up is Samsung Hub. This does exactly what it says on the box, and is the single entry point for all of Samsung's content services on the Galaxy S4. Browsing, managing and purchasing a variety of content can be done through the Hub using a single Samsung account. 

Samsung Apps has been updated to add extra search features to find apps in both Samsung Apps and Google Play that are optimized for Samsung devices. 

Samsung ChatON on the Galaxy S4 combines the VOIP and video calling elements with the new dual-camera mode introduced allowing for photo sharing during calls. ChatON now also integrates a screen sharing feature, allowing you to share your Galaxy S 4 display with the person you're chatting with and control it during the call. 

Group Play is all about sharing. Music, documents, games, all can be shared with your friends without the need for a common WiFi network. The SDK to this is being opened up to developers too, so it's going to be interesting to see what game developers can come up with. 

The Galaxy S4 is also the first device to ship with Visa's payWave function built in. In its simplest terms this is geared towards making NFC payments on a global scale using the Galaxy S4. 

We're sure to see a lot more of all these in the coming weeks, but for now to see the full press release, click on past the break. 

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T-Mobile Galaxy S4 'pre-registration' page goes live, no official launch date


T-Mobile has just released a statement regarding its availability of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4. Although no specific date was given, the carrier has put up a "pre-registration" page where you can enter your email address to receive updates.

T-Mobile is excited to partner with Samsung to bring the Samsung Galaxy S™ 4 to our customers. We look forward to sharing more information soon; meanwhile, please visit our Samsung Galaxy S4  pre-registration page.

Prominently displayed underneath the shadow of the Galaxy S4 on the registration page is T-Mobile's new "4G LTE" logo, which makes it pretty clear that the latest device will indeed have T-Mo's new network on-board. 

More: T-Mobile

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Samsung Galaxy S4 to hit the UK from April 25


We've just received word from UK retailers Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U that they'll begin offering the new Samsung Galaxy S4 from Apr. 25 and 26 respectively. The date ties in with the timetable of a late April global launch revealed by Samsung Mobile boss JK Shin at today's launch event in New York City.

As it's just past midnight in the UK right now, we'd expect to learn more about individual carriers' plans in the morning. We'll keep you up-to-date on any further developments.

Update: EE also informs us they'll begin shipping the S4 from Apr. 26, with pre-orders beginning Mar. 28.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on


Refined design, updated internals - and some incredible new software features. This is the Samsung Galaxy S4

You're Samsung. You easily have the world's leading line of smartphone. The Galaxy S3 sold millions upon millions. Hell, folks are still buying the Galaxy S2. What do you do with the follow-up, the Samsung Galaxy S4?

If you're Samsung, you refine the hardware and pack even more features into the software side.

We spent a little time with the new Galaxy S4 at Samsung's launch event in New York City, and one thing quickly became clear: For as awesome as the Galaxy S3 was, the Galaxy S4 is that much better.

Let's go hands-on with the Galaxy S4.

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4 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S4 official images



Here they are -- Samsung's official promotional images for the Galaxy S4. Here we see the "black mist" and "frost white" versions of Sammy's new high-end Android smartphone. As had been rumored, the Galaxy S4 draws inspiration from Samsung's big-selling Galaxy S3, with a similar front face and button setup. On the software side, we can see TouchWiz has been touched up a bit, but it's still very much recognizable as a Samsung smartphone.

Click the images above to take a closer look. From closer in you'll be able to make out the lattice pattern on the front that's continued around the back. Hit up our new Samsung Galaxy S4 device page for more details, and be sure to check out our hands-on feature while you're at it. Thoughts on the new design? Share 'em down in the comments and in the Galaxy S4 forum.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 specs


Truth be told, the Samsung Galaxy S4 hardware isn't really the star of the show. But that's not to say the Galaxy S4 specs aren't impressive. They most certainly are, and it's even more impressive considering that Samsung's built everything into a device that's in nearly the same footprint as its predecessor, the Galaxy S3.

On the hardware side, there's really nothing too surprising. The Galaxy S4 broad strokes are a 5-inch display, 2 gigabytes of RAM and Samsung's usual mix of physical and capacitive buttons.

We've got the complete official Galaxy S4 specs after the break. Note that some specs, such as processor, will change depending on region.

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Samsung officially announces the Galaxy S4


The wait is over, and Samsung has made the much-anticipated Galaxy S4 official. There's no radical departure from Samsung's existing design language, and the Galaxy S4 looks very much like it's predecessor, but slightly refined and restyled to adapt to the new 5-inch display. The similarities end there, though, as the Galaxy S4 is an entirely different beast.

Samsung's mobile chief J.K. Shin sums up the new software additions and enhancements nicely: "With the Galaxy S4, Samsung is again going to enhance the way we live".  And there are a lot of new things coming to the table. Features like Samsung Adapt Display and Samsung Adapt Sound should help folks with special needs get a better smart phone experience, and the S Health package that uses device sensors to monitor and improve your quality of life and fitness are part of the new Samsung software, and look very innovative. Smart Pause, as we've seen in a leaked video, is on-board, as is the hovering technology which Samsung dubs "Air View". There's also plenty of additional features we haven't seen, like S Voice Drive to enable voice commands for use while driving, Samsung Optical Reader to scan printed text, and Samsung WatchON -- an IR remote control system. Samsung also delivers some great looking camera software, with a new Story Album photo feature and Dual Video Call, which will use both cameras so the other party can see you and what you're looking at.

Of course, we have to talk about the specs. There is a full, detailed list after the break, but here are the highlights:

  • 5 inch Full HD Super AMOLED (1920 x 1080) display, 441 ppi
  • 1.9 GHz quad-core processor or 1.6 GHz octa-core processor (depending on market)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16/ 32/ 64 GB internal storage, microSD slot
  • Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
  • 2.5G (GSM/ GPRS/ EDGE): 850/900/1800/1900 MHz; 3G (HSPA+ 42Mbps): 850/900/1900/2100 MHz; 4G (LTE Cat 3 100/50Mbps) : up to 6 different band sets (dependent on market)
  • 13 Mega pixel auto focus rear camera with flash and zero shutter lag, BIS
  • 2 Mega pixel front camera, full HD recording @30fps with zero shutter lag, BIS
  • Wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • NFC,  Bluetooth 4.0, IR LED, MHL 2.0
  • 2,600 mAh battery

The processor type will likely be the unnamed (we're thinking Qualcomm, of course) 1.9 GHz quad-core for the North American market, and the Exynos octa-core for the world version. And the network bands seem to be missing T-Mobile's 1700 frequency on the spec sheet, but Samsung officially states T-Mobile US as a Q2 release, so that may be a typo. And the press release also confirms a release for Verizon in Q2.

We've got the full press release and spec list after the break.

More: Samsung Galaxy S4 forums

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 is here


After months of speculation, leaks, conjecture and gnashing of teeth we're finally going to see the Samsung Galaxy S4. 

Samsung is on stage doing their thing, and we're waiting for them to whip out the phone so many have been waiting to see. We're sure there are plenty of changes to both the hardware and software, and Samsung has produced another great device.

This is just the beginning folks. Be sure to check out the liveblog to see the rest as it happens while we wait for all the details, and the hands-on time.

Join the discussion in the Galaxy S4 forums

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Live from Samsung Unpacked 2013 in New York City


It's our liveblog of Samsung's Galaxy S4 launch event, live from NYC!

We're live the Radio City Music Hall in New York City for what is expected to be the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S4, easily the most anticipated Android phone since the Galaxy S3. Bigger? Better? Faster? More features? All likely talking points going into tonight's event.

The event officially kicks off at 7 p.m. EDT. That's 4 p.m. on the left coast, and 11 p.m. in the UK. Bookmark this page. Leave it open. E-mail it to your friends and family. 

And join us after the break for the one and only Android Central liveblog of Samsung's Galaxy S4 event. 

(And while you're waiting, be sure to swing by our Galaxy S4 forums.)

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LG Optimus G finally makes its way to the UK SIM-free


Availability of the LG Optimus G may not be big news if you live in the U.S. or Japan, but the device is now making its way to the U.K. SIM-free for the first time. Falling in line with LG's previous announcement, the Optimus G is making its way to the U.K. with LTE on-board (800/900/1800/2100/2600Mhz) and is also pre-loaded with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update. Other specs on the device seem to be the same as the U.S. -- Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

Expansys is quoting a price of £479.99 (incl. VAT) for the black model, and says that stock is expected in the next 5 days. Anyone in the U.K. still interested in picking one of these up as availability of the Optimus G Pro is on the horizon? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Expansys

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