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3 years ago

Further Sony Xperia Z2 'Sirius' details emerge


More hardware and software nuggets from upcoming Sony flagship refresh

So much for Sony's effort to curb the flow of leaks of its future products. Following what might be our first look at the Sony D6503 — codenamed "Sirius" — over the weekend, we're today seeing more information on the device we might eventually come to know as the Xperia Z2. Today's leakage comes from XperiaBlog and the XDA forums and cover both hardware and software details.

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3 years ago

Fresh leak claims to show more of future Samsung phone UI


A glimpse of what Samsung's next home screen might look like

We're rapidly approaching the time of year when a couple of the largest Android manufacturers are preparing to launch new flagship phones. One of those is ever-dominant Samsung, and in an unusual turn of events prolific leaker @evleaks has come up with an image said to contain visual elements of the company's next home screen design. The shot shows a list of Google Now-like cards for workout info, flights, concert details and delivery tracking.

Today's leak follows the emergence of a similar shot a couple of weeks ago, showing a new-style home screen arrangement with the same font — alongside redesigned, flattened, more abstract icons. That image seemed to show an HTC BlinkFeed-style vertical scrolling list of widgets like those in today's leak.

If accurate, it's a significant leak from a company which usually goes to great lengths to keep its secrets safe in the run up to major launches. It could also represent a significant departure from Samsung's old TouchWiz UI as we've come to know it on the Galaxy S3 and later devices. And while at best these images are likely work-in-progress mock-ups, the possible shift to a more contextual, content-based home screen is also interesting in light of Samsung's move to a magazine-style UI for its new "Pro" series tablets.

Source: @evleaks (2)

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3 years ago

Sony leaks start again, show possible refresh to Xperia Z1


A new device bound for Barcelona next month?

Sony's CES press conference came and went without anything truly new introduced to the gathered media. Both devices announced in Las Vegas already exist in some form, but what we're seeing here might be a first look at the first properly new device for 2014. Several images have appeared of a device labelled as D6503, and at first glance looks like a refreshed Xperia Z1

And that's not too far fetched for anything we might expect from Sony heading into Mobile World Congress next month. The Z1 itself was an iteration from the original Xperia Z. There are some clear design differences between this device and the current Z1 though. The side bezels are slimmer – though top and bottom are still ridiculously large – there's a different design to the speakers at the bottom of the phone, and the lanyard strap has moved. The change in bezels could indicate a bump in screen size, but not by much. 

Otherwise, it's a pretty recognizable design. There's no word on the camera resolution since that image is pretty blurry, but we do see the obvious G-Lens logo on the back, so at the very least we'd expect it to match the current Z1's 20.7MP shooter. 

Whatever this may or may not be, or whatever Sony is planning to take to Barcelona in late February, we'll be there to bring it to you. For now, hit up the source link below to check out the rest of the images. 

Source: XDA via Xperia Blog

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3 years ago

AT&T HTC One X+ update to Android 4.2.2 rolling out now


Latest software update also brings Sense 5.0 along for the ride

We knew earlier in the week that AT&T's HTC One X+ was due a software update, and now it seems to be hitting devices. Software version 2.15.502.1 brings with it namely Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and Sense 5.0. Sure, this might be the end of the road for the One X+ in terms of major updates, but it's a solid update to get for a device that's been on sale now for a good 15 months. 

If you're yet to see it, you'll want to be heading into Settings > Software Update > Check for Updates and see if anything is coming your way. If you've already updated, drop us a line in the comments and let us know how you're finding it. 

Source: HTC

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3 years ago

Motorola lowers cost of Moto X wood finishes to $25, new grains hit Jan. 21


Ebony, teak and walnut will soon join bamboo; early adopters getting a $75 credit

Good news for those of you who want to get your wood (or grass) on for the Moto X. Initially the organic custom backs cost $100 over the price of a traditional custom Moto X. Now, that's been lowered to $25.

And Motorola has now listed the other finishes that will soon be available. In addition to Bamboo, which you can get now and looks ridiculously awesome, you'll also be able to order ebony, teak and walnut. The new flavors will be available Jan. 21.

For those of us who ordered Bamboo Moto Xs first thing, Motorola's offering up a $75 credit that can be used on anything other than a Chromecast through midnight Jan. 31 from Motorola directly.

More: Motorola

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3 years ago

AT&T drops the LG G2 and Moto X to free on contract


You've got until January 31 to take advantage of this latest deal

AT&T is offering a great deal right now on a pair of fine Android smartphones. Right now, and until January 31, both the LG G2 and the Moto X can be had for no-money down on a new, two-year contract. And that's about all there is to it. You'll be saving $100 up front on either phone, and honestly you can't go far wrong with both. If you need a little help, check out our full reviews of each, and be sure to check out the AT&T coverage maps if you're thinking of switching. Otherwise, hit the source links below and grab 'em while they're hot! 

More: Moto X Review, AT&T LG G2 Review

Source: AT&T (Moto X), (LG G2)

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3 years ago

Arsenal FC partners with Huawei as official smartphone partner


Will we see Arsene Wenger using an Ascend Mate 2 pitchside during games?

Football isn't perhaps not the first thing you think of when you think of Huawei, but for fans of English Premier League side, Arsenal, that may soon become the case. The English giants and the Chinese vendor have come together in a partnership that sees Huawei become the official smartphone partner of the club. 

Beyond smartphones, for Arsenal the deal is a strategic move to extend its following in Asia. Huawei will be using Arsenal players in official marketing both in the UK and elsewhere around the world. The deal lasts until the end of the 2015/16 Premier League season, and will be officially introduced to Gunners fans before this weekends game at the Emirates Stadium against Fulham. 

The full press release can be found after the break.

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3 years ago

Sprint's LG G Flex available in stores Feb. 7


Sprint's LG G Flex will be available in stores starting Feb. 7. Pre-orders are still aiming to be in customers' hands a week sooner — by Jan. 31, Sprint says.

As you'll recall from our preview of the G Flex, this is a curved — and slightly bendable — 6-inch smartphone. It's big, but the curve helps make it feel just a tad smaller. The display is unremarkable in resolution, just 720p, but, c'mon, it bends!

The G Flex will run $299 with a two-year contract. And anyone who preorders between now and Jan. 31 wil receive a free Quickwindow Folio Case. If you want to buy it outright, it'll cost you $650.

The G Flex also will be coming to AT&T and T-Mobile in the weeks ahead, though neither operator has announced when they'll be available.

More: Pre-order the LG G Flex; Source: Sprint

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3 years ago

Desire 300: This is how HTC attacks the low-end market


Just enough internal hardware to get by, with much nicer external hardware than you expect for the price

HTC announced the Desire 300 alongside the Desire 601 for specific markets back in September 2013. While it isn't a device that many of us will ever see or strive to own — we're more drawn to new colors of the HTC One and One Mini — it's an important phone for HTC to have on offer in places where disposable income for a phone isn't at the $650 level.

The internal specs aren't going to blow you away. We're looking at a 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, just 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage (with an SDcard slot). The display, while only 480 x 800, is 4.3-inches and looks great, just as we've come to expect from HTC devices. The internals are enough to push around Android 4.1 with Sense 5 (including BlinkFeed) and a scaled-back set of visual features. It still feels like a full-blown set of HTC software, but you can tell where cuts were made to save performance.

Although it may not have widescale availability it can be picked up with little hassle, thanks to Amazon, for $249 (just don't count on getting 3G here) in the U.S. The Desire 300 is targeting even lower price points where it's being sold directly, however — we saw it go on sale in Australia for just $179 AUD (about $159 USD) at the end of last year. At those prices, people stop being so critical on the internal specs and simply pay attention to how it feels and whether or not it offers a minimum level of performance.

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3 years ago

Hands-on with the Moto G Google Play edition


It's a Moto G, minus some Motorola software

Let's just get this out of the way: There's very little difference between the "regular" Moto G and the Google Play edition Moto G. It's worth arguing that a GPe version of the Moto G (at this point in time) doesn't really make sense. In fact, you lose some functionality, not being able to use Motorola's custom camera and "Assist" apps, to name but two. On the other hand, you get some easy unlocking capability, if that's how you roll.

Otherwise? That's it. Same $179 (or $199 for 16GB) phone, sans contract. No LTE data. Same removable back cover (you'll have to go to Moto directly for different colors). Physically, these are the same phones.

It's also worth a quick mention that the Google Play edition box is showing the same launcher as the Nexus 5, which some folks have taken to calling the "Google Experience Launcher," or GEL. But just like every other Google Play edition device we've seen, that launcher isn't actually on the phone. Is that a nod toward a Google Play release of that app? Dunno. It could well just be a marketing error. For now, it is what it is.

This Moto G has Android 4.4.2 already installed (with a slightly lower build number than the Moto Moto G, for what that's worth), so no waiting for an update, or installing one first-thing, as most Moto Gs have already seen their over-the-air update roll out.

And that's that. Peep the video after the break for more.

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3 years ago

'Blackphone' aims to be a secure Android experience


Preorders for joint venture between Geeksphone and Silent Circle to begin at Mobile World Congress

Coming next month at Mobile World Congress, we should get a look at the "Blackphone," a joint venture between Geeksphone (you know them as being an early CyanogenMod supporter) and Silent Circle. BlackPhone aims to give a traditional Android experience that "prioritizes the user's privacy and control, without any hooks to carriers or vendors."

Specific details are slim at this point, but Blackphone promises "revolutionary communications" with secure phone calls and texts, file sharing and video chat. 

It's calling its version of Android (and we don't yet know the base platform) "PrivatOS" and is headed up by Phil Zimmermann, who created the PGP standard of encryption widely used in e-mail. Other co-founding execs include Geeksphone's Javier Aguera and Rodrigo Wilva-Ramos, PGP's Jon Callas and ex-Navy SEAL and founder and fomer CEO of SOC Mike Janke.

More: Blackphone

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3 years ago

Sony Xperia Z1s first impressions


Sony and T-Mobile have paired to bring another great phone to the U.S. market

Sony was firing on all cylinders last week at CES, and one of its most impressive new products already is available here in the United States. Meet the Xperia Z1s, the North American answer to Sony’s Xperia Z1 flagship and T-Mobile’s exclusive follow up to last summer’s Xperia Z. It’s available now online (coming to stores next Monday) for $22 per month or $528 outright.

We’ve spent the past few days with the device and before we break it down piece by piece in a full in-depth review,  a few of our first impressions can be found after the break.

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3 years ago

Moto G Google Play edition now on sale for $179


Same great phone at a budget price, with a slightly different take on software

In yet another quiet release, Google has just put up the Moto G Google Play edition for sale at $179 for the 8GB model. That mirrors the price that Motorola has been selling it directly, but this version will follow in the footsteps of other GPe devices with a slightly different software experience. The differences will likely be a bit more subtle on the Moto G considering that Motorola's current offering is barely changed from Google's take on the software.

The hardware specs seem identical to what we've seen in the current Moto G, as they should be. And although the device is unlocked and listed as being compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile, it's worth mentioning that the spec sheet does not show 1700MHz (AWS) support for HSPA+ — that means T-Mobile customers in markets that have not been refarmed to 1900MHz will be sitting on EDGE with this one.

If you're looking for more storage you'll be able to option up to 16GB for $199, and both versions are listed in the Play Store as in-stock and shipping in 1-2 business days.

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3 years ago

Sprint's HTC One gets some bugfixes


Sprint today is rolling out an update for its HTC One. The changelog is short and sweet: "Fixes an issue that blocked users from being able to Update Profile/PRL." That's important for keeping a good connection. So, yeah. Good fix.

Meanwhile, we continue the lookout for the Android 4.4 KitKat update.

Source: Sprint; More: HTC One (Sprint) forums; thanks, Kyle!

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3 years ago

Moto G available Jan. 20 on Boost Mobile for $129


A quick heads up, folks, that Motorola's budget-friendly Moto G smartphone will be available on Boost Mobile starting Jan. 20. It runs just $129 on Boost's no-contract $55-a-month plan. You get 50GB of Google Drive space along with that, of course.

Boost's Moto G will launch with Android 4.3 but should get its Android 4.4 update shortly, Boost says.

More: Boost Mobile

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