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    There perhaps are two ways to think about the Internet — before and after Facebook. By now you know the story. (Hell, they made a movie about it.) Some Harvard students create a site to rank girls. It expands into a larger network of collegians, and Facebook in its early form required a college .edu email address to join. In 2006, it opened up to anyone age 13 and older.

    Fast forward a few years and many billions of dollars, and Facebook is now a publicly traded company. Co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is one of the youngest billionaires in the world, along with co-founder Dustin Moskovitz (who's younger by all of eight days). Facebook is how we keep in touch. How we stalk our former high school classmates. How potential employers check out potential hires. How news organizations and public entities get the word out. How we play games. How we share photos and video. How we forget how to have real relationships with actual people. It's how we log into other websites, using our Facebook credentials.

    Like it or not, Facebook, in the span of a decade, became one of the most important online properties we've ever known.

    Will it continue to be so in another 10 years? We'll have to see. But for now, there's no escaping it.


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    Facebook's Account Kit will let users login to apps with just a phone number

    Facebook's Account Kit will let users login to apps with just a phone number

    At its F8 developer conference, Facebook introduced Account Kit, a way for developers to create easy logins for their apps. Apps that use account kit can, unsurprisingly, allow users to login with their Facebook account, but they will also let you create an account using only your phone number or...
    Facebook launches new platform to bring AI-powered bots to Messenger

    Facebook launches new platform to bring AI-powered bots to Messenger

    Facebook introduced its new Messenger Platform on stage during its F8 developer conference. With the platform, developers can build AI-powered bots for Facebook Messenger that the company thinks will remove the need for some mobile apps, particularly those dealing with commerce. Using 1-800-...
    Dropbox in Facebook Messenger

    You can now send Dropbox files from within Facebook Messenger

    Facebook Messenger now offers Dropbox integration, allowing you to send photos, videos, and other files without ever leaving the messaging service. You can access Dropbox from Messenger's More button (the rightmost button in the conversation view). From there, select Dropbox as the source, and if...

    Outlook on Android adds Facebook, Evernote and Wunderlist support for calendar events

    Microsoft is adding support for third-party apps to its calendar feature in Outlook for Android. The feature is launching with the ability to add content from apps like Facebook, Evernote and Wunderlist to an Outlook calendar. Microsoft says: With Calendar Apps, you can connect your apps—...
    Facebook Messenger

    Facebook Messenger makes it easier to connect with the other 900 million users

    Facebook Messenger is adding some new connection features, even as its user base continues to increase. The company announced that the chat service now has over 900 million monthly users worldwide. According to Facebook's David Marcus, Messenger is getting some features that are similar to...
    Facebook Live Video

    Latest Facebook update is all about live video

    Facebook is going all-in on the current live video trend. It is rolling out a new update to its Android and iOS apps that adds new ways to livestream video from the social network, along with additional ways to share and interact with those videos. The update adds support for livestreaming...
    Facebook VR Photo

    Facebook needs to support VR photos yesterday

    The social destination for a significant part of the connected world is missing a critical feature in the world of 360-degree content. Not a day goes by right now where I don't see a new 360-degree virtual reality video on Facebook. They show up in my browser on AutoPlay like every other...
    Messenger's basketball game

    Here's how you can play Facebook Messenger's hidden basketball game

    Just in time for March Madness, Facebook has rolled out an update to Messenger that lets you play a basketball mini-game with your friend directly from the conversation window. To get started, you need to select the basketball emoji (accessible from the emoji box next to the Like button), send it...
    Facebook Messenger getting a Material Design refresh

    Facebook Messenger is getting a Material Design refresh

    Facebook has announced an update to its Messenger app for Android, bringing a Material Design refresh to its interface. The design is an evolution of the previous look, keeping tabs for conversations, groups, people, and settings at the top, while sprucing up the bottom of the app. Messenger...
    Facebook Messenger

    You can now share your Spotify songs and playlists via Facebook Messenger

    Spotify users can now share their favorite songs and playlists through Facebook Messenger. The feature was integrated into the official Messenger app with zero fanfare. According to TechCrunch: Inside the Messenger "More" section in chat threads, all iOS and Android users will now find a...

    Facebook brings Live broadcasts to Android, starting in the U.S.

    Facebook has announced that the company is planning to roll out its Live broadcasting platform on Android in the U.S. Starting next week, those with Facebook installed on their smartphone will be able to stream live video to your friends. Just in case the social network hadn't fully integrated...
    How to use Facebook reactions

    How to use Facebook's new reactions on Android

    Express sadness, anger, surprise, and more with Facebook reactions Like is so 2015. Especially when you can love, laugh, cry, gasp, or fume! And that's where Facebook's new reactions come in. If someone posts bad news or sad news, if they post something that makes you glad or makes you mad, you...
    Facebook Reaction

    There's more than just 'Like', Facebook adds five more emotional reaction images

    As promised a few weeks ago, Facebook is now adding more "reactions" other than just "Like" for people to use for commenting on news posts. The five additional reactions are "Love", "Haha", "Wow", "Sad" and "Angry". The new options can be accessed by holding down the "Like" button on mobile...
    Facebook thinks the future is in virtual reality

    Facebook adds new Social VR team, dynamic streaming for mobile and more

    During Samsung's press event at Mobile World Congress, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg took the stage to share some thoughts on virtual reality, and how the company sees it going. More than 20,000 360 videos have been uploaded to Facebook already, and hundreds more are being added each day. Since...
    Facebook Messenger snags multiple account support on Android

    Facebook Messenger snags multiple account support on Android

    Facebook Messenger for Android now supports using multiple accounts on the same device, allowing users to easily sign into and switch between accounts on the fly. The feature, which has been in testing for some time, is now accessible to all users through the Accounts section of the Settings...
    Facebook Messenger chess

    Feeling bored? You can now play chess within Facebook Messenger

    Facebook's Messenger is turning out to be a robust communications platform, boasting over 800 million users. Aside from staying connected with your friends and family, the messaging service has a hidden chess game that you can play from within a conversation window. All you need to do to get...
    Facebook shutting down Parse developer platform

    Facebook is shutting down its Parse developer platform

    Facebook is shutting down Parse, a mobile development platform that it acquired in 2013 for $85 million. The shut down was announced via a blog post by Parse co-founder Kevin Lacker, who says that developers leveraging the platform will have a year to migrate their apps before Parse shuts down...
    Reaction emoji — coming soon to a Facebook near you

    Facebook adding five new emoji reactions alongside the old 'Like' button

    Facebook will soon allow its users to express themselves more than just a comment or hitting a "Like" button. The social network plans a global roll-out in the next few weeks of five new emoji buttons that can be used instead of "Like". According to Bloomberg, the new Facebook Reactions will...
    Facebook adds Tor support to its Android app

    Facebook adds Tor support through Orbot on Android

    Facebook, the social network that loves to collect information, is making it a bit easier for Android users to keep some details private. The company has added support for Tor through the Orbot proxy app on Android devices, allowing you to keep your location and more private. Facebook previously...
    Facebook browser

    It turns out uninstalling Facebook for Android is pretty great

    This is not an article about how much I hate Facebook. While it's not my favorite social network, Facebook is where I go to see photos and commentary from local friends and family I don't see every day. And it does that really well, most of the time. Recently I noticed some performance issues on...