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Android lock settings

Note: This example is from a phone with HTC Sense. Yours may vary.

So you want to use Android's built-in security -- either the pattern, pin or password lock. Good for you. We highly recommend it. But maybe you don't want it to lock every time you hit the power button. (Can't blame you there.)

Go to Settings>Security>Lock phone after and you'll have options as for how much time you want to pass before you have to unlock the phone. If you're going to be picking it up every couple minutes, perhaps "Immediately" isn't the best choice. But even 15 minutes is better than no security, right?

This option isn't available on all phones, but HTC Sense does have it, as do some newer TouchWiz devices.

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Android 101: Change how quickly your phone locks


Good tip for HTC devices (Touchwiz on the Epic 4G and stock Android don't have this setting on the phones I've tried). Also, if you are running Cyanogen 7.1, this can be found under settings->CyanogenMod settings->Lockscreen->Delay and timeout->Security Lock.

So is this a stock Android feature? I know that some ROMs (like CM7) let you set the password timeout and others don't, but I'm not clear on whether it's in the stock Android code and some manufacturers are just taking it out. This feature is a must-have for me, so I'm trying to determine whether it's reasonable to expect it in ICS.

This option does not exist (that I can find) on my Nexus One running stock Gingerbread, so I'd say no it is not a stock Android feature. With that said, I have no idea if it will be a stock feature or not in Ice Cream Sandwich.

Yeah. Not on my Epic 4g (stock). Can anyone confirm if this is a "vanilla" feature, or if you just pulled out a Sense feature to share with ALL of us?

HTC thunderbolt... Go to settings, security, Very top option.. Set up screen lock.. Then choose weather you want the pattern or password.. Running stock gingerbread..

I have done that, but each time the screen dims and I turn it back on I have to pull that bar down to unlock phone. Is there any way that can be by passed so you don't have to keep doing that every time? Thanks!

Look up no lock in the Android market. The developer is BoD. It allows you to bypass the lock screen and password. Plus he has a handy widget that allows you to turn on the lock screen quickly.

That's the normal lock screen that is part of HTC Sense that prevents accidental screen or volume button use. The only way to disable it (outside of third party apps) is to set the screen to never turn off (Menu, Settings, Display, Screen Timeout). But of course that will kill the battery quickly. To conserve battery, you're best to set it to 30 seconds and for security set a PIN and set the "lock after" option to something like 15 minutes. Both are a trade off, but serve valuable purposes. :)

OK, I just downloaded and installed the Ice Cream Sandwich SDK so I could fire up the emulator and see for myself whether this feature exists in stock ICS.

The news is good!

At first I didn't see any such option; there was just the standard choice between slide lock (no security), pattern, PIN, and password. However, once I configured a password, a new "Automatically lock" option appeared. That option allows you to set how long the phone delays AFTER going to sleep before it locks, with choices ranging from 5 seconds to 30 minutes. This is completely independent of the sleep delay, which is under "Display."

One more thing Google got right in ICS!

If you don't have an HTC phone, there's an app called Unlock With WiFi that enables delayed locking like this. It also keeps the phone unlocked when it's connected to your wifi network.

I found an app called screebl which detects whether your phone is lying down so that it can lock it more quickly and save power by turning the screen off.

it was free app on amazon a little while ago, available here if you like amazon app store:

it works very well, and means I can put my phone in car holder without plugging in and the screen stays on, or, prop it up by my bedside to listen to music for a while and not have to unlock it.

I also use unlock-at-home-using-wifi

but I might stop using that and rely on screebl now