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Google will soon give the folks invited to join its Project Fi MVNO service a new version of Lollipop on their smartphones. The company has revealed it will begin offering Android 5.1.1 (it currently has just 5.1) to all of the Nexus 6 phones on Project Fi "over the next few days".

The word came down via the official Project Fi Twitter account:

While some Nexus 6 phones already have Android 5.1.1, the ones that are sent to users as part of Project Fi do not yet have the new version of Lollipop. So far, there are no other details on this rollout. At the moment, only the Nexus 6 is compatible with Project Fi. You can check out our recent article detailing what comes in the official Project Fi welcome box if you are lucky enough to be picked to join the service.

Source: Project Fi (Twitter)

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