Windows Phone 7 RTM parade

In all seriousness, congratulations to the Windows Phone 7 team (and our pals at WMExperts) for reaching RTM status. It's a huge step in finally getting Windows Phone 7 to consumers (and we're excitedly curious to use it, too). And we're as equally happy to see that the congratulatory parade was photographed with ... wait for it ... a Sprint Evo 4G (according to the Exif data). [Flickr] Thanks, Tim!

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draken says:

Considering the flak MS received for the Kin commercials which seems a lot like ads for sexting, I find it hilarious that the photo above shows "Phone sex" on the float.

icebike says:

Steve Jobs is going to have a field day with that photo.

mp0890 says:

"win phone sex"
is there a raffle or something?

These people don't know how to dress like rednecks. What's rtm?

JagoX says:

Release to manufacturing

jonneh_ says:

Thanks for asking the question, "What's RTM?" so I didn't have to.

debsawyer says:


Coolaaron88 says:

Windows Phone Sex?

Sounds Kinky xD

rugbyua9 says:

LOL... wow. Looks like a super cool parade to me! hahaha

I like that the float is being pulled with what looks like a 1989 Suburban.

Not to mention, when you click on the photograph, you can almost see up the chicks skirt on the floats top left. lol

fbords says:

wait...I thought Android phones were for porn? Now WM phones are for phone sex? Man, catch up apple.

bleedblue says:

Everything about this .... looks ... ridiculous.

hah can't wait to see a WP7 in person though.

But, uh, yeah. What the hell is this?

DavidJ726 says:

Black ballons? are they predicting the death of WP7? are they in mourning over it? What gives??

rugbyua9 says:

Apparently it was a "funeral procession parade" for iPhones and Blackberrys. I like how they left Android out of the procession. Maybe they know something we dont haha.

jaeisber says:

There is at least one picture suggesting the downfall of just didnt have its own procession:

what is "Win Phone Sex"?

The float is pulled by an old beat up truck.
Nice analogy, Microsoft.

scottfromga says:

I'd like to have phone sex with that one in the back with the white and pink top on. Wowzer, is she smokin...

bleedblue says:

LOL what? apart from pulling the image and somehow zooming / clearing how can you even tell?

she might have the most horrific head/face in the world but since she has skimpy clothes on she is smokin? LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO

crxssi says:

A parade?? Seriously? There are people out there that actually CARE about Windows Mobile enough to do something like that? They have fans????

I have a feeling they are just paid employees.

It said "Keeping Windows Phone Sexy".

jonneh_ says:

Finally, thank you. I have been sitting here trying to come up with all the possibilities of what the float really said.

I personally prefer to read it as "Creeping Windows Phone Sex"

"Keeping Windows Phone Sexless"?

"Bleeping Windows Phone Sex!"


jonneh_ says:

I liked "Weeping Windows Phone Sex" personally.

Archerdude says:

LOL OMG thats funny.

ricbon says:


ricbon says:


As an authority on rednecks, down-home street parades, and women in short denim outfits I'm offended.

Offended that I wasn't even invited :p

Szientific says:

What has 2 thumbs and likes to party with Daisy Duke wearing cowgirls: This Guy!
Classic! Bravo MS, I think the culture of that company has changed for the better :-D

How ironic that the content of a photo taken with an Epic is so full of epic fail.

Oh, and after zooming in and rerendering on my Evo, that chick on the top-left is NOT hot.. Decent bod, but her face looks like it was hit by a Moto Q the size of that damn float.. Do not want.

EVOlveMe91 says:

It's funny they Target iPhone and blackberry though.... android destroys both of em so I can't wait to see how it compares to wm7 lmao

bobaka says:

Bozosoft ...
the same group of "really smart people" who brought you Kin

looks like the inspiration for WP7 was the 70's tv show HeeHaw

dougau says:

From the hicks that brought you Microsoft BOB 8) LOL!

jbsyst says:

I see plaid people

dougau says:

plaid hippies

dwt10 says:

Eping windows phone sex... keep talking