Windows Phone 7 RTM parade

In all seriousness, congratulations to the Windows Phone 7 team (and our pals at WMExperts) for reaching RTM status. It's a huge step in finally getting Windows Phone 7 to consumers (and we're excitedly curious to use it, too). And we're as equally happy to see that the congratulatory parade was photographed with ... wait for it ... a Sprint Evo 4G (according to the Exif data). [Flickr] Thanks, Tim!


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Windows Phone 7 RTM parade -- as photographed by the Evo 4G


Considering the flak MS received for the Kin commercials which seems a lot like ads for sexting, I find it hilarious that the photo above shows "Phone sex" on the float.

LOL... wow. Looks like a super cool parade to me! hahaha

I like that the float is being pulled with what looks like a 1989 Suburban.

Not to mention, when you click on the photograph, you can almost see up the chicks skirt on the floats top left. lol

wait...I thought Android phones were for porn? Now WM phones are for phone sex? Man, catch up apple.

Everything about this .... looks ... ridiculous.

hah can't wait to see a WP7 in person though.

But, uh, yeah. What the hell is this?

LOL what? apart from pulling the image and somehow zooming / clearing how can you even tell?

she might have the most horrific head/face in the world but since she has skimpy clothes on she is smokin? LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO

A parade?? Seriously? There are people out there that actually CARE about Windows Mobile enough to do something like that? They have fans????

I have a feeling they are just paid employees.

Finally, thank you. I have been sitting here trying to come up with all the possibilities of what the float really said.

I personally prefer to read it as "Creeping Windows Phone Sex"

"Keeping Windows Phone Sexless"?

"Bleeping Windows Phone Sex!"


As an authority on rednecks, down-home street parades, and women in short denim outfits I'm offended.

Offended that I wasn't even invited :p

What has 2 thumbs and likes to party with Daisy Duke wearing cowgirls: This Guy!
Classic! Bravo MS, I think the culture of that company has changed for the better :-D

How ironic that the content of a photo taken with an Epic is so full of epic fail.

Oh, and after zooming in and rerendering on my Evo, that chick on the top-left is NOT hot.. Decent bod, but her face looks like it was hit by a Moto Q the size of that damn float.. Do not want.

It's funny they Target iPhone and blackberry though.... android destroys both of em so I can't wait to see how it compares to wm7 lmao