With so many Android Smartphones in the pipeline, we at Android Central are interested in learning which upcoming device is the one everyone is looking forward to. After a year with just the T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G, it's only a matter of time before Android devices flood the market. So which one is your favorite?

Vote away and we'll tally the votes by the end of the week!


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Which Android Phone Are You Most Excited For ?


Agreed with Anonymous. Any Android on VZW. I want Moto but sadly I have a feeling I'll go with LG. Still waiting on the specs and reviews.

I can't talk for the rest of readers, but I'm pretty sure that there must be many more like my case:

I already own an Android phone and have no plans to change it in the following months.

I began to follow this website *after* getting my phone, in the hope of learning of new applications and ways of use my phone, not to learn about other phones that I have no plans to get. After some months of reading, I actually miss this kind of content, compared to the overhelming news about new gadgets.

So, actually answering your question, I'm not excited about any of those phones. I'm excited anytime I find a new way of using my actual phone (an HTC Magic, BTW).

Sorry about the rant. Hope you find it useful.

Thanks and bes regards

First let me say, I'm looking forward to 'Rachael'. If the widget/home replacement app they put in the market is any indication of what Rachael will look like, Android's future looks bright.

I feel where you're coming from. This is a great site if you're a die-hard Android aficionado. Here are some sites I recommend to satisfy the need you stated (but keep coming here; discussions can get "lively" :-)


I am not excited by any phone that is not available from any Canadian provider. Manufacturers keep announcing new phones but the wireless companies refuse to carry them. There are only two Android phones available from Rogers in Canada. I keep hoping that Rogers will add the Hero to their line, but there is no sign of it. And with several new wireless companies ramping up, I am reluctant to lock myself into a three-year contract before seeing what they have to offer.

I was waiting for a phone with my ideal feature set (decent keyboard, faster processor, good camera), but I just jumped on the mytouch last week to take advantage of the oprah deal. I've been out of contract for 2 or 3 months now, and I was just getting impatient, and my blackberry pearl was worse for the wear with stuck keys, the impending death of a 2nd battery, etc.

Seeing the touchpal Suretype-style keyboard is what sealed the deal. I figured it would make for any easy transition from my pearl. I got one for me and one for my wife. Also, buying two sholes when they first come out, plus the difference in pricing between the Verizon and T-Mobile, would make the Motorola option a lot more expensive.

I voted for Sholes but if the Hero had a slide-out, landscape QWERTY I'd pick that instead. I like HTC's SenseUI better than MotoBlur.

sholes/tao looks like the best, but big red is so damn overpriced with their plans. Right now i have to lean for the Cliq, id rather have sholes but not for more than $50/mo more.

i deally id like the $99 sprint everything plan on verison with sholes phone, but that doesnt seem possible