Root of all evil.

If you ever find your Android dream-phone, what is it worth to you?

The phones we carry around aren't cheap. Even the so-called budget models like the Moto G cost about $200 US, and that's more than pocket change for most of us. The flip-side is that for many of us, our Android phone is our secretary, our address book, our calendar, and of course our telephone. You need a pocket computer that can do the things you need it to do, and those cost money to make. Real money.

Having said that, and having used the Moto G for a while, a person probably can get by spending just $200 on a phone that will help manage their lives. But most of us want more. We want games and entertainment, or a portal to the Internet. We want it all, and have an idea in our head about the "perfect" Android phone. 

So what is that worth to you? For some, the budget phone does it all and they're not interested in spending hundreds of unnecessary dollars for the extras. For others, no amount of features is enough and the more things their Android can do, the better. Or maybe the perfect balance is the Nexus 5. None of these choices are wrong, they are just different.

Tell us what you would pay for your Android dream phone. Be realistic, as I tried to be with the choices. You'll find the poll in its usual spot — the sidebar to the right, or after the break to make things easy on mobile. Make a choice, then dive into the comments to discuss what your perfect phone is, and how much it should cost.


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This week's sidebar poll: How much would you pay for your 'perfect' Android phone?


I already did, $350 for a Nexus 5.

Ideally, but I don't think it will happen, I would pay $200 for a Nexus device and change it each 18 months, in time to have new updates.

Speaking of which (+1), why is AndroidCentral not linked to G+ comments, or Facebook comments, or Disqus, or anything?


all of those methods suck. I know that nickname invoke more "internet tough guys" but honestly there are very few people that I would want to hook my G+ or facebook to.

Disqus is not even an option.

Isn't Disqus what iMore uses? It seems to work pretty well for them.

Basically, all I want is notifications for replies to comments. If AC does that, I don't know where the setting is.

Disqus works great in my opinion. I used to use it back when Engadget did and it was perfect. I really liked it!

I am not sure if they ever did, but they don't now as far as I know.

Disqus is "interesting" to implement, and too full of holes. I do not trust it with my main accounts...

$750-850 or more if i could get a Google Play Edition of the HTC One Max with a Snapdragon 805 or 1000.

Plus move the buttons to on screen & slim down the bezel, as well as add a multi-window feature.

O and in a Sleek Black edition of the HTC One Max

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Perfect means perfect battery life, size, camera, and speaker.... Not nexus 5.

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Battery life: As good on my Nexus 5 as my Moto X. I'm completely happy with it.

Size: I have large hands, so the size is great for me. Bigger screen, but not cumbersome like the Note series. Although my Moto X has a great shape, it's a bit too small.

Speaker: Mine is loud and clear, especially since the 4.4.2 update.

Camera: Although it's not Lumia quality, the camera is more than adequate for my needs. And again, the 4.4.2 update helped this a bunch.

So, for some folks, the Nexus 5 is the perfect phone.

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If you want to debate on perfection, then do it right. Perfection means without any flaws. That would mean:

Never need to recharge
Never breaks
Always updated
Doesn't get dirty/fingerprints
Infinite focus
3D pictures
3D videos
Adaptative camera that outputs always more megapixels
Screen that adapts to 2k and then 4k and whatever next
Finger print scanner
Retina scanner
Can't get stolen
Speaks to you
Is smarter than its user
Calls itself Skynet
Takes over the world

$850 or more if i could get a Google Play Edition of the HTC One Max with a Snapdragon 805 or 1000.

Plus move the buttons to on screen & slim down the bezel, as well as add a multi-window feature.

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Funny thing is, you can get last year's flagship phones for half the cost. Sure, it's not the latest and greatest but it's only one year behind. I got my Note 2 for $300 off contract nearly new. That's ~$300 less than it was a year ago. Interesting stuff!

A lot happens in a year in the mobile world. LTE-Advanced, 1080p displays with better color accuracy, faster processors, larger batteries, etc.

This note 2 is still a beast and it just got the 4.3 treatment so Ill be good until something wows me.

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+1, got my Note II opening weekend and nothing to come out since then has made me say, omg I need "that" phone. Waiting patiently, until then, yes, this phone is my beast of choice.

I just bought my perfect phone (first Android) for $40. It is LG G2.

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And how much was it off contract? Don't go thinking the phone costs what the carrier charges you. That is why most IPhone lover thinks their phones costs $100.

If you really got it for $40, then where? Tell us now!

So realistically it cost $350-$400. You can just pay the ETF and booyah phone cost you whatever you paid plus ETF

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Verizon has no discounts for bringing your own phone, so for at least some carriers, the on-contract price really is lower.

The LG G2 is $549. On-contract prices mean nothing.

Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the AC app.

Dream phone:
5" - 6" 1080p display
64-128GB SSD
2-4 GB RAM
3000-5000 mAH Battery
Latest Snapdragon Processor

Amount to pay - $500-600

By the time a cheap enough SSD so large in storage and that small in size comes out, phones will have way more than 4GB RAM and 1080p will be so low-tech that it won't exist anymore.

Why do people always think more specs = better? More than 1080p is pointless; it makes no visible difference and only decreases performance and battery life.

Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the AC app.

I like those specs, but 5000mAh isn't feasible yet, unless you're willing to have a very think phone. Battery technology hasn't kept up with the mobile industry. Plus, anytime you're talking about the "latest and greatest", you're going to be paying a premium. The early adopters always end up paying the R&D and manufacturing setup costs through premium pricing.

That's why a blue ray player that was $400 a couple of years ago is now $50. That's just how it is. I wouldn't expect the device you've outlined to be less than $600-700. You couldn't even get a laptop with those specs for $500, and those are cheaper and easier to build.

One max is closer to 6" though.
And the camera is not ad good as the ONE

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smooth, clean, fast and a good multi tasker. long screen on time (6h +)
4.7 in screen w 300+ PPI n small bezels.excellent camera w 10+ MP.excellent call quality and strong n stable reception. foxconn and sweat shop free.
500 off contract
250 on contract
only if G2 n Moto X could blend together :)

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The day a certified fair labor device comes out, I'll buy it and pay a significant premium for it. Moto X is a step in the right direction, but just one step.

I'd pay a thousand bucks since that's about what I spend in a year always trying to get a better phone. All I really want is something like an HTC One 64gb with on screen buttons and real full day battery life.

ETA: Oh yeah and a non broken camera.

I want that phone! but I wouldn't pay 600 quid for it (plus with UK vat that's another hundred, ouch).

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Ya an HTC One Max with on screen buttons & Google Play Edition of 4.4.2 android with an added multi-window feature like my note 2 or omni Rom has

O and in Black but still nice aluminum for a body

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Let's see:
-Smooth enough not to stutter through 2 years of updates
-Battery life that's on par with the iPhone
-Between 4 and 4.7 inch screen
-Light enough

I'd pay $350 for it, which just happens to be Nexus price range. Come on Google, bring it to me.

I didn't get any deal, $735 tax included for my note 2. So I guess that's the max I would pay, since it's the most I've ever paid.

Lets use the nexus 5 as a baseline at 350$. I would add 100$ for a blow my mind camera. 25$ for a soft feel plastic that doesn't show fingerprints. 50$ for a better battery.

So I guess I would pay $525 off contract unlocked from google play.

Is there even a rumor out there of google starting up a line of phones above the nexus price point?

It's not a laptop, or a tablet, no matter how high-end a smartphone is, it's still just a smartphone, a handheld device, my preferred price for a new smartphone is no more than $500 (with no less than 32GB's of internal memory.)

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Latest and greatest will only suffice as the most perfect phone. I love my note 3 but am already curious about the note 4

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I could see myself having this phone for 3 solid years. My S3 kept me satisfied for nearly 2. Also, I'm paying full retail to keep unlimited data with Verizon. But the hardware on the Note 3 is great IMHO.

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My perfect for my needs is a dual core processor, 720p screen,, lte. 16gb internal 2gb of ran and that would be perfect for me. And I would pay around 200$ for that. Yes the moto g is amazing but idk of hspa +21 would support the amount of streams I watch on the go at hd. I mean 21mbs is 2MBs so it probably would.

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My perfect phone:

Footprint of the Moto X
4.7 inch screen
Great speakers (don't have to be Boomsound)
Great internal audio quality
64gb internal storage or MicroSD
1080p screen
iPhone 5S camera
Buttery smooth performance. Think Moto X or Nexus 5
3000 mah battery; all day battery life
Power button on right side and volume rocker on the left
Stock Android
Timely updates (Moto X, Nexus)

I'd pay $600 for it. That's more than enough. All of these specs exist now, just no Android manufacturer is putting them in one phone.

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And no one is going to put them in a phone for $600. Awesome holiday discounts aside, the Moto X retails at $550 for the 32gb version.

I'm not really sure why that isn't feasible at $600? The Moto X is close and probably is my favorite phone out right now, but the storage is a major drawback for me. The camera is also just "good enough" and, while the screen is still great, it's not as good as the top 1080p phones.

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Depends on the definition of the "perfect android phone". Most important to me is a phone that isn't functionally obsolete within a year - updated forever.

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Well, seeing how I once paid close to a grand for that miserable G-Nex, then again a few months later for the international Note, I'd say half that.

Pro tip: don't import phones for the cool factor.

Pretty close to it with the moto X. Add an IR blaster, wireless charging and front facing speakers... probably 550 for the 16gb version, 600 for the 32gb. A third storage tier of 64gb for those folks that simply HAVE to carry every file with them.

I would pay an extra 50 or so dollars for a Nexus 5 with at least a 3000 mAh battery. That would probably be my perfect phone.

amen! Love my Nexus 5, but a 3000 mAh battery would be amazing!

My Perfect phone:

Nexus 5
+ 3000 mAh battery
+ camera equivalent or better than the iphone 5s
+ Slightly smaller bezel
+ More stylish like the HTC one, but lighter and softer feel

I'd probably pay at least 500-600 for something like that. Camera and battery improvements alone would get me to pay that.

$750!! Paid that for the Note 2, and will do the same for the Note 4..... I have to keep that unlimited data for music and Baseball!!

$750!! Paid that for the Note 2, and will do the same for the Note 4..... I have to keep that unlimited data for music and Baseball!!

If it's my perfect Android phone, then it would not cost an arm and a leg. Maybe $250

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Apple designed hardware, built by Nokia, running vanilla Android. I want a quality camera experience, good battery life and no bigger than a 5 inch screen.

I'd pay anything for that

I'd forget Apple in that. I would just love a Nokia Lumia 1020 with a 1080p screen, and running stock Android.

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as of right now, and maybe the next version, the camera on vanilla will suck so any hardware improvements will just be a waste.

To truly be my perfect phone it has to be super cheap. Besides that I would want Moto X Dimensions,
Buttons from Nexus 5 (but with Moto X layout)
Droid Maxx battery
Nexus 5 internals
Nokia 41 Mp camera
Qi Charging
Ir Blaster
Stock Android... even mostly stock with real enhancements like Moto X would be fine if software updates are fast.

$200. They're not worth what they charge for them and the cellular providers are highway robbers anyway. I'm not paying a premium for getting what I ought to get at a reasonable price.

Do you even know how much is costs to build one of these phones? They're little computers. You don't expect to buy a powerful laptop for $200, so why do you expect a smart phone to be that cheap?

The Note 3 costs Samsung about $270 in parts alone for each phone. That's not counting production setup, salaries, marketing, etc.

You say that they're not worth what they're charging, but you clearly have no idea how manufacturing works.

I will agree with you that most cellular providers in the US are guilty of highway robbery, though.

My dream phone is the HTC ONE in blue with verizon service, I traded my iphone 5 which I got last Christmas and 100 bucks for a brand new blue HTC one. Can't ask for more, at least till the next HTC device comes out.

4.8-5inch screen.
5000mah battery Removable!
128gb internal with 128gb external sd
Most up to date snapdragon.

With my Galaxy S4 for $0 before Thanksgiving and an extra battery I'm close.

Happy Holidays people

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If the perfect phone had the following:

-stock android (or mild modifications ala Moto X) with guaranteed updates for 2 years
-carrier free unlocked
-great battery life (5-6hrs SOT)
-4.7-5" 1080p IPS LCD display as good as or better than Nexus 7 2013 (my favorite display of any electronic device thus far)
-size no bigger than galaxy s4/nexus 5 but hopefully as minimal as possible.
-excellent build quality and study design - I don't really care about materials as long as it isn't glass
-industry leading camera without huge camera hump + software to make everything great
-16gb or more storage with 12gb free out of the box
-GSM & compatible with T-mobile & AT&T LTE & HSPA+
-speedy internal nand
-2gb+ Ram
-No show stopper bugs in software or hardware
-decent speakers/headphones/gps
-whatever cpu/gpu combo necessary to future proof the device for 2 years
-an LED notification light like the Nexus phones but with software built in to actually customize and use it.

If I knew without a doubt that all of the following were met (or if I had the chance to try the phone out and return to a brick and mortar store if unsatisfied for a full refund) I would be willing to pay up to $650 for said device. OT who else is having fun imagining their perfect phone?

You might already know about this, but you mentioned wanting to be able to customize your notification light (I know, you said "built-in"). Check out LightWave in the Play Store. It allows you to do this.

Thanks! Yeah what I meant is that one of the downsides to owning a nexus is that the software isn't always specialized for the hardware. I'd love to have a built in solution for managing the notification light considering that 3 nexus phones in a row now have all had the same multicolor led. 3rd party solutions for notifications have always been buggy in my experience or don't play nice when Google decides to update how notifications work etc.

$500 would have to be the cut-off for me as well. But I'll always be looking for the $300 dollar range options instead; Moto G phone would be the one I purchase currently if I needed one.

I got my dream phone. $400 cash for an unlocked Note 2 FINALLY running Android 4.3.

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I would have gladly paid $350 for a Moto X to stay off contract, but that deal wasn't around when I needed a phone. I probably would have paid a bit more, but $500+ was just too much.

600 to 700 USD and should be a phone no more than 5" screen, include a stylus like the note 3 and its features, should be able to be used as a table like the asus infinity, water and dust proof like sony z and great camera like nokia and work with all 4g lte bands worldwide instead of region specific 4g, so one device is the same everywhere, run stock android so updates are fast, great batery life and side by side multitasking capable like samsung phones.

I think somewhere around $400.

I want the phone to get frequent updates, long battery life, and work well in different areas of my life. It should help me keep up with meetings, communicate with friends, assist me when driving, and help me remember important moments.

I like the idea of the phone playing videos and music on a larger screen at home. It might be useful to use my phone as a Web browser on my TV with a bluetooth keyword or do other things my laptop normally does.

Considering my dream tablet cost $500-$600, why would I want to spend that kind of money on a phone? I would say $200-$250. Unless of course it could tranform into a tablet, then I'd pay $600-$700.

Once again, these things cost more than $200 to build for a "high-end" device. There are carrier stuff at play causing some of the price, but even if that were not an issue, you're still *never* going to see a high-end phone at the $200 mark.

Dream phone: metal body, stereo speakers facing front, full HD display, latest OS. There's only One, the HTC. I paid $650.
Nothing else comes close.

Posted from my HTC One GPe via Android Central App

Along with the other Nexus owners, the Nexus 5 fits my needs and wants perfectly for $350. When they were talking about it possibly being $400 for 16G version, I was willing to pay for it, but wasn't happy about it.

The only thing that I would change is make the note 3 64GB, and take the clutter out.

Noticed I did not say features. Those are all well and good, and I use most of them.

TW is cluttered. I am running a ROM on my Note that has all the features and is half the size of the stock ROM. 736MB vs 1.6GB.

Now granted that some of the stuff should be in there (and I added some of it back) but cutting it down to 900MB is acceptable.

Hardware has plateau'd so I would say it would be the Note 3 with 64GB and a better speaker. $750 or $1000 Bulgarian, whichever you prefer.

On a side note, not enough is being made of have a USB 3.0 connection. It really is pretty good. I know it is an early feature, and not all laptops have it, but even using a wall charger it is faster to charge...

I played with my USB 3.0 port for the first time the other day because I was transferring a 200+mb video off my phone and I figured it was a good opportunity to try it out.

All I can say is holy &$#!. It transferred all 200+mb in just a couple (like 2) seconds. It went so fast I thought something had gone wrong at first :)

Yeah it really is an overlooked feature when you have lists like this. It is always an after thought.

The only thing that is really the smallest of issues it the connector, but not like it was with Apple. You can use a 2.0 cable in a 3.0 device, but not the other way around.

Could be an issue for some but never should be.

MiniN3 over on XDA.

I am on version 5.0 (they have an early adopter thing that is up to 5.2) but it is pretty awesome and can be customized any which way you kinda want...

Thanks mate, would give it a try after official kitkat update in January.

Sent via the Android 5.0 MilkShake.

Give me a nexus 6, with a 5.5ish screen. 3gn ram, one of those always on processors like the X, latest snapdragon process as well, 64gb storage, 1080p IPS screen, camera with 20mp and a battery that matches the note 3,and I'm in for $500. I'd be in for more if I knew resale would be strong... Maybe 600 if resale a year later was $400...

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Give me Sony Z Ultra GE with the following modification
Memory 3GB-4GB
Storage: 32/64/128 GB with sd card support
Camera: 41 Mp like Nokia & min 2 mp front facing
Qi standard Charging out of the box
IR Blaster
Battery: 3200+ mAh replaceable
Radio: Just like Nexus 5 with Big Red frequency
Hardware navigation like Galaxy S4 so we don't waist screen space

So I can have one device for all (tablet/phone)

Just a wish......
And take my $$$$$$


Nexus 5 with 32GB and a 3000mAh battery would be pretty close to perfect. Or the G2 less skinned with better build than the cheap gloss slip plastic. Using the Note 3 now and it is very close to perfect.

My S4 GPE is just about perfect. I paid over $700 for it. Could always use more battery life but its replaceable so there is that. Size is perfect, physical buttons with stock android and I can move google music to the external sd card.

perfect cellphone, a cellphone that wont break when i drop it, a screen that never need replacement

I mean the nexus 5 is great for what I do except if i drop it im afraid it will crack not as bad a my nexus 4 did but thats all I am cocnerned about is the screen breaking

You need to Google "how much does it cost to build [insert phone model name here]".

You couldn't build a "killer" phone for $250, even if you bought the parts and put it together yourself. And those articles that you'll find are almost always just talking about the cost of the actual hardware. In the real world, you've also got to factor in manufacturing, employees, marketing, etc.

I am glad we are just dreaming here, but I can see how people get so upset about phone costs. Expectations do not match the reality at all when it comes to price.

I want a phone that turns into a hovercraft too for $17 plus tax but it is not realistic to expect that kind of feature for that kind of price.

The X was priced right the whole time, the Nexus would be priced the same if Google wasn't footing the bill.

Flagships are 5-600
Budget are below 300
MegaHuge are 6-800

I have paid over $600 for phones before, and they have not been perfect. Google has set a new bar for off contract pricing, and if a $350 32 GB Nexus 5 is almost perfect. Give me a photographer edition with a kickass camera and a larger battery for $100 more and I'll take it. Make it slimmer, 64 GB and charge $200 more (with the better camera and battery), I would still buy it.

A well made phone that people want holds their value very well. Look at the used market for S4s, Notes and iPhones. I paid $649 for an Xperia ZL, and as much as I loved that phone, it lost 50% of its value in less than a year.

Unfortunately, the value loss is an unavoidable consequence of the market's (us) insatiable appetite for the "latest and greatest".

The HTC One is very close to perfect for me and I paid $600 for it. I absolutely LOVE the design but if I could change a few things about the One and have it be the absolute PERFECT phone then I would gladly pay up to $800. Things I would change:

1. Move power button above the volume rocker. keep ir blaster up top
2. Make the HTC logo on the front the home/wake button and fingerprint scanner ala the iphone 5s
3. Make the current home button a proper multitask button.
4. Camera on par or better than iphone 5s. And bump up the quality of the ffc too.
5. Qi wireless charging.
6. 4gb RAM
7. 128gb storage,
8. best snapdragon chip available
9. 48 hour battery life
10. edge to edge display
11. more color options for led notification light

1. Most recent version of android
2. A stock android look/feel but retain a lot of the useful Sense features.(I'm not going to get into what I consider useful.)
3. active notifications ala moto x
4. touchless controls ala moto x
5. trusted bluetooth ala moto x
6. ability to delete (not just disable) any pre-installed app

I know there will never be a "perfect" phone and I am more than happy with my current HTC one.

Looking at this list, the moto x ticks alot of these boxes. I'm really looking forward to what Moto puts out in 2014. A moto x with a slightly larger and higher res screen and a much better camera is probably the closest thing to my perfect phone that could actually happen.

A white and rosewood Moto X with a faster processor, 1080p display, and an even bigger battery...I'd sell my iPhone 5S, Nexus 4, and Galaxy Nexus and however much I'd get for all that, I'd spend that much.

Well, I just paid full price for a Galaxy s4. Can it get worse then that!??

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My "dream phone" would be as follows:

6.5-inch 1080p Amoled screen
2GB of RAM
Snapdragon processor clocked at 2.5ghz
16GB of non-expandable storage
Google's Android with On-screen buttons
8mp rear camera and 2mp front camera
Qi-standard Wireless charging
3000 mah battery
Unlocked for every carrier imaginable
400 dollars

When you think about it, my dream phone is really just a Nexus 7. If the bezel were trimmed down a bit, it'd be perfect. I'm actually still debating going all-in with a Nexus 7 LTE.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

My Moto X is almost my perfect phone, sans unlocked bootloader.

Apparently, that would make the dev edition Moto X my perfect phone, but since I'm unwilling to pay $550 for that, something less.

I think the $200(ish) Moto G is a step in the right direction. We're nearing the point where phones will last us longer than 1 or 2 years. As well they should.

The Nexus 5 with Moto X's features, Beats Audio (I miss it), DROID Maxx's battery life, SD card slot (shut up) and the Nokia 1520 camera.. all for $399.


Take my HTC One, put in a slightly better battery (2 hours would be perfect), space for an sd card and a second sim and i'm set.

Incredible camera in both low and normal light
Fast shutter
20 Mega pixel
5.5 to 6 inch
64-128 storage
64bit 8 core
4gb ram
4000 mah battery
Schock proof

And I don't care if not it's stock Android but a nice ui not some crapware like twz or LGs thing

I would pay a g for something like that

Posted via my Sony Z Ultra

I'd pay $1000 for a high-end 5" phone with a killer camera, motox-like voice control, sd card slot and a big battery. But only if it was repairable or they included a couple of extra screens. I might switch back to the iPhone just because it's so easy to get replacement parts.

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Would need to have an all-day battery, a 32gb option inexpensively, a good camera, a loud speaker, active notifications, a 720p screen to save battery, touchless response, options to pick colors, not too big or too heavy... oh wait, I just described the Moto X. Sounds like I'm all set for now. My answer is $400.

$500-600 unsubsidized for my ideal specs powerhouse smartphone. People who want more for less are cheap & unrealistic.

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Probably $400-$450. But, I am more than fine paying $350 for a phone that comes as close to my perfect phone as any has in the past.

It would basically be my Nexus 5 but with the edges of the glass smooth and rounded like my galaxy s3 or the Nexus 4 front glass edges. That's the only thing I would change right now and I'd have paid $50-$100 more for that since I will use the phone for a couple years. The sharp edge of the nexus 5 screen can feel annoying at times and dust likes to get stuck on the edges of the screen.

I'd easily pay a $1,000-$3,000 for an Android phone the way I want it...


- Sapphire crystal screen (rock hardness rating 2nd only to diamond... virtually scratch proof)
- 6" display
- 4K display, 4096 x 2560 resolution (16:10)
- 60Hz refresh rate, or higher if possible
- And somehow have software capability to manually calibrate color, contrast, etc.


Whatever the next gen Qualcomm chip is after the Snapdragon 805, which that chipset isn't even available yet...

- Quad Core CPU @ 3.00GHz (krait)
- 4MiB L2 cache per core
- 64 bit
- Dual Core GPU @ 1.00GHz (Adreno)
- 800MHz RAM or faster, 25Gb memory bandwidth


I like the Nokia 808 41MP Pureview's camera. If I can get that, or something better then I'll take that. As for front facing camera, I would like to have, if possible, a FFC with optical image stabilization and a front facing flash. That would be a design engineering challenge, I know...


9,000mAh battery using whichever is the latest and greatest battery tech, which I believe LiPoly is the one to use these days... My Zero Lemon 9,300mAh battery for my LG G Pro has spoiled me, and considering everything I want on this phone, a battery that size should last a day or day and a half. Also, I would prefer removable, but I know that is another design engineering challenge. However, if I can get 9,000mAh in a phone, I would be happy with non-user replaceable battery.

Other stuff:

- Dual Band Wireless AC
- USB 3.0
- Bluetooth 4.0
- MicroSD slot for SDXC
- HDMI output, if I can get full size HDMI port then even better
- Display port, again, if I can get full size then great
- IR sensor/blaster
- Wireless charging
- LED notification light on front of phone and back of phone, and depending on the orientation the phone is lying down, the phone will know which LED light to use, with the option to customize profile settings for this LED (BlackBerry spoiled me with this feature.)
- Front Facing Speakers
- Rear Facing Speakers

I could get WAAAYYY more detailed, but I'll spare you guys.

So yeah, I'd happily pay up to $3,000 for that phone...

I'd pay the price of a non Nexus device.. For a Nexus device with a memory card slot. I know, never gonna happen..

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Living outside the states, economics are often a bit different.
i've often payed close to or over a thousand dollars for a dream model.
2006: nokia n93- 5300dkr
2008: samsung omnia i900- 3900dkr
2012: samsung note n7000- 4300dkr
2013: note3 n9000- 5200dkr
do your own conversions if you wish.
luckily i found some great deals on second hand models in between, but early adopting a flagship model is not something i'll ever get used to.
that being said at some point in the future i'll probably do it again.
to me something close to perfect means a ton of horsepower, a huge screen, a chasis no bigger than the note3 (but i wouldn't be surprised if you could squeeze an extra .2 inch of screen into that), 32 or 63 gigs of storage plus an sd card, a battery of at least 3000mAh, a good solid camera, wireless charging, and finally a kickstand.
i don't mind it being a bit thicker and heavier than my note3, but it's height and width is definitely my limits.
alternatively i'd also love to see the asus padfone mini with specs closer to the padfone infinity, and maybe and 8 inch screen, bigger batteries... and a kickstand.

just my 2 cents. or thousands of dollars really.

edit: and of cause official support from CM

On contract, I wouldn't pay a penny. Off, I suppose I'll go with $200. I usually wait until Christmas and ask for the one I want and pitch in $150, which is what I did this year for the Moto X.

Generally though, I don't need the best, as a phone for emergencies (only time I use them) and access to data while out of the house is all I really want. Gaming is a nice plus, but let's be honest, phones are the last place gamers go to play.

I love my moto x at 399 for 32gb
the screen and processor aren't top of the line, but that would damage my battery life and it is the most important thing.

The HTC One style is perfect, Looking for even better screen and sound quality, and there is no excuse for a high end phone not having a MicroSD slot, and a min of 128GB of internal storage.

All of this in a Developer Edition without carrier bloat and I am more than willing to shell out $700...


My perfect Android phone: Nexus 5 specs+20 megapixel camera in an HTC One body for $300 or less. I would be in heaven if that came out :-)

My Dream Android smartphone would be an Upgraded Nexus 5 with all the next year tech and some of the previous tech innovations:

A 5.2" Super LCD3 Display
New Quad-core Snapdragon 805 chipset
Full spectrum LTE(Works on all U.S. Carriers)
3000 mAh Battery
A High end sony len camera with ois.
Notification led front and rear
Front firing stereo speakers.
WIRELESS Charging.
3 gb of ram
32bg internal storage.

All for $450

You mean keep my HTC one's sense 5, size, build quality, & BoomSound , add a memory card slot and the LG G2's camera and handle media (particularly streaming and sharing) as good as a Samsung. And work just as stable as an iPhone and stay updated as a nexus "claims to be" with the battery life of a note .. plus the best SLCD screen and most updated processor available.. Yea "MY" perfect phone!!! $450 on contract.... Lmao cause off contract pricing wouldn't be affordable

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LG G2 with microSD support, $600.
I'm there.

My ideal phone has to have microSD support.
I don't need a removable battery but storage is a whole different story.

Isn't cost one of the factors to consider when taking about "a perfect phone"

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Obviously I like specs but what we have today is really good for a mobile mini pc (smartphone) lol so I think the following is my honest and reasonable ask.

Obviously I would like the latest software and in terms of hardware the following-

2.3-2.5ghz 64 bit chip

5.2-5.7" full hd super amoled or lcd3 screen or the p-oled. And would settle for the average resolution between 380ppi-441ppi.

4gb ram

4000mah battery

32gb internal with expansion of 64gb is perfectly adequate in my opinion but 128gb internal hmm nice but that's just a added extra and not a desperate requirement.

Iris scanning is a great idea and Yeh that would hopefully provide better security.

Running 4.4.2 Kitkat but an alternative - I would like to have Ubuntu running when optimised for the mobile platform.

A camera with decent ois and able to capture better in low light situations mgp count doesn't need to be high 16 would be acceptable just has to perform which they really do now just them two things would be great.

And Finally Durability is a strong requirement.

And for this I would pay the going rate lol

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I used to pay over $800 to import phones. Now $350 is max, and the Nexus have all I need except for a little more storage space. My perfect phone is more about value at a given price range with unlocked bootloader and freedom to hack and modify, not about how good the specs are.

as in a droid maxx battery, with lumia camera, and nexus os? i already paid full price for my droid maxx and i'm really happy with it so a "perfect" phone like i mentioned i would probably still get it at $800.

I payed about $900 for my note 3 so probably max $1500 for the absolute perfect smartphone

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Whatever the cost is for a Galaxy S4, it's worth it! I've had a lot of phones, but this one, I'm speechless.

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You guys are a bunch of cheapskates if we are talking perfect phone lol. I'd pay $800-1000 to get what I want

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If Google can do the Moto G for $200 there's no reason they couldn't do the X for $300-350 of contact. That's basically my ideal phone. Enough CPU, great GPU, reasonably high PPI display, 3G and LTE. The Nexus 5 is right there I guess but it's a fair amount bigger. I'd trade that in.

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$174 .... bought a quadcore China phone with android 4.2.1, put it on straight talk.... for $49 bucks a month i have stock root, at&t 4g lte (3-7meg download bi-otches) Gave up my gs3 for this deal. Spent over $300 bucks for that to be unlocked on page plus. I don't have all the bells and whistles any more but who really uses all that propitiatory Samsung software anyway???! My battery lasts all day under continuous use on a 6" screen! BTW, I'm not poor, just cheap. I love everything my phone and plan can offer.

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Alright, time to wank:

Smallish, maybe 4.3"
Great camera
Removable storage
Unlocked or easily unlockable in all ways
Qi charging
Trusted Bluetooth
Wood back


$250 on contract would be the upper limit for me.

Off contract? I don't think I could talk my wife into an off contract price, for 2 reasons:

1> I already change out phones far too often in her estimation
2> If it's off contract, she knows I'll be looking at the new ones in 6 months anyway! :D

3d projecting display
Compact Dslr
1 month/charge battery
Cyanogenmod/PAC/Omni nightlies
Head's up display with voice control in car
Laptop/tablet replacement
Full HD surround sound speakers with sub woofer
Seamless Internet calling/messaging when On wifi

No contract pay as you go

1200 phone
50/month average cost due to WiFi calling

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the note 3 comes pretty close. Changes from current note3:

i want it a little bigger 6.2inches maybe,
stock OS,
split screen feature,
maybe an octo core?
its actually too thin for me so bulk it up with bigger battery,
headphone/charger jack on bottom
better camera but might sacrifice for price
built in cyanide pill compartment ;)

an improved Xperia Z ultra:
- same display but smaller bezels and better brightness range
- the updated Qualcomm Snapdragon 80x
- stereo speakers which are louder
- Qi charging as well as the magnetic dock
- better battery life (happy to have it 1 to 2mm thicker)
- better camera with good flash (there's lots of back area to accomodate lots of LEDs!)

oh, and I'd be happy to pay what I paid for it, around $650 when you take into account carrier subsidies or buying SIM-free.

If my galaxy nexus stops working tomorrow, Nexus 5 is a great value

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I have been on the Nexus schedule for 3 years now and have been really happy. I think $350 is all I need to pay yearly.

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I think perfect phone is;
-equally high mp front n back camera with at least 8mps
-at least 4gb of ram
-dont get hot while gaming
-multi tasking (windows like)
-godlike battery (last for 2~3 days with high usage)
-never get scratch!
-beautiful ui
-fast enough processor (maybe 2.1ghz at least)
-water,dust,shock and break resistant
-no invasion of privacy!

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Here in finland on contract only iphones are cheaper than off contract. I bought galaxy s4 with cost 650 euros and that is under 900 dollars.

So i would buy new phone next year up to 700 euros so 960 dollars.

But here finland mobile data is cheap: 4g no data limit only 20 euros on month. I like to pay more from phone than more on data.

$800-$1000 for an equivalent 64gig Galaxy Note 3 with:
-2 day battery life
-Better low light camera
-HTC one quality speakers
-Xperia Z ultra waterproofness
-HDMI out mirroring or a useable real time wireless counterpart (miracast needs work). Chromecast?

If I could carry my phone around and just plug it into or wirelessly connect it to any screen; a portable bluetooth keyboard and mouse would complete all of my computing needs. Well worth the price as long as it is as easy as sitting down, plugging in and going to work. I think the Chromecast dongle may be the missing link to all this. I’m really just looking for a laptop solution. If I could carry around my phone and use it as my laptop that would be worth a good chunk of change. Something similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 replaces pc video on YouTube but baked into the OS and easier to execute. I think we are almost there.