Jennifer Lopez

And maybe, just maybe, will bring a carrier store experience that doesn't make you want to flee

Jennifer Lopez. Singer, actress, judge on American Idol -- and, now, smartphone retailer. Verizon today at its big event at CTIA in Las Vegas announced that JLo will be heading up Viva Movil, which promises to revolutionize the wireless shopping experience for Latino consumers. This isn't a Verizon venture, per se, as the deal is between Ms. Lopez, Brightstar (which handles distribution and services) and Moorehead Communications, Verizon's premium retailer.

The shopping experience promises to be the differentiator here. Physical stores will be located, at first, in New York, Los Angeles and Miami, with Manhattan up first with a shop in a high-traffic area. (We'd bet Times Square, but nothing official was announced.) The stores are said to have a more friendly shopping experience than what you might be used to -- and perhaps the smartest question in the Q&A session came from Laptop's Mark Spoonauer, who asked if Verizon's own carrier stores might get the same sort of makeover one day. Verizon said it'll think about it. (We're not holding our breath for that one.)

Jennifer Lopez

You'll also be able to have a "unique social shopping experience" through the Viva Movil Facebook page, getting personalized recommendations, shop with your friends, comment on devices and share what you just purchased. Sounds great.

As for devices, it's the usual fare, including:

  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Stellar
  • Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD
  • Motorola Droid RAZR HD
  • Motorola Droid RAZR M
  • Motorola Droid 4
  • HTC Droid DNA
  • LG Intuition

Why JLo? Why not, we suppose. She freely admitted she's new to the mobile space, so far as this sort of venture is concerned. But it also was reiterated that she's not just another paid celebrity acting as "chief creative officer," even though she's acting as chief creative officer. "Jennifer is a shareholder," we were told. "She is not a paid celebrity."

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Verizon's big CTIA event: JLo does phones


Well at least she showed up.

When she "shot" The Fiat 500 commercial, she was never actually driving the car, and she wouldn't be caught dead in the neighborhoods it supposedly took place in. It was all green screen work.

Glad I left! Was no longer worth dealing with all of their BS. Sorry to all those that didn't get the One announcement we were hoping for! Switch if you can! I can't even tell the difference. The One takes up the extra room in my pocket I save in my wallet from going to TMO.

What carrier are you with now? I'm hoping to jump to TMo come December when my contract ends. VZW is such a joke, now. Coverage is nice, but having CDMA 3G be the majority of my data speeds is terrible.

I am so sick of Verizon's shit. Seriously? I want to leave, but sadly I am only 14 and my parents do not understand that I love mobile technology and always want the latest technology which Verizon doesn't offer. Anyways i'm getting off topic here... why verizon? No HTC One? Are you stupid Verizon? At this pont i don't even care if it Re-branded as some "DROID" phone.

You did everything but call him a whippersnapper! Nice.

Lots of people share plans with their kids, and getting everybody's plan to expire at the same time so you can get out without ETF is difficult, not to mention having to buy new devices to move off of Verizon.

If you're really 14, then you should consider yourself lucky. If you were my kid and expressed such an attitude of entitlement, then I wouldn't give you a phone.

What? How is he expressing any attitude of self-entitlement? He was expressing his passion for mobile tech, and was citing his indignation towards the mobile carrier he's forced to be on, which is (partially) due to his parents' ignorance/lack of interest. He's a well-spoken, articulate kid, and I wish I saw more of them around these parts.

"My parents don't understand that I always want the latest technology." Probably that line.

And, by the way, they understand, they just don't give a shit. And rightfully so.

It's ironic to see people who spend their day itemizing their first-world problems with the nuances of expensive tech devices tell a young man that he's "entitled" for expressing the same notion.

That's what everyone does on this blog. I suppose you spend your time exalting our extreme luck at having even the most basic tech at our disposal? I guess you are the only one. Congratulations.

Actually, I do neither. False dichotomy, much? It's possible to recognize the success of and be critical of technology without showering blind praise or being completely whiny.

His parents are ignorant because they choose to be on Verizon? Not that Verizon might have better service in their area vs pandering to their child's desire for the best technology. Lucky for him in 4 years he can pay for his own phone service with any carrier he pleases.

I never said i was entitled to anything, but do you think that it is fair to save up your own money and buy your own phones?

I did. Saved up my money and bought my own phone.

Buying your own teaches the value of money, and when you can afford your own plan and phone, you will be able to make all you own choices. Be thankful for now that your parents are paying for your service, and save up for the deposit on the best phone verizon offers.

Its really hard to get out of a multi-line contract because of EFT fees, and the price of new devices when you move to any other carrier. So you are stuck there for a while.
Enjoy it while it lasts, cuz it gets expensive when it stops.

Yes I think it is fair to save up your own money to buy your own phone. I did, lots of other people did too. Not to go all "Get off my lawn" on you, but seriously, people like you are whining about getting high tech equipment put into hands of kids that aren't even old enough to complain about not being able to text and drive.

It must be so awful for you, as a fourteen year old, to have to have a smartphone on the Verizon network. Have you considered calling CPS? I'm sure they would be very interested in this travesty.

Also the DNA was the best phone you could buy hardware wise until the One and S4 came out.

Alright, I hate to pile on to what everyone else has said, but your 14. AND ON YOUR PARENT'S PLAN. At the end of the day, you have no choice even IF Verizon had the latest and greatest. Since being 14 and all I'll assume you have no job. Meaning your parents more than likely pay for your phone and plan. In which case you should actually be grateful.

By your age I'd already had more than my fair share of under the table type jobs and was paying for my own cell phone and plan. Which at the time was a feature flip phone capable of making voice calls. And only voice calls. If memory serves me correctly I was with Sprint (on my parent's plan) but giving them $50+ towards the bill.

Also, latest and greatest is RARELY something you want to just go get. Remember the Thunderbolt? Latest technology at the time, how'd that turn out? Atrociously. To put it in one word.

I agree that this is infinitely stupid on Verizon's part and not at all what I was expecting them to reveal. Thank goodness I have great service in my area with T-Mobile and have a Nexus 4. I have the best and at cost.

Seriously though, you're a kid. Appreciate what you have, unless y (And I'm not even twice your age, just FYI.)

My teens have no interest in technology beyond how the devices connect them to their friends. They don't care how it works or whether there is anything better out there. If my kids had enough passion and interest to come to me with a reasoned argument that their tech was wanting, I'd be proud of them, not critical. I was 14 once and remember making impassioned pleas with my parents that they needed to get a VCR and a decent television. I turned that interest in consumer electronics and technology into a successful career. Give the kid some slack.

Sadly it wasn't. I'd have been all over it if it had been. Your interest is great though! So take it and start working towards getting what you want on your own. Cut yards, wash cars, babysit, etc. It'll impress your parents and teach you the value of hard work and give you the satisfaction of knowing you got what you wanted on your own. That's something way too many people don't understand or know the value of. Even people my age or older.

I bought my own desktop at your age. Saved all my birthday and report card and Xmas money. Lol. Also, tech was growing then. Mp3 players were brand new, DVDs as well. Not too mention CD burners. I was the first kid in my high school to have one, an external one that cost me an arm and a leg. Which I rented out to other kids. Made my money back in less than 2 weeks (well what I spent on the burner that is).

Seriously, your love for tech is awesome. Combine it with a good work ethic and you'll be way ahead on life lessons than most kids your age.

Can you be anymore assumtuous? How do you know I don't do "under the table type jobs"? Well I do and I intact am trying to make a career out of it. If you are wondering it is YouTube, my channel is: TheNeoCubest. I do in fact pay and have payed for everyone of my smartphones. I do work around the house to pay off my bill, unless of course my parents feel a bit generous. Don't get me wrong, I am very understanding of the fact that I am lucky, and I do not take it for granted.

I don't think assumtuous is even a word. You mean could I be any more assuming, and yes I could be. But my assumption is reasonable. Most 14 year olds DO NOT have jobs or do anything that would be seen as "real" work. (Not discounting mowing lawns or any of that. That stuff isn't easy. I for one hated doing that and still do to this day.)

Doing work around the house though hardly could be considered "paying for your bill". Doing work around the house, when you're that age and living under your parents roof would be seen as something that you SHOULD be doing already anyway. Chores and all that. It's a part of being a kid.

Sorry for any misunderstanding, but you came off as sounding a bit entitled. "I want an oompa loompa daddy, I want one now." (Not what you said, but the latest tech and your parents bit pretty much came off sounding that way.)

Tell them about the money you'll save on another carrier (especially T-Mobile). This comparison chart I made might help: /document/d/1MZmtRkyJsda3fWc4pZfUR74ZxLZvdTgExYbFXhnPv1Q/edit?usp=sharing

(remove the space; I can't post links)


Apparently JLo?! Perhaps they'll play Latin music and offer complimentary chips n salsa? I'd go for the chips n salsa...

Really. If I were Latino, I would be majorly insulted by this- as if I need some special store? What, will everything be in spanish? Give me a break.

What will we need next? Separate Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid oriented stores? Ludicrous.

So if a guy comes in to one of these stores and asks for an unlocked phone, will the cleaning lady from "Family Guy" come out from the back and say, "No... No..."


I have to pay for it in work. I use almost 12GB of data a week because I upload my YouTube videos using my phone, my channel is: TheNeoCubest, hence my avatar. I can't wait until the day I am 18 and can sign contracts, well legally, then I will move to ATT since they seem to have their shit together nowadays.

You're not using any vulgarity, are not attacking anyone, yet you have these "adults" reprimanding to you like a close aunt or uncle. I just have to say, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart, screw all these self-righteous turds who think they know you and feel the compulsion to scold you on a presumptuous basis. This kid knows what he wants, is not afraid to express it, and that's not a bad thing at all.

Wait, you use 12GB a week? Either your parents are incredibly rich and don't mind spending hundreds of dollars for your data every month or you have unlimited data. If the latter, what are you complaining about? You have unlimited data on the best network in the country. If you switched to AT&T, you'd be paying several times what you pay on Verizon.

I don't have unlimited data, I just only upload three times a month. Each video is around 4GB's. I have been experimenting with more compression techniques to lower file sizes, but that is a whole-nother story.

haha this has to be the biggest joke in all time, thank god I hate verizon already and would never consider using any service that is not GSM, lol

It should have been:

Jennifer Lopez. "Singer", "actress", "judge" on American Idol....

She's a good dancer and that's it. I never understood her appeal and I'm an ass man. Affleck really dodged a bullet when he was caught in that strip club.

Wait...the wireless shopping experience can be customized for Latino's? OK, can we get a company that panders to tech geeks now?

This has to be the best, most reasoned response to this announcement I've seen so far. I'll gladly second this sentiment.

There you are! Really expected a "that's racist" whistle blower MUCH sooner. Difficult to see it another way though.

Honestly, I am proud of the audience. (note I did not watch/listen to this)

But I don't think I could of controlled myself from busting out laughing in the middle of the aisle.

she was probably gifted shares of the company. and she will still have her PA call people for her. didnt anyone learn when Alicia Keys didnt use her blackberry to tweet that celebs heading up wireless ventures dont work?

This is some racist bull****. It's like when people feel the need to treat disabled people differently because "they feel bad", but in the end it winds up out casting them as a group even more than before. Slightly different, but you get the idea.

Never once have I had a Latino friend of mine hang out with me and go "man... I wish when I went cell phone shopping the experience was more tailored to my particular ethnic group."

You know what, I tend to agree.
I don't understand this...Verizon phones...Verizon network...but not Verizon? I want to see what the plans look like. If they are the same as VZW, then seriously, what's the point? This is suggesting Latinos won't shop at a VZW Corp store and feel comfortable because it does not pander to cultural norms? This makes 0 sense.

Hell if they offer better plans than VZW somehow, I'm switching to this carrier. Why wouldn't I? VZW may have just found a way to poach its own customers, and send them to carrier who is only leasing their bandwidth, but they have no financial stake in. Like I said, same phones, same I missing something here or did VZW really not think this one through?

People usually only have the personal bandwidth to do one thing well at a time. Celebrities need to concentrate on doing what celebrities do: acting, singing, being famous.

When they venture into things they don't understand (like politics and technology) they (and anyone that listens to them) get burned because they don't know what they're doing.

This is worst than J-Lo + Ben Affleck.

Makes me want to escape from Iran all over again. Argo?

Will the store be mostly prepaid phones?

I guess the consensus is, Jennifer Lopez is a bad fit. I have heard she is not a likable person either.

I understand that they will give a free phone, unlimited data and no tax on your bill with each anchor baby. They couldn't get the same deal with Metro PCS. That's the reason they went with Verizon!

Come on, she is not a hack! Just talentless, and worried about her people... I can't imagine how she got her phone without have a special store to go to. I'm sure there's no money motive behind this. She will probably donate all of her profits to back to Medicaid to help us recover some of our money.

They'll be offering the HTC Uno on June 21 for 150,000 pesos. Data plans start at 75000 pesos a month for 25mb.

Sounds like yet another attempt at taking advantage of a particular ethnic group.
JLo is going to be pissed when her stock turns out to be worthless.

On a side note, j. Lo looks old. Ive never seen her look so tired. "Selena" and "anaconda" was a long time ago lol

I never taught I'll see that face on this website! Even though I always enjoy seeing pretty women, this time jLo just looks old and worn...

I wish I was a minority so I could discriminate against people and get away with it too.

Also, a bunch of the comments above mine are 10/10 haha.

Why can't Latinos just walk into a Verizon store and buy a phone? Why do they need a special store? Kind of insulting if you ask me.