Android Central Stocking StuffersRight. It's Christmas Day, and the gifts just keep on coming in our Stocking Stuffers contest. Want to win a $10 Google Play Gift Card? Here's all you have to do: Leave a comment on this post. Tell us the coolest thing you got this holiday season. That's it. Get a new tablet? New phone? New puppy? Fruitcake? Nutcase? Crazy horse? Tell us all about it, and you'll be in the running for $10 of free apps, movies, music, magazines and TV shows.

And don't forget -- all 31 of our daily winners will be entered to win a free Nexus 4, which we'll pick just as soon as we've got 31 winners.

Good luck!

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Lemmy666 says:

I got a money tree.

Tsudeily says:

The coolest thing I received was a hug from my niece when I walked into their home. She is only four years old and with 500 miles between us it is not always easy to visit.

EN4CER69 says:

A Turkey dinner, of which I was glad..

sarboss says:

The coolest thing I got was a Merry Christmas from a stranger, It warmed my heart and I hope I get the play giftcard so I have something to do over Christmas

sarboss says:

how do i delete this comment

Fairclough says:

Singlet from mum, thank-god nanna gave me money towards the nexus four if I don't win it. I did give out an awesome but costly ring to the misses that made me broke :\

ncsu4life says:

Merry Christmas

Droid Brick says:

I'm excited to start using my new Jawbone Jambox. Now my music can go everywhere! Happy holidays, AC!

grenefroggie says:

I got a new pair of boots for riding my dirtbike. I'm 28 and my parents still give the coolest gifts! I buy all of my tech toys, so my parents hit the nail on the head this season!

iceandfire says:

So far I've got nothing. Like really not even a piece of cake.

S_C_B says:

The only thing I got for Christmas was a quiet day at home with my dog. I had already bought myself a Nexus 4, Nexus 7, a Lumia 920, a CoStar and a Vizio Smart TV.

sfbates says:

Best gift was a tie between Espresso Maker and water proof bluetooth shower speaker

willmsbrg says:

I got a bucket and a shovel and lots of coal, oh and some snow.
Thanks for the contest!!

SOLGarion says:

Need to fill out my sons Rooted kindle fire that I got him for xmas. I did get a qi charger. That was sweet.

jonmall says:

Love and cheerfulness from my family. Oh and a Targus messenger bag (for my nexus 7).

Sushi1000 says:

I got a lot of money. Saving most of it :)

marktrav44 says:

got a new samsung led tv

New TV!

mao mao says:

I asked for a TV too! I got a nice scarf instead...

kccoleman10 says:

Got a sweet authentic Navy peacoat

Merry Christmas all!

Varese70 says:

Got me a Lebowski Urban Achievers official Bowling Shirt. Mark it 8, Dude.

ssee says:

I got money

cessnao3 says:

16 GB of RAM!

evilsanta2 says:

No objects, but lots of hugs and love!

bduran727 says:

I got a .... nothing so far!

mdye says:

I got a new laptop (Dell XPS 13.)

jgrizz says:

Capresso conical burr grinder and Droid DNA.

derek5l says:

I just received a new outlook on life...

vansmack says:

Qi charger for the Nexus 4 is the best so far...

AppleEnemy53 says:

I got a suprise visit from my mom. With a Nexus 7 and a 32GB sd card. Pretty ghappy with those combo.

return_0 says:

The best thing I got was some cash. Especially considering I'll be using that cash to buy a Nexus 4… when it gets back in stock,

enzie5454 says:

I received a tie with my kids' pictures on it!

Anonne says:

Fresh baked bread from my sister.

KJ says:

I suspect there's a nice bottle of Scotch under that tree for me, maybe a Roku HD as well.

rfalso says:

got a nest thermostat

Schattenan says:

I didn't got anything special besides a travel coupon for Rom, Italy :-) .

hwitaekim says:

I got a new galaxy s3 2 weeks before christmas as a christmas gift! :D

nelsencd says:

I got a new Husker flag to put outside on game day!

baldypal says:

i got me a samsung 46" led smart tv.

xolanir says:

Merry Christmas Android Central and the community! What I got for Christmas was to see smiles on my wife and kids when they opened they're presents!

I got the gift of free apps from the Playstore for my Galaxy Nexus, get yours by seeing Todays suprise

mandoman28 says:

I received a new back massager and some Raybans!

brandon_L says:

I got gift cards!

gtbarry says:

A Nexus 7. Now if only I had $10 to spend on it.

rdoanecu says:

Nexus 4! It was a present to myself but I couldn't be happier. Thanks for all you do AC!

pfe1223 says:

My wife has always gives me the best gifts, she is constantly giving me better gifts than I get her. This year, however, I got her the better gift.

BIGSimonR says:

I got some xbox games, I'm still waiting for Google to send me my Nexus 4:-(

byrds8 says:

I know it says one thing but there are two that are equally awesome. One, being that when the kids generally ask for stuff (its often) I say no, so she got me a hat that says "Don't ask me for Sh*t" lol so fitting. Two she got me this stuffed money that says some of the nastiest stuff. For instance it asks if you want to play with his banana and other comments. LOL Too funny.

i got to enjoy my christmas with my 5 month old twin girls. my wife got me some socks. i needed them. so good christmas.

My coolest thing i got is ironically a wool jacket. I love it!

Joe Sargent says:

I got a stocking of coal and a cup of coffee so I need $10google money to buy some fun

abtxpress says:

I get to get a new windshield because a jerk threw out a beer bottle and hit me at 70 mhp. And to top it all off my entire family is gone and I had to stay home because I have to work. I did get an awesome crocheted blanket my wife made me.

JojoSteez says:

Got my nephew and son both Fuhu Nabi 2 Kids android tablets. Also got my mother a galaxy tab 2 10.1. Also got a GS3 for my sister to replace her ailing epic 4g. This along with my note 10.1 and galaxy s3 that I already had we now have a super android household. It's great.

pdl2mtl90 says:

My wife and I were not able to buy for each other this year. But I loved seeing the look on my daughters' eyes when they opened their little RC trucks.

buford07 says:

I got a new baby boy!!

BlueSauce says:

I got a handful of flash drives and a 4 pack of rechargeable batteries.

kevenboo says:

I got a Monster Clarity HD speaker :)

Merry Christmas everyone! And Happy Holidays!

Hand_O_Death says:

Specialized family calendar of my family and a hand made reindeer from my 6 year old.

alexradu says:

Two days ago, as an early Christmas present I got a Nexus 7 tablet (32GB w/HSPA) which came as a huge but incredibly positive surprise. I've been an iOS use for years but decided I would start the transition to Android. I told a couple of people that the Nexus 7 was at the top of my wish list but not to worry about it because it was well out of the price range I was expecting for a gift. Little did I know that my ex-girlfriend (who I'm still friends with) e-mailed my dad and they went 50/50 on the tablet. I couldn't be happier! The next step is replacing my iPhone...

davedev says:

I received an awesome 60inch smart tv!

dancing-bass says:

Knowing my wife loves me. My step-daughter gets to spend Christmas Day with her dad (he's been in the hospital for a month). Couldn't ask for better stuff this year

asmodeus5 says:

A quiet day...finally one quiet day...

njcoutinho says:

Well I got a new pair of shoes and a new headset

My wife bought me a trip to go see my family. First time to be together for the holidays in almost a decade. Best gift ever!

I got the gift of family ...... and a car vacuum from a white elephant which is pretty nice.

Two sweaters, body lotion, shower gel, and $60. Not the best, but I'm truly grateful. :-)

Alpha Kanu says:

Nexus 7 and gift cards

Kruby says:

Merry Christmas Android Central!
I got Spiderman movie.

LaxRef93 says:

My daughter made me a beautiful pen holder out of baking clay for my desk. Merry Christmas!

LeoPT says:

got black ops2 n assassins creed 3, live for 12 months.....

I got a bag of sunflower kernels and a bag of walnuts. The simple things in life.

Orkchop says:

I've been having fun with the copy of Halo 4 I got.

CamdenKo says:

I got a some sweet shirts!

Ripepi says:

Got a galaxy note 10.1 which I'm loving.

atlas9171 says:

Haven't actually gotten anything other than a cold so far, pretty sure mom will give me cash money as usual though and that's pretty cool.

tdesai4 says:

Got a Nexus 7....Love it

swebb says:

All my wife's credit cards! Truly a gift that's good all year.

I got $50 :(

newboyx says:

Best Buy gift cards!

gmtom1 says:

I got gift cards, clothes, and oh yeah, an ipad. Anyone want to trade for a Nexus 4, which I didn't get?...

Knamliss says:

I got wonderful time with my family and a book. Merry Christmas everyone!

miknxn says:

An arm rest organizer for my chair from my daughter and smiles smiles smiles from her. All I need...her happiness is my present.

TauSigmaNova says:

Got a Mark Roberts limited edition collectible which is now sitting on my desk- he's pretty cool :P

I got a domo hat and an IOU from my parents :p

Ziptied says:

I got an RG3 signed game worn jersey from RG3 himself. Yay!!

tha gibbo says:

How did you get that?

nighthawk700 says:

I got time with my family. Ahhh...



topcat0 says:

I got an Asus tablet. Traded an iPad Mini for it.

Hatshepsut says:

I got a Samsung s3!

AertSt says:

I got a piano :)

hdfegely says:

Merry Christmas to all.. I hope everyone got what they wanted and a little extra too!

djncanada1 says:

I would love to use Gift Card for Nexus 7..some awesome apps need purchasing...Happy Holidays to all

dtokarz says:

Remote controlled helicopter!

Pitstop1961 says:

I got a Mohu Leaf to extend the functionality of my HTPC. One step closer to cable independence. :-)

J Mickey says:

I got a Ducky G2 Pro Mechanical Keyboard and a Corsair Vengeance 2000 Wireless Headset!

zapika says:

I got the DVDs of Candy Candy *0*


I got an SSD

i got a pair of Sony headphones and they are amazing,happy holidays to all:)

littleemp says:

Rocking a new nexus 7.

ch_vs says:

I got a Nexus 10, awesome!

bkwaisner says:

my mommy made tiger butter, oh snap

tha gibbo says:

I got a brand new Denver broncos fitted hat! Here's the thing though, I've never really been able to afford my teams gear so it was great to receive a really nice ball cap. Oh and it was given from my father inlaw who is a raider fan so it makes it that much sweeter

chadmd23 says:

Nexus 4!

mop26921 says:

I got nothing.

tattedup660 says:

Merry Christmas everyone I got my galaxy note 10.1 today and loving it!!

alacrify says:

A blu-ray player and movies to go with it!

kraski says:

Got some great Bible study stuff for my Galaxy Tab and I'm still breathing. I'd say I did really well. :D

flipmoder7 says:

At the risk of sounding redundant, but most definitely a nexus 4.

mputtr says:

I got to be with my gf for Christmas.

GaMMeLHaNsy says:

the most useful thing I got was money ;)

banditbreck says:

I got a nexus 7!!! And NFC tags! And the wife already yelled at me for looking up root access...

TheCube says:

a nexus 4. no elaboration needed.

jenskristian says:


gauravcd says:

My parents gave me around $100 worth credit to buy apps. Now proud to say none of my apps or games are pirated :).

WCEdwards says:

Apple Pie Moonshine. No, wait, that's what I gave for Christmas. The smiles I got in return were priceless.

anthonok says:

White Ibanez RG8 8-String guitar.

sralj says:

I got a Nexus 7, been playing with it since I got it.
Merry Christmas to AC and all.

mattbrich says:

My sweet daughter was born just a few days ago! Best present ever!

kalel114 says:

Like many others, money was tight this year, so all the money we had went toward the kiddos. Seeing their smiles this morning was priceless. Hope everyone here has a wonderful Holiday season!!

jazbojenkins says:

I received a bunch of Starbucks gift cards, YAY

Alictory says:

the coolest present I have got is a Samsung galaxy s3 from my dad, it's the first time I'm using a smartphone. I guess it came at the right time!

Alictory says:

the coolest present I have got is a Samsung galaxy s3 from my dad, it's the first time I'm using a smartphone. I guess it came at the right time!

ivrimon says:

I got almost all the tech stuff I needed recently… but I got a bottle with a built in water filter which was cool. The best gift I gave was definitely the bluetooth headphones… might have to get a pair for myself!

I got it a week ago, but my new chromebook is the coolest thing I got. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all!

Tinostre says:

I got the Jawbone Big Jambox, It's a great Wireless speaker to compliment my tablet & Droid DNA!

toughtrasher says:

The best present I got for christmas? Time with my family and a day of stress-free happiness! Haven't even opened my gifts but just relaxing today is a great gift! Merry Christmas everyone.

Osijelu says:

Christmas was good to me. Nexus 7and all the Game of Thrones ebookz

fbsupastar73 says:

Got a nexus 7. loving it

Zmuuzi says:

I got to do snow work for 3 hours with my 1 year and 3 year old Boys and see the joy of snow. Absolutely beautiful xmas in Finland. 70cm in Helsinki.

BRIVERS73 says:

More debt!

15israellai says:

Merry Christmas guys!

valapsp says:

So far nothin :)

bigzinewicz says:

I got to go to Christmas breakfast with my Dad at the Casino, that was all I got and all I wanted this year everything else was all about the kids including my new baby daughter who celebrated her first Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone!

hanto says:

Nice family dinner :-)

afazel says:

Merry Christmas, everyone. I can't win, but I just wanted to say that :)

A Nexus 7 tablet and I'm loving it. Now I'll only be using my old iPod Touch 4g (8GB) just for it's camera.

yoda16 says:

I got money. Now I have to decide what to get.

ebinuya says:

Round-trip airline tickets to Japan!!! My sister-in-law (she purshased the tickets for me), brother, niece, and nephew live there. My sister-in-law is sending me so I can surprise my brother, whom I haven't seen in a few years.

goggles6 says:

I got a Brand new Burton Clash 2013 Snowboard this Season!!! WOOOHOOO!. Perhaps i'm sick and crazy but i went to the trouble of naming my first board, the burton chopper, 2006, Friend, my second board... the 2010 Burton Custom Smalls, Amigo, and now sticking with friend/forever alone theme, tomodochi!! Additionally, I'm saving for a beautiful nexus 10... so close. HELP!!!. Are these cards valid on play store devices? also, I got a badass pair of mustache sunglasses. Yes sunglasses...With a mustache attached. YOU WISH YOU HAD A PAIR!!!!!

jeffajackson says:

I got to spend the morning with my wife and kids!

epidenimus says:

Thanks for the contest. I got to listen to some awesome new tracks from a fav band before the CD release. Much better than a Chinese toy. :) I'd love some new apps as well.

gollyzila says:

I got an Ikea bed that I assembled myself a few days ago.

lindend says:

Spending time w/the family.

IgorPunck says:

I got a brand new bandage for my sliced off finger :) Never thought a Christmas dinner can be that bloody :)

Derek_B says:

I got a rock.

AndroidJK7 says:

I got money, yay!

martyah says:

A home-cooked dinner tonight by the wife, with our daughter and son-in-law: Family, with a capital F. As to material gifts: a new Epson printer, though I had to buy it for myself, but that's okay. My old HP must be 20 yrs old! Happy holidays to everyone at Android Central.

fwhminnm says:

A kickass Samsung Galaxy Note 2!

greenie25 says:

I got a shiny new samsung chromebook. Now I am a full fledged Google fanboy!

jate322 says:

I got 3 days off in a row. The best present I could ask for.

jate322 says:

I got 3 days off in a row. The best present I could ask for.

coolbreeze says:

Blu ray home theater. It's pretty awesome

genoist says:

It was a gift to myself, but I'm loving my new Galaxy Note 2

jlself says:

My friend collaged various photos of me with my mother, father, and grandmother (who passed this year), together in a frame. Nothing like hand-made gifts that remind you of what you truly love.

richar524 says:

I got a woodlands shoe..:-)

nocaldawg says:

Merry Christmas everyone. My coolest gift was tickets to the Maaco bowl Las Vegas.

kinster02 says:

I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

zrati69 says:

My best gift would have to be the cellphone lock up my 11yo son gave me, so that we can lock up all electric devices during dinner and talk with each other instead of the distractions during family time!!! Makes me proud my kids want to communicate in house!!

Verso says:

I have a gift from myself, WD red 3tb B-)

Ramon Rivas says:

I got a really cool Android

alucky0 says:

I got a Nexus 7 :)

Fiasko says:

I got a Nexus 7 and couldn't be happier!

willy.morgan says:

I got a new bluetooth headset and a 32GB Memory card. The best gift I got was watching my daughter scream with glee when she opened her gifts and seeing my wife cry when she opened her card and her gifts.

So far I got peace and a nice brunch. Also few tshirts and pants.

sdreelin says:

Merry Christmas AC!

rchartier says:

Pick me!

ramesh_pkr says:

i got a nexus 7. hope to get best of it.

chiroho says:

A 21"x12" Professional Griddle, along with a batter dropper from Stonewall Kitchen - perfect for making any sort of pancakes.

abdnach says:

I got a sugar cookie at work since I had to work yesterday and today! Happy Holidays everyone!

dchawk82 says:

I got a Vizio Co-Star!

bsball721 says:

A olive wood spatula

my3poos says:

Merry Christmas!!

sfringer says:

Watching my kids build their Lego Lord of the Rings sets!

Star Wars Bluray box set

rawdeadfish says:

merry christmas ac! your whole team rocks! we love you!

best gift? well, aside from no fighting among the kids, i an enjoying a samsung hdtv adapter for my sgsiii!

Roku XD!

supermarkyo says:

I got bluetooth speakers for my galaxy note 2. Also a very nice Hugo Boss wallet but more importantly I got a great night with my family. It's been a wonderful Christmas.

S-Doo-1965 says:

Bonanza seasons three and four. Merry Christmas

montyleew says:

I got a killer Galaxy Note II. This thing is pure badass.

kernmal says:

Kindle Paperwhite.
Merry Christmas!

john_v says:

we just got a new place out in the country, so my kids got me binoculars for watching deer, coyotes, birds, etc. So very cool. But no yes, could really use the Google Play gift!

Forfaden says:

I got a google play gift card :-)

David Watson says:

I just got married, so my wife is the coolest gift I could ever hope for :)

deutschdroid says:

I got a nexus 4 and a matching bumper case :-)

deutschdroid says:

I got a nexus 4 and a matching bumper case :-)

Plano26 says:

Merry Christmas! :) Here's to an excellent 2013 and More Android Central giveaways! :)

Still waiting to find out :-( Haven't had time to open any of my pressies too busy with the kids.

dennisuci says:

The coolest thing I got this year was a Nexus 7!

dubdrop says:

I got sick from my kid. Pretty awesome

dubdrop says:


hollywould says:

Igor a nice pair of Klipsch Image S4A II headphones. Works great with the klopsch app.

andoird213 says:

I gave myself a little Christmas present...a freshly compiled build of 4.2.1 AOKP for my Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus with a Transparent Navbar Mod and all...I even named the zip "aokp_toro_self-kang-ChristmasEdition"

thelessa says:

I got a Asus Tf700t tablet, just love it!

FranzVz says:

New Authentic Yankee Wallet.

My wife and I got new galaxy s3 phones and a brand new 2012 Kia Optima hybrid with the premium technology package!

jludwig57 says:

I got cash. Cash is always good.

got nothing. all the best to the rest.

ttriplett1 says:

Nexus 7 of course...

I got really cute boots from Ross! :)

Ryan_Boyer says:

I got to assemble some cool toys for my kids and I'm getting to watch them enjoy them. The gift that keeps on giving.

Got a new car kit for my EVO 4GLTE!

draken says:

A two hour Segway tour of Richmond and a Lloyd tee shirt.

gt7143c says:

I got a Nuts 2013 calender (Android Central UK guys will know what I'm talking about)

I got BACON! A package of gourmet bacon, bacon candy cane, bacon seasoning, and bacon pancake mix :D

cdonehew says:

Neatest thing I got was the Magic Billiards Rack. Plan on getting the wife and myself each a Note 2 next week as a late Christmas gift.

Chrome Book! My family is officially 100% pure Google (were known as Mr and Mrs AOSP). My wife also got me the winter gloves that work on touch screens, so I'm typing this on my Note 2 on the back porch having a CIG (bad) in 20° weather all bundled up. :-). Got my daughter a 16g Nexus 7 also

gonzlobo says:

I updated my 5.1 home theater to 7.1 (just because). Wifey bought the exact speakers I spec'd.

frabas1 says:

i got a note 2 for christmas and believe me, this is so cool as am on cloud christmas right now(was expecting something diferent)someone must have read my mind.

shahravi94 says:

32 GB nexus 7!!

geeforce1 says:

I got engaged! Best gift to me.

Seegar says:

My parents paid for part if my Christmas trip to Winnipeg

Vyrlokar says:

I got some homemade cake that is not a lie! It is REAL! It's a lie that the cake is a lie!

facedown41 says:

I got a nexus 7, so a gift card would be perfect.

Sony Blu-Ray player

prissysox says:

Steps for bedside for little doggy to get up on bed.

I got a ROM update!... And some clothes!

gonecks1 says:

I got to see the expressions on my kids faces as they opened their presents.

Samsmalls says:

I didn't get anything for the holiday season, however just being alive & healthy with freedom is truly a gift!

DG-08 says:

A nice slow day at work!

biggy813 says:

Spending time with the family and having fun was the best gift I received

northend999 says:

Xbox 360

mobrules says:

Ive got my beautiful wife and lovely daughter. That's really all I need.

But I did get Nexus 7 32gb. This thing rocks.

kingnothing says:

I'm fairly certain my new Red Ryder bb gun is the best gift listed so far!

saeedmashti says:

I got a new dell i5 desktop. It is lightning fast and takes only 45 seconds to reboot.
Thanks to my wife and children.
Merry Christmas to the world.

drhere says:

I didn't get any physical gifts, but I got support from friends back on the East Coast after my family emergency, I am very happy with that.

carolynn7 says:

Got a new flatscreen tv.

Mr.L says:

Two month ago, when I confuse to decide to buy a tablet, it's was too many out there, but after read a lot of review on android Central, finally ill get Asus Infinity, And Yes it's was right decision . This is the Best, I'm so happy with this. thanks to Android Central. Wish all of you have a wonderful holiday season.

Nexus 4 baby!!

chowdog13 says:

32" Samsung LED HDTV

mrmike85 says:

I got a mini "ticket oak", so I can get tickets to 15 events ,sports games, concerts etc throughout
the year :D

nexus 4 was the best thing i got this year. its amazing.

the coolest thing i got for christmass is a playstation vita call of duty bundle and i love it!!

Lili217 says:

A ticket to Macedonia!

jms67 says:

I got a sweet nexus 7 that I'm on right now.

hopefulfarm says:

Happy holidays! Coolest thing I got was my Note2. ..Although I got it a little ahead of the holidays.

aerojunky says:

The coolest thing? Big box of fruit. Literally... it was refrigerated!

Gspot82 says:

I got time with my lovely girlfriend. I work out of town so that is all I really wanted

jblank says:

I got a PS3, that is my coolest so far.

fguills says:

Got some new jeans to fit my note 2 and my nexus 7!

jfenix says:

I got a Note 2 two weeks before Christmas, and now a MOGA to play games :)

Hey, maybe my gift isn't the coolest among yours, but it is for me.
This year I first time came to America, Chicago. By accident I met completely strange, but so nice n' kind people who made my staying here during holidays really unforgettable.
You know big city lights, smiling faces n' warm friendly atmosphere.
It is true Christmas spirit.
Thank you guys so much.

Stychill says:

i got money, the root of all evil

Went to a weekend trip! And i did ride a bike there alone first time ever :D and now i m sitting home giving these freakin exams. Thats how my holiday soasons is going on .and didnt had time to get anyhing yet :(: in short not so good holidays for me so far.

count me in

I got a Bag of Holding messenger bag from ThinkGeek!

although i didnt purchase anything new this year, i want one cos i have been down on my luck for past 6 months and this would help to get my groove back

davidk365 says:

What I got?
Materialistically, nothing.
But I'm glad that I finally have a break from school and work.

douhunt says:

PS3 Nexus 4 and Family

mbastian says:

We don't exchange gifts until new years, but I know there's a bluetooth auto kit on its way :)

xraytedjim says:

I got a new girlfriend. Is that a gift or a curse?

The wife surprised me with a nexus 4
I bought her the purse she wanted but wants a nexus 4 also now. Bye bye iphones

sjd2246 says:

HP Wireless printer!

newoikkin says:

I got myself a Nexus 4. $10 to the play store would be a nice treat.

2gerry says:

A new Galaxy Tab Note 10.1
Now I just need some free Google Play card for downloads.


harle83 says:

My wife got me a AT&T samsung Galaxy Note 2. It's fantastic! Well worth the 2 year torment that AT&T makes us suffer thru. Merry Christmas AC and everybody! P.S. Phil, stilll want that Nexus 4:).



caperailfan says:

Having a great time with my Nexus 4!

PKnowles95 says:

I got a new nexus 4! So excited and $10 gift card would be an awesome addition to this great gift :-D!

Jaredshoes says:

Got myself some new lenses for my camera.

Zanta24 says:

I got a jacket, so [s]now I can stay warm at college!

J_Droid says:

155 gallon bowfront fish tank!

My parents "surprised" me with a 32GB Nexus 7 :D! I've been using it constantly ever since and can't get over all the things I've already got to do with Android! Coming from iOS it's really surprising how much the Play store resembles Cydia and I feel like I'm doing all the "bad" stuff that you're not supposed to do unless you want things to get all messed up, but of course everything is just as smooth and functional as always, which just makes it a joy to use my tablet. I never thought I'd ever be using widgets, but now I find myself going to my homescreen constantly to checkout new videos on YouTube, posts on Google+ or to change quick settings, even though the additional dropdown menu is easier to access and more functional than the stock widget. I thought iOS's notification system kept me busy, until I got my accounts setup and everything working, which just had my Nexus keeping me informed on not just what's happening on the internet, but also what's happening on the device itself, which is something I could've never predicted :D. Suddenly I can understand why some people choose to use an Android tablet instead of a desktop or laptop, simply because it's better.

raedchen says:

I got a ticket to a music festival which i wanted to go to from my brother, even though we agreed not to make presents to each other. I didn't even know what to say.

mwyow55 says:

The coolest thing I got is a Soundfreaq Sound Kick - wish it didn't have to be charged for 12 hours before first use! All I can do now is look at it while it is charging...

bartclan says:

The coolest thing so far is a new Keurig brewing machine. Nice combination of tech and foodie toys

robuu says:

A new wallet in which the Play gift card would fit very well, unless it's in digital form...

EdsonDJ says:

My girlfriend got me Far Cry 3 for PC and The Dark Knight Trilogy on Blu-Ray.

nardo117 says:

Hernia from shoveling snow, and a headache from the sons new drum set, but the love I feel makes it worth it.

gdbusby says:

Got a cool iFrogz speaker that uses some kind of Near Field Audio. Pretty neat and very handy. Boosts any speaker. Got it from AT&T store so I'm not sure who actually sells it.

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

JStamp627 says:


Nicest thing I received is Christmas cheer.

dabaum says:

We got the best gift of all this Christmas, my wife and I got to sleep in since we had to celebrate Christmas last weekend with our children. But, I got a Galaxy Note II which meant my wife got my Galaxy S III. Merry Christmas to all.

We don't celebrate Christmas with gifts , but got time to spend with family :D !! and bake a cake lol ...

jimoshea says:

My grand daughter, she's 9, got a "SophieX" tablet (well, I think that's what is was called.) Seems to work pretty good and it only cost $80.

abhi2nahi4 says:

I got a Nexus 4!

polonica3 says:

Angry Birds underwear

KCC123 says:

I got... into a fight with the other half. :-(

aladdin14 says:

I got the best thing ever!!(:

Eric379 says:

I got me a new 32gb Nexus7 3g! Loved my 16gb so much I just had to upgrade. :)

HoLfElDeR says:

I didn't get anything

Timelessblur says:

I got a really cool chest to use as a coffee table.

Caloy9 says:

Vans shoes, vans shirt, vans belt from my lovely girlfriend.

radgatt says:

The coolest thing I got for Christmas was a new tablet!

BSrz24311 says:

got a very cool nexus q!

kirsch.m says:

Had a quiet day at home, chilling.

New Nexus 7!!! Love it!!

geo-droid says:

I received a Bladed Nano CPX helicopter. I can't wait to fly it!

gagan1491 says:

I finally got time to watch all the movies that i missed due to my exams..:)

my3poos says:

I got a galaxy tab 2 to go with my note 2!!

Djnikkofb says:

I did not get anything for Xmas. I am stuck on a merchant marine ship in South Louisiana. = (

jak2rocks says:

Well, I have only received one gift so far, but it's pretty cool. It's a little mini Bat Signal!

Alex949 says:

I got a signed Dan Marino jersey! Woop Woop!

Got a set of nfc tags and cannot wait to have them all set up and ready to go. Having Tasker would help, and thats definitely what i am picking up if i happen to get this card.

SIde note, wish swiftkey had autocorrect on as i type into this box using Boat Browser

I got a set of glasses with classic sonic the hedgehog on them and also teenage mutant ninja turtles shot glasses. my wife is the best!

Coolest thing for me was my Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns Batman figure from my wife. She totally feeds into my man/child ways...

rap1 says:

A necklace my daughter made and Photoshop Elements 11