Sony this morning is reminding folks that it's bringing Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich to a number of its smartphones. That includes the Xperia Arc, Arc S, Neo, Neo V, Mini, Pro, Active and Ray, along with the Mini Pro, Neo L and Live with Walkman. Some of the phones are already on ICS, version 4.0.3 to be exact. So with that we present the following question: What's up with Jelly Bean, Sony?

Source: Sony

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buckwild says:

Ice cream is good but jelly bean would be even better!!

cenkaetaya says:

if only sony didnt get rid of those beautiful buttons at the bottom of the screen.

RaiderWill says:

This just floors me.

Here we are running JellyBean on our Galaxy Note's 100% stable even before the Galaxy Note / Journal 2 whatever releases and phone are still just hoping to get ICS? Un-Real..

Good to know. But My phone Xperia Neo still waiting for ICS, the first one! (SI 1246-9964)I still have Android 2.3.4 It takes too long for Sony, bring Ice Cream for some SI

jam4775 says:

I understand that it takes time for manufactures to test and release a new OS on devices... but when OEM's release the next OS after they are already 2 full versions behind is just a slap in the face to the consumers who bought these devices.