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Did Santa leave you a shiny new Sony Ericsson smartphone under the Christmas tree? If so and you live in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain or the UK, Sony would like to give you 5 free movies and 90 days free access to their Music Unlimited service.

The offer is in fact open to anyone who takes ownership of a current Xperia smartphone or the Live with Walkman handset between Nov. 1, 2011, and Jan. 31, 2012. If you qualify, hit the source link for more information.

Source: Sony Ericsson


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Santa bring you a new Sony Ericsson phone? Sony has a gift for you


Largely because the Play is a bastard child product, and mostly ignored by its makers (especially the CDMA version). Yes, I am mad, bro...

I dont get it. They will upgrade it to the ICS. It has a lot of games. Even GTA 3 made a special version for it. Gameloft too. For example MC3. I have a better reason. Its on sale now. And for example in Ireland you can get it for 200 euro for a limited time of course.