Mobile World CongressWe got up close and personal with the original YotaPhone at last year's Mobile World Congress, and this year they're refining the dual-screen formula with an improved e-ink display.

Users can lean on the 4.7-inch always-on touch-enabled e-ink rear display for variety of tasks, including answering calls, checking e-mail, and shooting out a tweet, and earn about 50 hours of usage time total. They've also tossed in a built-in light so the e-ink display is still useful in darker situations. The primary display is a 5-inch AMOLED screen, wireless charging is included, and the whole thing is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm 800 processor.

This whole party in the front, business in the back reverse-mullet thing is kind of interesting, especially if it can deliver the promised battery savings. It certainly would take awhile to get used to using a phone with two big screens like this, but the idea of not having to wake up your phone for at-a-glance information is certainly appealing. Expect to see the new YotaPhone in EMEA and Russia in Q4 2014, and another version in America and Asia three or four months later.

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Next-generation YotaPhone ups resolution on secondary e-ink display


I'm curious how effective this is compared to something like the Moto X that leverages a single AMOLED.

It'd be magnitudes greater. AMOLED helps compared to LCD, but it's minuscule compared to an e-ink display which uses an insignificant amount of electricity comparatively.

As someone who does a LOT of reading on my smartphone, I think this is a great idea. To be able to read for a couple of hours without making any noticeable dent in my battery would be a huge benefit. Honestly, I'd probably use it for a lot of my internet browsing as well if I could switch right over to the color screen at will. I don't need vibrant color and 1080p to read most of what's on the internet.

I'm there with you. Completely in love with this idea and MOST of what I do on my phone is reading. If it is lit in a similar way to the Kindle Paperwhite and available in the US, I would be all over this.

Agreed. I have been really interested in this phone since the first version. If they can nail the specs and functionality it will be superb. Love the idea of an e-ink display on the rear, ace idea.

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Use will tell the tale but I think future phones will be more like this. We already see flex screen demos with information on the edges,this is one step further and actually makes more since to me.

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I'd rather see Google have a bit more love for AMOLED screens, which can be pretty battery efficient with a true-black UI, although obviously nothing compared to eInk. All the Google apps (and Android in general) seem to be heading in a light-background direction now which makes AMOLED less useful. The option to have most apps with a light or dark theme (or a theme that switches depending on the time-of-day or surrounding lighting, similar to many satnavs and satnav apps) would provide the best flexibility across the board.

The Mirasol displays seem to update a bit faster than regular eInk displays, but as I've only seen it on the Toq, possibly that's just due to the very low resolution display.

The picture shows tradition Android buttons for Home, Back, and MultiTasking!!!!! Now I want it even more. The original Yota Phone's jester-thing appeared to suck and not be intutitive.

Please bring this to T-Mobile. I'll even go back on contract with Sprint for this phone.

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I think this is such an exciting phone. I mean do you see the improvement from that prototype first generation a year ago to this? They obviously have some smart people working on it, and really care about where it's headed. Not just that but this is the first phone do something truly different while still being competitive with all the top end phones currently out there. I find that really exciting.

I hope this one really nails it, was tempted by the first one but it wasn't quite there. Really excited!

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I'm surprised that this article hasn't grabbed more attention. Yea, the first one was the first one, and like most firsts, it left people wanting more. However, the potential for this idea is huge, and the idea is brilliant and what I think the future of smartphones should be. With all of the complaints these days about battery life, this solution should pander to all battery critics, without sacrificing functionality. I for one am going to be keeping up on the news on the second release by Yota, and hope that more manufacturers adopt the idea

Imagine if Amazon jumped into the mix and made paperwhite screens for the backs of the major brand phones. (i.e. Moto X2 with paperwhite screen on the back).