According to a quick search at AT&T, Amazon's Fire Phone will be landing in two versions — a 32GB for $199 and a 64GB for $299. Currently only a black model is listed, but no other info is tagging along. As we know, the Fire Phone will be sporting a 4.7" IPS LCC HD display, quad-core 2.2GHz processor, 2GB RAM, a 13MP camera, and much more.

The full pages aren't yet showing at AT&T, but we'd expect they'll soon go live and then we can get all of the juicy details.

Source: AT&T

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synchronous says:

Wow, no unlocked variant.

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cowboys2000 says:

But If the phone has certain LTE bands, it should already be unlocked, no?

pjs312 says:

I don't think so.

jacksonxp says:

Phone plays on the weaknesses in the other phones

DeerSteak says:

They thought this was a better idea than just making an Amazon Prime Video app for Android?

hmmm says:

That's what I don't understand. They act as if they sell the hardware at close to cost to get people into the ecosystem. Just open the ecosystem up and leave the costs of the hardware business alone.

DeerSteak says:

At first they had to. Just to get the idea of Kindle off the ground and make it dominant, they probably had to sell the hardware close to cost. But now like you said they're just throwing good money after bad. Time to just open up the marketplace. It's working quite well for Google (as far as I can tell, anyway).

p2hero says:

No good for me, I hate AT&T.

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And it hates you too. It hates us all.

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MarkSeven says:


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p2hero says:

For what's out there I think the price is to high, I'm I right or wrong?
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808Mobi says:


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Agree. You could get a very capable Moto G unlocked for about the same price. And the G would have stock android. May not have all the gimmicks the Fire has, but still a solid device.

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And the Moto G price is no contract so my Family Share Value plan would be $25/month cheaper.

1746bklynave says:

100% agree. Reminds me of the Moto X. It was a good phone but at launch, it was overpriced.

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Ohh.. I thought this would be priced more competitively like their tablets. Unless those are unlocked prices, but I highly doubt that.

paisley99 says:

2nd. What's the pull i wonder?

Woof.. 200$ on contract is a little over the top IMO. I was expecting this thing to go for 350-400$ unlocked.

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NoNexus says:

Nice price point, if that is total cost and not the 2 year contract price...

I am pretty sure that is a "subsidized" contract price :/

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erwaso says:

But it is the 2 year price. Just because there are millions of happy amazon prime customers DOES NOT mean they will pay anything for your phone Amazon. FAIL!

BaMaDuDe87 says:

On Amazon it says $649.00 new without contract". No thank you.

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limitbreak09 says:

Lmao $ 649??? Amazon is on fire!!! Hahaha

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tastisnax says:

What really gets me is the $100 bump for an additional 32GB. Not quite as offensive as Apple's storage price gouging, but isn't this supposed to be Amazon we're dealing with here? They practically give their tablets away (please, don't take me literally on that...).

cctpitts01 says:

Again I don't understandif this is your first step into the smartphone market why in the hell do you give a carrier an exclusive rather then getting it out there to the masses???

p2hero says:

Maybe to save money, isn't it more money to make phone for all the carriers then just one? just my thought on it.

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thatguy97 says:

Before expanding to other carriers they need to first worry about if this will sell

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p2hero says:

Being that the hardware is mediocre, I thought it would be about $99 starting price on contract.

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DOA! It should've been 199 and 299 off contract unlocked. Not Good. With the M8, S5, and G3 on the way what's the incentive here?

schaferan says:

I am a prime customer, but I won't even consider this phone. AT&T exclusive and no Google Play made sure of that.

Scott_Wilson says:

This won't mean anything to an Android user, but Amazon is going to steal a lot of iPhone users.

p2hero says:

Why do you say that?

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It could take a few between now and when the i6 is released. But I seriously doubt people would choose this over the rumored, larger 4.7" iPhone. Apple will best the Amazon Fire camera and iOS 8 is looking pretty decent.

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bluesun3030 says:

I'm not willing to bet the farm on that assertion.

ScottColbert says:

Not at that price, no it won't.

thatguy97 says:

If I was still a iPhone user I still would not consider it

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Chinch07 says:

Haha. Not at all. This isn't going to steal any customers from any OS.

Infinity says:

Phone will be released July 25th according to a search for "firephone" on

deeb215 says:

These guys can't be serious.

hmmm says:

Wow...with those specs? Should be that price off contract... They definitely aren't following their Kindle pricing model here. AT&T must really be taking Amazon for a ride.

avlon says:

This is going to crash and burn hard. They really should have gone the Nexus route and sold unlocked and direct to consumers.

Perhaps once it drops down to free on contract, and they decide to sell own unlocked version at a reasonable price then this may sell. I just don't see the point of this with the Nexus and Moto phones out there.

ultravisitor says:

And don't forget the $99 annual Prime subscription fee! Gotta have that to get the best experience with the phone.

mammlouk says:

Don't worry they give you "12-months Free(tm)" Prime with the purchase! :)

Thanks but no thanks, I already pay for Prime, how about subsidizing the cellular plan or selling me a phone for $100 instead of giving me more months of Prime that I was already going to purchase!

ultravisitor says:

$650-750 off contract at Amazon! LOL

vtpmt81 says:

if this is true - it is truly DOA until there is a 'Fire Sale'.

ultravisitor says:

It's true. Just check out the page for it on Amazon.

drhere says:

I'm out (like I was ever in:p )

cjbrigol says:

This phone will be a failure. Pretty easy to see. But I hope other manufacturers follow this Storage/Pricing idea

bigcraig01 says:

Yeah.... NO!!! 3D is a gimmick, no matter how cool it may seem and I can't get over the fact that the entire point of this phone (via Firefly), is to help you buy more stuff in general from Amazon which I resent... With vanilla Android, Windows Phone 8 and iOS I don't feel like I'm buying devices that have the intent of trying to sell me more household/food items. That subtle agenda rubs me the wrong way... Also I love Chromecast and since the Cast API is now built into AND requires Google Play Services to function in most apps, I'll never be able to use it properly on the Fire Phone... And $199 on contract? Really? Maybe off contract... But on? Are they nuts??? PASS!

Cubfan says:

This could sell worse than the Facebook phone. Dead on arrival. These guys are nuts. Anybody who wouldn't buy an HTC M8, GS5, or G3 over this needs to be committed for analysis.

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Notajediyet says:

At least the Facebook phone ran stock Android with a launcher. This has the fail baked right in.

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ScottColbert says:

Nice phone, but absolutely nothing is worth going back to a 2 year contract for.

kirbwrx says:

Was really interested until AT&T only was contracts or att for me.

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monofurioso says:

What a non-starter. $200-$250 off-contract and they'd make some decent sales. $200 ON-contract AT&T = another Facebook phone.

ryaninc says:

This is going to be the HTC First all over again. Nice phone, good specs, neat extra features, and all the reviews will be very positive. But nobody will buy it. Not for those prices. I predict at&t drops the price within two months.

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I know its had limited availability, but the OnePlus One looks better with every passing moment. The One beats the Fire in almost every single way, has CyanogenMod on a pretty much stock build of Android. And Amazon wants to throw us this half-spec'd, Fire UI using, self-advertising POS for more than double what the One costs? Lol.
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quailallstar says:

Looks like outright prices are on Amazon. $600+ for 33gb and $700+ for the 64gb. Are they high, tripping or both?

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guinnkevinr says:

Not a bad price since you're also getting a free year of Amazon Prime with purchase ($100 savings).

tech_head says:

I would buy it,,,,,,, But I'm on Verizon.
Not leaving my unlimited for anything.
Sorry Amazon... EPIC FAIL!!!!

geekymcfly says:

sweet I'll be able to use the firefly button to purchase the Nexus 5. lol

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sdc1 says:

Someone at Amazon is sniffing glue. This is hilarious. $600+ off contract!

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thinkdan says:

I'm a huge Amazon fan and even I won't be buying this phone. I was expecting something more in line with their Kindle offers. If it was $199 unlocked and off-contract, maybe. I don't see this selling very well.

deeb215 says:

What a joke...Bezos and this doohickey.

Ikeman90 says:

ever type a long ass comment. then think ..... nvmd *ctrl + a backsapce*

Awful on contract pricing. For the same price a customer can get a LG G 3, M8 or an iPhone. Amazon needed to play the pricing game even if it meant a loss.

Maddy Former says:

I've had Androids and iPhones. I looked at this, seriously, until I saw (1) AT&T exclusive, then (2) the no-contract pricing. Having paid the ETF to kill AT&T's abysmal service once, ain't no way in hades I'd ever return. Smells like another crash & burn Facebook clone. Can't figure out how such an obviously brilliant man can make such a bonehead mistake. FAIL Jeff, just one huge clustermuck fail!

Demodave says:

This is a huge FAIL. It is priced the same as other flagship phones from Samsung, LG, HTC and Apple; yet it features subpar specs to all of them. And to add insult to injury, it won't even run the Google Play Store so I would have to rebuy every one of my apps, assuming they are all available in the Amazon App Store.

I have bought enough stuff on Amazon thru the years that I should probably own stock in the company...but this is a huge fail at the prices they expect to get.

Mobius360 says:

Well here's the small phone everyone wants spec wise buy now it's got a new os. Can we just get a proper smaller Android phone? Looks nice though

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MetalMike901 says:

$199....LOL!! They probably won't be able to give these away free in a month!

My $199 would go to an unlocked MotoG.

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Revrant says:

Wow, no, no no no no no, AT&T, no.

darkmatter says:

My wife needs a new phone (with a new plan, so on contract doesn't bother me), and this would be great for her, but AT&T is just not an option.

ChrisFricke says:

So what about buying the phone on contract with AT&T for 200 and then switching to T-Mobile where they'll pay your early termination fees (at least they used to) - better than paying 650 for the unlocked version, right? I wonder if that would even work...

opticbit says:

i'd only get one if it was a Play edition, or Nexus. I don't want a contract, and i don't want it locked.