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Here at Android Central it's just another Friday. But elsewhere it's iPhone day, with Apple releasing two new smartphones simultaneously for the first time ever. And we're sure some of you will be tempted to pick up the new iPhone 5s, with its optional gold exterior and 64-bit CPU. Or maybe the plastic fantastic iPhone 5c is your thing, with its numerous color options.

We're not here to judge, so feel free to fess up down in the comments. And if you're staying loyal to the Android army let us know which Android phone you're using — or thinking of picking up — instead of Apple's latest.

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Fess up: Who's buying an iPhone today?



I agree...personalization in android is awesome....i've got the note 3 preordered. i could never step down to such a small screen

Outstanding! I got a lot of nasty looks from my co-workers but who cares right?!?!? This ish' is funny and they know it's true. ANDROID Bitches.......FTW!!!!

If you dont mind me asking how much is it full retail? Plan on buying myself a nice birthday and christmas gift:)

Truth plus android customization makes it a winner
Plus being able to add non market applications makes it my favorite

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Hope the Note 3 treats you well!

Rooted Sprint Galaxy S4 here... one of the best phones out in my opinion!

Installing a launcher adds quite a few features and speeds things up, but rooting it... OMG, a world of difference! There should be a tier list for those who are going to root their phones!

One is smoother out of the box. That's usually the case with those who compare both phones.

+1 on the HTC One. Love it. Haven't seen any phone close to making me start taking advantage of my Jump! T-Mobile's program. iPhone 5S and c are probably good phones, but it doesn't have anything that my phone can't do. HTC One is solid build with a strong Android OS.

I loved my HTC One also - everything except the camera. The camera is horrible! Doesn't focus on anything beyond 15 feet away. I had to return it...otherwise I would have kept it.

The HTC One is superior to the iPhone in all aspects. Processor, Display (the "retina" display looks pixely to me now after having the One for 4 months), Camera, and most importantly, Android is so much better than iOS. With the right hardware and Android 4.1 and up, Everything is as smooth and most of the time faster than iOS. I've noticed a lag in iOS 7 on my girlfriend's iPhone 5 the likes of which is reminiscent of froyo

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+1 for the One. Its elegance, build, design, quality, screen, speakers, is just too much for me to steer away from it. It's a shame, HTC should have really pushed the marketing for this phone.

+One. I looove my One and planning on getting the Red @ some point. Sense 5 has been great. Although I love the metal "unibody" when it comes to scratches the back and the screen don't seem to be resistant to them at all. With direct sunlight I can see all the scratches and the back has them too and I have the flip cover from HTC on it. Amazing phone none the less.

No self respecting high end phone owner would disgrace their device by putting a screen cover on it. (Like putting plastic on a brand new beautiful couch). Self defeating. Besides, the only thing that can scratch these screens are sand or rocks. So as long as you dont drop it out side (at which point you'll probly have bigger issues than a scratched screen) you should be okay.

I really feel the exact same way, but just a few days ago I got a new LTE N7 and put a $3 screen protector from ebay on it, and I actually like the feel of it. I just remember a few years ago the clear protectors did not seem smooth like glass and they added a foggy look to the display but I guess things have changed. On my last N7 I kept it naked and babied it, looked perfect except it had those micro spiderweb scratches on the screen like your average used car clear coat. It drove me nuts because it never came in contact with anything but fingers. I'm pretty sure our screens are more of a plastic composite than real glass, all phones get those tiny scratches way too easily.

I have the one too, fantastic phone. Had it almost 3 months and I'm yet to get bored of it.

Posted via Android Central App using the brilliant HTC One. Also I like bananas.

I have the One with the double flip case and love using both. HTC Sense is slick. It's funny how the people I know with iOS are ecstatic over the UI changes. I get a UI refresh every 1-2 years. :) Sprint is pushing android 4.3 this month.

Couldn't agree more. I've been an iPhone user for a while (Been through the iPhone 3G, 4, 4S, 5) and I recently traded my 5 for an HTC One. I dabbled with android before (Galaxy S2) and liked it, but wasn't too thrilled. As soon as I used the HTC One, I realized what all the fuss with Android was about now, it's come a long way.

As soon as Apple announced the 5S and the 5C, I was even more thrilled I had made the switch, so many options on Android :)

Exactly! I was REALLY tempted by the Moto X (and I still really like it!) but I'm holding off for the Nexus 5. In fact, I woke up this morning thinking about how awesome it would be to have/use!

+1 Chiggin.

I love the contexual computing that the Moto X has introduced, but I have converted to a Nexus lover eevr since I picked up my Nexus 4 about a year ago. A Nexus with the Moto X features would be my dream device. But I will wait to see what the Nexus 5 offers before I make my choice.

Nexus will have all the features that we love on Android, plus the ONLY feature that is good on an iPhone. No lag.

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Same here :D

/* I've got to admit: I love what Apple have done with iOS7 it's so non-iPhonisch! Now they just have to remove the annoying (button for everything), make iOS open source (or beter go to android) and start listening to the users and I may even consider buying an iPhone :D */

I never really were interested in iPhones until the iPhone 5 - and now that iOS7 is released, I am even more interested. But I will properly pass this time. I am really happy for my N4 and I can't wait to hear about the next Nexus.

I'm using iOS7 on my iPad3 and it has nothing on the nexus 4 and Jellybean
This is just a first step for apple in playing catch up.

+1 iOS 7 is slow and ugly on my iPad mini, I want a nexus 7 but I bought my iPad when I was as gullible as the people queuing outside apple stores

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Waiting on the Nexus 5 to hit the UK, and hoping with a reasonable price plan as I can't afford the handset outright!

Have you "try" saying "tried" you ignorant bastard? Go buy an iPhone you prick.

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Daamn... What a jackass... Dude,save your stupid trolling comments for your high school friends on facebook. You must be one of those asses whom push other kids to commit suicide over the internet with your trolling comments I see in the news. Just save them.

Holy crap ^^^ this this THIS!! However, I don't think there will be much shortage of immature comments... adult can be pretty immature themselves... still, great idea!

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I can't lie. That gold one looks kinda cool. I just bought the G2 so I'll pass. But I do have 15 day return policy at best buy so...

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I probably will. The G2 is awesome! It has its quirks but overall I'm happy with it. I am still interested in the Xperia Z1 and possibly the Nexus 5.

I think the comments between I more and Android Central are mixed.

Posted from the old Google Nexus 7 via Android Central App

I have had my GS4 off charge since 7:30 am it is now 13:00 and I have 86%. Again, another unwarranted comment from an apple fan boy

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you posted this as 8:03. 33 minutes and youre down to 86%. you should have just stayed quite and not proved his point

no he lives in a world where if you lose even 1% Apple sends a unicorn down a rainbow to top you up.

It could be because he's on a different time zone.. no offense but maybe you should have just stayed "quite" yourself.

If he's in Europe...and I bet he is...they're a few hours ahead...meaning that since he took it off charge at 7:30...and and it's now 13:00...that's 1:00pm if you're playing at home...then he's had it discharging for about 5 1/2 hours.

On what celestial body is 7:30 to 13:00 a span of only 33 minutes?

Let's see, ignorant, self centered, illiterate, you're on quite a roll.

Never had to, even with my Android phone from 2011. Your question makes no sense.

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Another thoughtless comment from the biggest iPhone iPhanboy dick.

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The iPhone's great battery life is the reason I had to buy my nephew an Anker lipstick sized portable USB charger. So she could get a good day worth of use out of her iPhone.

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Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen

Initially I was going to wait got the GS4 but couldn't justify paying $100 extra for a not too impressive improvement

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Exactly, and had the Moto X been $350 or less outright I would by typing on it right now complaining that I should have waited for the next Nexus. Instead I'm still rocking my S3 running an AOKP 4.3 ROM. In the end I would have ended up with both phones, but Moto screwed up from my perspective. If the next Nexus has decent battery life and an awesome camera then I'm all in. Its down to those two things for me.

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And me because the rest of the phone being top notch is guaranteed :-)

Galaxy S3
Transformer Prime
Nexus 7

I think I'll give it a pass and wait for the new Nexus. My Galaxy Nexus has served me long and well but it's definitely getting time for a change. Or maybe I'll just steal the wife's HTC one :-)

Sony Xpedia z1 for me I haven't had an apple product before or beats or any type of over priced hyped up piece of junk.

As someone who has had an iPod and an iPhone (iPhone 3GS) in the past, Apple products were MUCH better than Android back then (iOS was MUCH more refined and "just worked"). I switched from iOS to the Samsung GS3 over a year ago, and do not plan on looking back. Apple STOPPED innovating a while back. As for "hyped up piece of junk", you have never used one, so your opinion doesn't really count. Apple does make good products, but, just like a vehicle brand, it is not for everyone. Apple is like the AOL of the "old days". If you want something simple, go for iOS. If you want something that works MUCH better, but not AS simple, go for Android.

Everyone has their own opinions.


I had an iPhone 4 for a couple years (wife and my first real smartphone after upgrading from the old blackberry).

After using it for 2 years and upgrading from iOS 4 to 5 to 6 (or something along those lines) I saw the changes and "new features" become less and less innovative and exciting as they went along.

Been using a GS3 for almost a year now (rooted and running Liquid Smooth 2.9) and would never go back!

Planning on my next phone being the Nexus 5 (unless I can hold out another year for the Nexus 6)!!

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I agree with everything except your last sentence. I wouldn't make a blanket statement that android works much better than iOS. Android does *some* things better than Apple, and vice-versa. It all depends on your priorities. I've owned 7 android devices and none had better sound than my old ipod classic, so I still use the ipod for music.

Power amp and a kernel with sound mod capabilities destroy my iPhone 4s. My note 2 is my goto device. I like what Apple did with iOS7 but as another user said, they are playing catch up big time. But it is a good step in the right direction. Love my Samsung note 2. Just want some 4.3 tw now :-) running goodness rom

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Are you talking about speaker sound or headphone sound?(because headphone sound is only as good as your sound drivers (software = easyly changable) + the quality of your headphones, while by the speaker sound there are some hardware limitations)

//May I ask which devices (only because I find it interesting)

I used to feet the same way. I'm a sound guy and musician, and was never satisfied with music reproduced on an Android phone. I admit that I am very picky. So I too bought an ipod classic, and the sound is quite good. However, my HTC One with Beats Audio is absolutely fantastic. The included earbuds are quite good and became my daily choice. I still use my ipod, and it is nice, but HTC finally made a phone that can play music at top notch quality.

Umm you're a "sound guy" and you like the Beats Audio EQ preset?

Usually audiophiles mock the drivers found on portable devices.

Anyway I have a rooted S4 and the sound reproduction is fantastic.

I have htc one and i got it in place of an iphone 5 and yes i do have an s4 but i never looked back at it since i got my htc one...

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I have an iPhone 5 through my employer in addition to my outdated droid RAZR. While not a bad device, I wouldn't own an iphone. Mostly, I've grown accustomed to a large screen and customization in setting up my device to fit my needs and personality .

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Nexus 5 to replace my Gnex as an very early XMas gift to myself.

The GNex runs great, but moar powa is betta!

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I read your comment "moar powa" and look at your picture and find it hilarious for some reason, even though batman wouldn't say that... I'm a big batman fan, even the early cheesy batman... great pic man. Made me laugh. I needed a laugh

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my 2 years old Gnexus still run great with 4.3 but I am considering the G2 and waiting for the Nexus 5. Hope they have better battery and better camera for the Nexus 5

Honestly I've always hated I phones until now. Still isn't even in the top 10 phones I want though, they are all held by androids. I love my s3, hate the look of touchwiz though. I wish I knew what I know now about phones and the carriers, I wouldn't be getting raped by Verizon monthly and honestly I'd probably own a n4 and be on some type of prepaid. I can't wait till this contract is up, by bye Verizon. Oh by the way I would never ever leave android for ios. Id maybe use a new iPhone if it were given to me but I'd still use my s3 as my primary phone. Android seems to have a bright future ahead while iOS will continue to linger in the shadows until it ends up like blackberry.

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Just a suggestion: use a launcher like nova prime or others. I've been using nova prime for almost a year. Love it! Runs smooth on the S3! Glad to hear you love your S3! :)

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+1 Nova is great cause its smoother tons of options and u keep ur touchwiz features

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^This! I used to use Apex launcher, but something always brought me back to Nova.... fantastic launcher! Great option for those who's eyes bleed looking at touchwiz each time they turn on the phone. And you get to keep the features! Bonus, especially for those with a galaxy note (1,2, or 3)

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I JUST discovered custom launchers and icon packs last week! I love my Galaxy Nexus, but wanted to see what launchers and new icon packs would be like. OMG, I LOVE Nova Launcher! I have been playing around with icon packs called "Chrome", "Kub Icon Pack", "Neon Red", "Paper", "Square", "Vintage", "Vivid", and "Vivid v2". My favorites are "Neon Red" and "Vivid", with a solid black background (background downloaded right here from Android Central!). I also like making the icons as large as possible, and hiding the words under each icon. What a cool effect! Every time I change the icons, I feel like I have a brand new phone. :-)

Yup, like the other guy suggested. Since my GS2 got android 4,I started using nova and custom ROMs... But I've used it my previous S3 and note 2,on the S4 now and a lot of my friends who switched to the S4 from other manufacturers, love Nova, hate TW. And don't forget to play with the gestures, that's the main reason why I use it. On home screen, I swipe up for app drawer, swipe down for notifications. Try it, give it some time, make urs, is all changeable! Even the dock!

And take a step backwards? No way.

I converted my HTC One into a Google Experience phone, and it's like Mary Poppins: practically perfect.

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I did the same thing with my HTC One! I'm using AndroidRevolution HD 3.2, it's so smooth!

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I was a long time iPhone user and just grew tired of having to jailbreak to get the phone the way I like with the apps I like. I ditched it for the One and never looked back. I've been running SinLessROM Google 4.3 and love it. When I pick up my wife's iPhone it honestly feels like a toy with its petite screen.

I will probably pick up the new Nexus, but I am still waiting to see if the HTC One Max or Sony Xperia Z1 are better alternatives.

Same here. Once nexus, I just don't care about other gimmicks other phones have. There's a sense of "this feels right".
I do however want IR blasting, but in the meantime I am ok.

I have the 4s as my work phone and the iOS 7 update is nice! I have the S4 (32gb) and have no complaints whatsoever.... But I'm gonna go by the store and play with a 5s. I'm waiting for that 4.4 to release next month sometime.

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Urgh. No. A friend just put on Facebook that he has just ordered one of the Gold 64Gb ones with a contract. £735.00 !!!! SEVEN HUNDERED AND THIRTY FIVE POUNDS. That's $1180!!!


No thanks. I'll just buy a phone that isn't an absolute, complete, utter, disgraceful RIP OFF.

Holy shit. More than a MB Air. Round-trip to Europe with hotel. A Craigslist car.

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I simply can't understand why is fuzz is all about? iPhone (given!!! That it led a revolution in touch screen technology, but today...) is just another company with an alternative OS to Android, Windows or Sailfish.
And what's the big thing in iOS7??? Oh my my... I hear people shouting about Golden color, new notification centre and airdrop???? Hello.... Android had a cumulative notification centre since ages, technically... Every color of this planet is available in Android phones and Airdrop??? Gimme a break... We had WiFi direct ages ago and few third party Apps such as Superbeam and Flash Transfer can swipe out the floor below iOS's legs... No big deal on iOS7. People need to understand which is "ACTUALLY" every penny worth the money.
I had an iPhone 3G, got sick of it and switched to Android. And I had no looking back... SGS, SGS2, Xperia T and now HTC One...
Apple Inc... Take that in your face.

Yours sincerely,

Yes, but the non-skeumorphic icons are so much better than Android!

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Impossible. I downloaded that icon pack months ago and hated it. You should try downloading Nox or Stark form the Play Store.

Not for me! I'm still enjoying my note 2 and will either get the N5 or note3. I don't flame IOS users, but I like Android better

+1 Note 2 FTW! Would have got the note 3 but at&t next is not exactly what I thought it was. Not a phone yet that holds the tiniest candle to my note2. Except the note 3.

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Nexus 4 is just about perfect, so no iPhone for me; I instead will be spending the evening messing around with some different ROMs and stuff on my Nexus 7 while I procrastinate over exam study. Happy times! :)

My girlfriend is. Funny I was asked if I felt left out since people at my work were talking iOS 7. Crappie icons and features I already have? And a nexus coming in the fall. Com'on son

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You should have just told them how does it feel to have their pockets raped yet again from a company that employs old technology and passes it off as ground breaking innovation. Silly iSheep.

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DUDE! I completely agree! I was on the bus next to a girl with an Iphone 5, and she was talking to a guy sitting across from her. She was so excited about being able to swipe to close apps, the ability to block numbers, and the ability edit pictures... I was like WOW... all of that is OLD TECH on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2!
Iphone users should be open to try new things and think on their own, oppose to just listening to what Apple tells them.
Example: Basic Human Needs according to Apple: Food, Water, Shelter and an Iphone

Love my Moto x. But am getting one for the wife. Excited to see it as I'm no blind slave to Android or iOS. Just love their take on technology

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Waiting for Nexus 5! Ios7 sucks on my iPad andere android is just better!
In Addition to this the iPhone is way to expensive.

I 'm not a fan of iCrap. I love my NoteII and thinkng of NoteIII (but looks pretty expensive right now).

I was thinking of picking up a 5c when the rumor was it was going to be sub $400 off contract. That was a silly rumor its Apple so it didn't happen. So I just bought an HTC One off eBay instead.

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My hands are way to big and manly for an iphone. Plus isn't it like going from college back to elementary school? IOS looks like something leapfrog designed for my kids.

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Probably the new Nexus for me, with a new Nexus 10 for good measure :) Just hope we can get it this far down south in South Africa.

Had an iPhone 5...just bought the LG G2 knowing I could return it and get the 5s if I was unhappy. Gotta say this thing is a BEAST! Can't see getting the 5s after playing with this speed freak for a couple of days.

I'll get them for my son & my girlfriend, maybe this weekend or next week. They're ate up with their iphones. Actually, iphone is perfect for my son, he has a lot of iTunes music & iOS-only games (which he bought with his own money). I loaned my girlfriend my old Galaxy S3 for a week when her iphone was acting up, but she couldn't get used to it, so we swapped her iphone for a new one. I must admit, Apple Store customer service is impeccable.

I am an Android guy 100%, but there are some people for whom the iPhone *is* the better choice. Most of us here are gadget nerds and whatnot. We're the "power users" of the mobile world. But there are those who simply don't *want* to have to learn how to use the phone, or do any customization. And, for those people, the iPhone is perfect.

When my dad asked me if he should get an iPhone or Android, after a brief discussion of his expectations, I recommended he get an iPhone. He's not someone who's really going to "play" with his phone. He needed something that's just going to "work" out of the box and he doesn't have to worry about any kind of customization.

I'm just thankful Android exists, so I don't have to be so constrained :)


I got my mom the iphone4 two years ago, got her the N7 last xmas got my little bro the Galaxy Nexus, and while my mom has played with her N7 and Gnex. She isnt tech savvy & with the iPhone everything just works out the box (for the most part, so i just got her the 5S ;). i have to admit though the Camera is really nice and the fingerprint scanner works really good im actually impressed but not enought to jump to the fruit haha

Exactly my opinion. It all depends on the user and what the device is used for. Both systems are great and have their pros and cons. Every good review so far calls it a tie and let's the user decide what's best for their usage.

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Have a GS2 but hopefully upgrading to a note 3 at the end of the year

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OK I might do, but not today
BUT it's not for me, it's for my impressionable daughter. She'll come to her senses as she gets older but for now I'll allow her this minor indiscretion

I just bought a Moto x, so no... but after reading Anantech's review, I must say I'm impressed with Apple's engineering decisions this time around. There will be many happy appelites this time around (aren't there always?) with the 5s... the 5c the jury's out. I still don't understand the strategy on that one (other than the obvious).

I'll be getting the 5s. But I'm still going to use my S4. I don't get paid by these companies to be loyal. I have liked the 5's design of hardware (though rather small) and the updated look of iOS is enough to make me want to use one, so I plan on using both. Hopefully I like it more than I liked the Q10 and 928. Both of those, while good devices, just couldn't be my daily device. And I don't think you can call yourself a tech geek unless you have tried all OSs.

Amen to that. I may be getting one. I have the SG4 now, but I really like ios7 on my ipad 2 so I may try the new phone. The good thing about apple phones is resale is always high so I could sell it easily enough if I decide its not for me.

That's another good point. If you don't like it and decide to sell it, you aren't going to lose much. I wish the same was for an Android phone.

True try them all and decide for yourself. But also make sure you try them over its not fair to compare a 2 year old OS with a brand new one. Many people commented how much better their Android 4.x device is than their iPhone 3G was. Well my MacBook Pro kicks Windows 3.1 and DOS to the curb. Both systems are good in their own way, it just depends on what you prefer and what works for you.

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I never have and never will buy a iphone
It's not that I'm being loyal I just don't like that sh*t! Nexus for life!
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No iPhone for me. I've got some money put aside for when the nexus 5 is released

Posted via the Android Central App on my Nexus 4

I have an HTC one and it is the best phone I have used! I can't believe that Apple still doesn't have quad core processors!

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They don't need them....mostly because they don't do that much

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Very true. It's a simple fact that iOS is a much "simpler" OS. Combined with the fact that Apple controls the hardware and software end-to-end means they can optimize for the newest device and streamline the code even more.

Unfortunately, it also means that they've built the whole OS around *not* having features that even a lot of iPhone users are begging for.

Work just assigned me a Moto X and its such a nice device. Camera needs a slight firmware upgrade overall but I'll always be an android boy. The day where apple becomes oper source and allows the same amount of customization and ease of file transfer that android offers will be the day I consider them.

I recently picked up a Galaxy S4 after switching from my blackberry (for many many years) In fact I was about to buy and Iphone 5 but the guys in the store didn't seem to want to help me so I walked out and did some searching. I knew that the 5S/C announcment was coming out in less than a week but it would be another 10 days after that if stock was in...so I started looking android. S4 beat the pants off the Iphone and after their latest announcement of phones I feel as though I made an excellent choice. I will admit that the 5" screen was intimdating at first but now I don't know how you can possibly live without it.

+1 to the big screen. I had a Evo (4.3"), then an Evo 3D (4.7") before I got my Note 2 (5.5"). A bunch of friends were like "holy cow, that's a big phone".

But the truth is, it felt "big" to me for about a week. Now it feels completely natural, and I would have a hard time *ever* going back to a screen smaller than 5". I picked up my iPod touch (3rd gen) the other day for a minute (I guess I was feeling nostalgic) and the first thing that hit me was "how the hell did I ever use this thing with such a tiny screen?".


I Have been test driving a Droid Maxx for the past month, sending it back to test drive the G2 for a month. In the mean time, the company is deciding if we stay with VZW or jump to ATT. ATT really sharpened their pencil for us, so the switch may make economic sense.. if that's the case, then most likley I will go with the next nexus - if we stay with VZW, then its going to depend which device (Maxx or G2) is more hackable :)

So far the Maxx has been great. Hoping for great things with the G2 as well. No apple for me.. I would say of the 80 lines we have, there are 20 iphones, 30 android phones, 10 dumb phones, maybe 3 windoze phones, 2 or 3 blackberrys (with the stupid BES) and the rest are either android tablets or hot spots..

I love my Galaxy S4 and everything Android. I would never switch to Apple junk lol. I'm looking very forward to the nexus 5 as I really enjoyed the nexus 4.

Waiting for the Nexus 5...got ios7 last night for my iPad3 and it's like a sledgehammer hit it it's so slow...good luck to all those who are in lines today.

Posted via Android Central App with the HTC One

Tried it on an old iPhone 4 and it was pretty awful - noticeable lag and juddery animation, although expecting it to work on 3 year old hardware was a stretch (I'd forgotten how damn small that thing was, as well).

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Yes and they all get updated. There not throwaways like the nexus 7 2012 slow ass lag piece of shit.

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Hey, you obviously prefer the iPhone, and that's cool. Being able to choose is great. But you also obviously have no idea what you're talking about, since the Nexus 7 2012 did in fact get updated to the latest version of Android which fixed the "lag" issues some people were seeing.

And, as another commenter pointed out, *most* of the high-end phones get updated relatively quickly. No, not on release day like the iPhone (unless you have a Nexus device) but generally it's not that big of a deal. Android two versions old still offers more features than iOS7. And since a lot of the Android operating system is modular (you can replace keyboard and camera and launcher, etc) even those of us that are a version or two behind can grab an app that gives our phones a lot of the same features right away.

No one is demanding that you like Android, but coming here and calling people names does not prove and kind of point.

You guys must like holding your breath hoping that your 2 month old phone is going to get updated or not. Junk

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This is a funny statement because the people who are stuck on those old versions of Android still have all the features that iOS is giving iPhone users right now lol!

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But apple didnt innovate lag or screwed up updating system. Who would buy htc one when it was outdated and still is on released day morons

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lol. Dude, are you so angry that you can't type straight?

In answer to your question, what are you suggesting as an alternative? The iPhone on the latest version of iOS that still wouldn't give them the features they want from Android?

The simple fact is that the Android "fragmentation" issue is mostly a myth. Android is no more "fragmented" than iOS is. Case in point, anybody with a phone older than the 4s isn't going to be able to update to iOS7, so dev's that want people with older phones to be able to use their apps, still won't be able to take advantage of newer features of iOS7.

Not to mention that iOS doesn't deal with different screen sizes as cleanly as Android does (when the app is written properly), which is why dev's have to make separate apps for the iPhone and the iPad.

I get that you don't like Android, and that's fine. But *we* are not the ones looking like morons in this conversation.

Googles stock phone cant even put a decent camera software in it,apples stock phone camera software second to none.

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If those pics of the nexus5 r real, you have to ask if they put any thought in the appearance. Like it was made by radio shack tandy. It looks like a two dollar phone.

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If those pics of the nexus5 r real, you have to ask if they put any thought in the appearance. Like it was made by radio shack tandy. It looks like a two dollar phone.

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Rage is some people's default response to things they don't understand. Or to hide their jealousy. Either way. Take your pick :)

It's like the school bully: he hate's himself, so he's got to try and make you feel bad about yourself to make him feel less insignificant.

@jakecody.... You are obviously a Iphone fan, and that's unfortunate. I've seen and played with iOS7. It is an attempt of apple to catch up with the rest of the smart phone market. If you like Iphones, you like Iphones, and there is nothing wrong with that.
I would like to bestow some valuable information on you...
You obviously are not well informed, and should do some serious research OPPOSE to just listening to other individual's opinions. Plus, with the correct knowledge, you will be able to see through the smoke and mirrors of Apple and their marketing.
Good luck, in freeing your mind.

Replaced my 4s with a HTC one, which I love. Can't see anything from the new iPhones that would make me leave android just yet.

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To each his own, but the iPhone is not for me. Have had the S4 for several months and I'm happy with my decision to get this phone.

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I confess, I just confirmed my purchase of a spanking new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to replace my 2-year old Galaxy Note.

Im jelly. I got the note 2 and tried to do the at&t next thing to get the note 3. No joy. :-(

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I owned an iPhone 4 for less than a day before returning it for an Android, and I never looked back. My exact words to the store "I hate this thing, it feels so confining, I want tweak things however the hell I want." So no, I will not be buying any iFruit today or any time in the future.

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One of my colleagues in the office has been showing off iOS 7 on his 5. Pretty impressive, apparently now you can swipe away apps and the app drawer, sorry, home screen, now looks a bit 3D-ish! Wow! I'll stick with my HTC One, thanks all the same.

Check out 3D Image Live Wallpaper in the Play Store if you want to get this effect on your android phone.

Those features are only new to Iphone users.
My Samsung Galaxy Note 2 does all of that and MUCH MUCH MUCH more!

They would have to change the size significantly and get rid of the 'bucket of apps' layout (as I call it) to spark my interest.

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Well I played with iOS7 a bit on an iPhone 4s, it's an improvement, it's good iPhone users finally gets to enjoy some of the features we android users had for three years now.

I just got my Nexus 4 and it still have higher resolution than the iPhone 5s so I'm not worried about upgrading.

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Picking up my iPhone 5s. Already have a moto x and love it. I need a better camera but will also hang on to the moto x. Of course the nexus 5 will me my one and only if its right:)

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As a fellow Note 2 owner, it's nothing short of amazing to me just how *many* people around here have a Note 2. It has obviously been a much more popular phone platform than anyone expected when the original Note came out.

Personally I *love* my Note 2. I'm not even in all that big of a hurry to pick up a Note 3. Blasphemy, I know, but there it is.

It's also funny to my how many people I know who, when they first saw me with the Note 2 would go "that's a huge phone! ...can I see it?" And then bought one a few weeks later. I can name at least 5 friends/coworkers for which the Note 2 wasn't even on their radar until they played with mine and now they have one. And every single one of them *loves* their phone. A couple more got the S4 instead.

Say what you want about Samsung, they're doing *something* right.

I agree fellow Note 2 owner.
I have had MANY debates with serious Iphone fans, and unfortunately they have been blinded by Apple Hype. iOS7, is a update to catch up with the rest of the smart phone market (high end phones). The new features of iOS7, are not new to anyone that has a Samsung Galaxy S3 and higher.
Personally, I have converted several Iphone users to Android, and ALL OF THEM SAY THAT THEY ARE NEVER GOING BACK!
Our Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - People always say the same thing to me, "WOW, your phone is Huge"... my answer is "It's not that my phone is HUGE, it's that your phone is LITTLE"

I like owning the different operating systems so that I can speak intelligently about them when asked.

I upgraded my iPhone the other night to the new IOS7, but other than refreshed icons I don't get all the fuss about why people think it's so great.

As my daily driver I use the Note 2 because due to my line of work, and in my opinion as a productivity device, it can't be beat.

My next phone will be the Note 3. Large screen and productivity features are my priorities. The iPhone, while simple and appealing to many, offers neither.

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Holy dog poo. There is an intelligent person in this forum. +1000000 The Note 2 came out a year ago and still owns anything out there.

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But this is the best iPhone yet! Y u no believe what apple say?

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Still rocking my good old Thunderbolt. The only major issue I had was user induced when I tried to root it and screwed up. Other than that, it has been very trouble free and reliable. I have no immediate need to upgrade at this moment, so I will probably wait until I actually need to upgrade. Don't fix what ain't broke.

The wife will probably get the I-phone 5C. As hard as I tried to sway her away from it, she saw this "pretty pink" phone and wants it because of that.

Pfft. When I had a Bolt, I ordered an extended battery from China. This thing was huge! A few unexpected details, though. First, it came in a lead box, and, for some odd reason, my hair started falling out shortly after I began using it. But, on the bright side, I never had to charge it ever again, and now I can see in the dark and cook food just by breathing on it. So, overall, the Bolt was a good phone for me.

Awh, the poor old tbolt, that was like 3 phones ago for me.
Yes I know I upgrade too often, As much as everyone hated it, it was a good phone with the right custom rom and a huge extended battery lol.