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Can you turn off the Sense UI on the Droid Incredible? Mmmmmm ... Not just yet


HTC Droid Incredible - Sense UI

It seems that a lot of folks interested in the HTC Droid Incredible want to be able to turn Sense (HTC's custom user interface) on and off at will.  Previous HTC handsets (as recent as the HTC Desire) had the ability to do this pretty easily by erasing Sense as the default and throwing up a choice between Sense or the stock Android home screen after you hit the home button.

Not any more.

We tore into the system files of our Droid Incredible to see what we could find.  After hours of hard work, caffiene and Excedrin, we found some interesting information -- the resources
and artwork for vanilla Android seem to be absent, or at least aren't where we expect them to be.  While we can't be 100 percent  sure just yet, it certainly appears that the Droid Incredible was meant to only run the Sense UI.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing.  HTC clearly has upped the game with the new Sense UI,
as our video walkthrough shows.  At this point, if you're on the fence, the best advice I can
think of is to head down to your local Verizon Wireless store on the April 29 and give the device a spin.  After a few minutes with it, if you think (like we do) that Sense enhances this
particular handset, use your 30 days to find out.

Update: Yep, you can use Helix Launcher 2 on it. So you're running a launcher on top of Sense. Have fun with that.

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4 years ago

Verizon HTC Droid Incredible Review


Verizon HTC Droid Incredible

Over the past six months, the Droid -- and its slightly scary "DROID!" battle cry -- has become the public face of Android smartphones. Today, we bring you the latest in the line -- the Verizon Droid Incredible, which will be available starting April 29 (you can preorder it now) for $199 with a two-year contract.

Special Coverage:
HTC Droid Incredible on Verizon

The Droid Incredible (henceforth simply the Incredible) is a kinder, more gentle smartphone than Motorola's initial offering. It also replaces the Droid Eris -- both devices are manufactured by HTC and feature large touchscreens in lieu of a keyboard.

And the Incredible brings with it the latest version of the Sense user interface, making Android even easier, more customizable and more eye-pleasing than ever.

The buildup leading to the announcement and release of the Incredible has kept the Android faithful in a frenzy for weeks, and the phone should be a strong attraction for those looking for their first smartphone, or for those looking to make the switch to Android.

Click on through for our impressions as we take a look at the Incredible and see if it lives up to its name.

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4 years ago

Official test release candidate for the Sprint Hero 2.1 leaked


Sprint Hero 2.1 RUU leak

I'll spare everyone the drama and back story, but I will start off saying I know XDA user damageless and it's a shame a good developer may have been run off. Damageless, you know how to get in touch with me.  Now that we're past that bit of dirty business, we can get to the important part -- we now have a copy of the Sprint Hero 2.1 latest test candidate.  Follow the break to learn a bit more about it.

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4 years ago

Review: Motorola Devour on Verizon


Motorola Devour review

The Motorola Devour (video hands-on) came at a tough point in the smartphone world. It's the first Android device from Moto and Verizon to come after the wildly popular Droid. And while we pretty much knew from the get-go that we weren't looking at a Droid 2 -- the smaller screen was an early giveaway -- that didn't really seem to lower expectations. In some ways, Moto met them. In others, not so much.

So join us after the break as we take a look at the Motorola Devour and find its place in the Android lineup.

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4 years ago

Review: HTC Legend with Android 2.1 and the new Sense UI


HTC Legend 

HTC's February press event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was a double coming-out party -- it brought us the new version of the Sense user interface, and it also brought us the HTC Legend.

The Legend is the follow-up to the venerable HTC Hero, which was the first Android phone to feature Sense. After the break, we take a look at the Legend and its slick new hardware revision.

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5 years ago

HTC Hero gets 2.1 upgrade April 26 – in Taiwan


HTC Hero

Good news for HTC Hero owners, sort of. HTC has announced on Plurk that they will be rolling out the Éclair goodness for Taiwanese users on April 26th. My own source at HTC America can’t confirm or deny any release date for other countries, but this is official word from HTC finally.

If you haven’t already hacked 2.1 onto your Hero, this should be some welcome news. Just don’t count on it too much, ask a Motorola Droid user about release times for updates and how they can change. [engadget]

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5 years ago

Motorola Backflip First Android Phone on AT&T, Available for $100 on March 7th


AT&T just announced what we already expected, that the Motorola Backflip will become the first Android device on the AT&T network. The Backflip will be available in AT&T stores and online beginning March 7th for $99.99 after $100 mail-in-rebate. Great news all around!

It's interesting that AT&T chose an oddball device (we like the Backflip but it's still an oddball) to be the first Android phone on their network. Plus, since the Backflip runs Motoblur, it's not as "Android-y" as say a Droid or Nexus One. But perhaps people will fall in love with the interesting form factor and unique touchpad, we became quite smitten when we played with it at CES. It doesn't hurt that it's at a great price point either. We'll definitely take this over the Cliq any day of the week.

Who's buying a Motorola Backflip?


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5 years ago

Review: T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition


myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition

One of the biggest Android marketing pushes we've seen this side of the Motorola Droid has been from T-Mobile and the myTouch 3G line. And it's a testament to the popularity of the device that we now have a Fender Limited Edition (see our video hands-on), modeled after the famed guitars. And this has truly been a limited edition, as it's already sold out.

After the break, we go in-depth with the myTouch 3G and, specifically, the Fender edition.

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5 years ago

Nexus One review: Hype, hope and everything in between


Google Nexus One review

The Google Nexus One (hands-on | video review | newsFAQ) was supposed to be the phone that changed the game. That brought a paradigm shift to the wireless space. That made it quick and easy to purchase a cellular device -- with or without involving AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon or Sprint. It was supposed to be a clear line of demarcation between you -- the consumer -- the manufacturer and the Great and Powerful Oz.

It is all of these things. And it is none of them.

The Nexus One was unveiled by Google on Jan. 5 before a select group of journalists in San Francisco and went on sale immediately thereafter. Google dubbed it the "Superphone." Only, we knew it really wasn't. For weeks before, Google had given the Nexus One to its employees -- part gift, part strategy. The worker bees got the phone, were presumably (with a wink) told not to talk about it, and so the leaks began. By the time it became available to the general public, we knew what it looked like, the general specs, and what it could do. Not that it's a slouch of a phone, by any standards. But it let a little air out of the hype balloon.

Now that the dust has settled, we take a measured approach toward the Nexus One. Manufactured by HTC. Produced, sold and marketed by Google. Supported by ... somebody. (More on that in a bit.) Loved by many. Lamented by just as many as just another phone. Join us after the break.

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5 years ago

Sprint HTC Hero & Samsung Moment Now $100 at Best Buy



We had already reported on the potential price drop of the Sprint HTC Hero to $99.99 but now it's officially official. Best Buy has just announced that the Sprint HTC Hero and Samsung Moment will both now be priced at $99.99 with new 2-year contract. We think that having those phones at $99 is a wonderful deal that should hopefully spur other carriers to drop prices on their phones as well (ahem, T-Mobile).

If you had paid $179 for the Sprint HTC Hero or Samsung Moment at Best Buy, hopefully you can still return in and receive the difference? Let us know what happens!


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5 years ago

HTC Droid Eris Photo Gallery


Sincerely, we like the understated looks of the Eris. Plain and simple isn't always plain, if you catch our drift. Plus: there are subtle white flecks on the matted-black, soft-touch paint here. Don't worry, it's not Edward-the-sparkly-vampire level sparkle. As we said: it's subtle, we like it.

More photos after the break, including some head-to-head shots with the Droid.

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5 years ago

Hardware Review: Motorola Droid on Verizon


It's pretty amazing to think how far Android has come in just one year. Just 12 months ago we were getting all excited about the T-Mobile G1 and the promises that Android 1.0 held. Fast forward 365 days and we're looking at all that potential realized--the Motorola DROID is simply a fantastic device and Android 2.0 makes it all the more amazing. The DROID is our faith in Android, re-affirmed. 


But obviously, there's more to the DROID than just realizing Android's potential. How does it all come together? How good is the touchscreen? How sturdy is the build? How good is it as a phone? Read on to find out in our full review of the Motorola DROID!

Hit the jump to read Android Central's full review of the Verizon Motorola DROID!

*we've decided to split our Motorola DROID Review in two--one review for the hardware and one review for Android 2.0. The hardware review is today and the review of Android 2.0 will come over the weekend!*

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5 years ago

HTC Droid Eris Hands-On!


Sure, most of the attention is going to the Motorola Droid (and deservedly so, we suppose), but HTC's little Droid Eris is a worthy phone in its own right -- especially at $99.  If you're a widget-fanatic, HTC's Sense UI on the Eris is really slick, but otherwise we have to say advantage Droid.

Still, we like the Droid. The styling is conservative, sure, but it's great to have a trackball on the face of the phone.

Anybody out there choosing the Eris over the Droid?

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5 years ago

Sub $100 Samsung Android Phone in the Works



We know that Samsung is dabbling with Android, what with the Samsung Galaxy already launched, but did you know that Samsung is planning to release a sub-$100 Android Phone? According to Casey Ryan, Samsung's Product Manager of another device, the Reclaim, "by next year, touch-screen phones, with full Web browsers running the Android operating system will be available for well under $100."

Having a sub-$100 Android Phone in any economy would be a game changer, let alone our current economic state. Details are predictably sparse but we're hoping that Samsung can deliver a compelling option at that price point. That'll certainly get a lot more people into the Android ecosystem!


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6 years ago

T-Mobile G1 Battery Replacements Already Shipping?


Remember those reports that the T-Mobile G1 users were going to receive a free battery replacement for the anemic battery currently in the G1? Well, according to TmoNews, one user has already received their replacement battery and it is packed with 22% more power. The new replacement battery contains 1400mAh of much needed juice while the original battery is at a paltry 1150 mAh. Supposedly, the new 1400mAh battery can be used with the original battery door so there is no size increase.

Kudos to T-Mobile if they really are planning on sending out batteries to us G1 users. But we're not sure if this report can be confirmed since only one single user has spoken up about this. What about you guys? Anyone lucky enough to receive a new battery?

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