The latest ComScore numbers are out, and it looks like the predicted death of Android still hasn't happened.  During October, November, and December 2011, Android still experienced more growth than any other platform in the US.  Keeping the top spot with 47.3 percent market penetration (that's about 45 million and counting), Android grew another 2.5 percent overall.  Apple, on the success of the iPhone 4S and iPad2, also experienced growth during the period, albeit not as much as Android.  Just as interesting, but in a different way, is the fact that the rest of the players in the game lost market share.  Reasearch In Motion, Microsoft, and Symbian, who were once the big three, all lost market share and only hold about 22 percent of the market combined.  WebOS, once again, was a no-show. 

The number of smartphone users in the US also grew, reaching their highest ever point.  ComScore calculates that 97.9 million people now use a smartphone of some sort or another.  We expect that number will also continue to climb, as you can now get an Android or Apple smartphone for free with a new contract.  

On the manufacturer front, things also look much like the last go around.  Samsung still makes the most phones in the United States (25.3 percent of all phones), followed by LG Electronics, Motorola Mobility and Apple.  There's no data about how many smartphones each vendor sells, but we imagine more than a few of Samsung's sales were Galaxy S and Galaxy S II devices.  

We're used to this by now.  Android, with the might of Google and their online services, makes a very compelling argument to choose their products.  We couldn't imagine using any other product.  

Source: ComScore


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ComScore: Android still holds the top spot in the U.S. smartphone market


I must be in the less than 1% who still uses a WebOs phone and Tablet. (I have a Xoom though and I'm waiting on the Nexus on Sprint so don't chase me off the board just yet...)

There is a TMobile store next to where I get my hair cut and they had a bunch of windows phones on display and the store was packed with people. I was tempted to walk in and look at some phones but there were too many people in the store.

"the predicted death of Android still hasn't happened" WTF?? Really?? come on.... Why is it "predicted" to die?

I don't know who predicted Android to die... but this data is very interesting.

Google's Android has 47% of the US market... from multiple manufacturers and dozens of phones.

Apple's iPhone has 30% of the US market... from a single company with only a handful of phones.

Very interesting indeed.

Line 1 on that chart is represented by a bunch of companies and tons of products...

While line 2 is a single company with a tiny amount of products.

I just think it's interesting. Is that OK?


If iOS were on 50 phones, the market share wouldn't be changed by much. It MIGHT go up by a few points because of people who want a screen they could actually see, but it's doubtful there'd be much more than a minor bump. Of course, Apple would lose market share in hardware as people got to actually choose what they wanted in a phone...

Funny that Android is #1, Good, too. I own a Droid 3. I also own a webOS phone. [pre2] and there are things I like better about each. I still don't know how symbian has any market or RIM, but they are losing at least.

As a pre1 user and a Xoom ICS user I agree 100%, I still like moving around in WebOs better than Android, but Android has widgets and desktop magic.

I actually hope that with the open sourcing of WebOs that there is some melding magic that occurs to give us better synergy and card flicking on Android.

"We couldn't imagine using any other product."

I can. It would go something like this...AAHHHHHH NOOOO!! WHY OH WHY!!!! PLEASE, NO MORE!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

I think its a shame how far BlackBerry has fallen.. I know there are times when I still miss my old curve LOL.

4.7%? Really Micorosft? How pathetic. I wonder how much of the 4.7% is simply Microsoft employees. There was a guy on the exercise bike next me at the gym and he had a Windows phone. Of course, it is Redmond. There are Microsofties crawling all over this area. You can spot them by the glazed look in their eyes.

I thought apple would gain a little bit since their one device came out in that time frame, but I see that android still made more gain. Perhaps apple should reconsider the value of choice.

There is no value in choice to a certain extent.....see where PC manufactures are today? They are all going down hill as they loose to Apple that has superior hardware and software because they control the hardware and software and are able to do things with both parts. They are all scrambling to come up with iPad competitors and Mac Book Air killers, etc. I love choice but the phone market is loaded with to many phones, a normal consumer is going to go out and not know what to buy and which phone to get because of all the choices. You go to buy an iPhone and the hardware is basically all the same except the space, how much space do you think you need. Very simple for the consumer to understand and buy. If they buy a piece of crap Android phone because they had too many choices and ended up with crap that is their first experience and a bad one.

cashxx for an Apple Fanboy you sure spend a lot of time here on Android Central. Are you researching to find out what Apple will come out with next? Don't worry, I'm sure they will act like they invented things like NFC, LTE, larger screens and widgets. Go ichat somewhere else.

There is no difference in Hardware between a normal PC and an Apple Computer. It's all using the same fundamental pieces. With apple, you are just paying sometimes up to $1000 more just for the software and "experience" of apple.

And I will give you that, Apple's software on the Desktop and Laptop platforms is superior to Windows, although it's really only that way because it's running its own linux kernal.

Personally, I don't care about what some "other normal consumer" wants or thinks. I know what I want, and that is Choice. I enjoy my freedom to choose between devices and pick the one that fits my style and preferences best. Currently there might be "too much" choice, thanks to folks like HTC vomiting phone and phone, but that should get better in the coming years.

To me, opting in to Apple is no different than opting in to a dictatorship government, founded by a whiny, selfish, egotistical, brat of a man (read his biography - its disgusting). Even with him dead and gone now, Apple shows no signs of improving and I doubt they ever will.

Tangent aside however, on the hardware side of things, PC's and Macbooks have the same hardware. I also noticed you threw "iPad" into a discussion about PC manufacturers... the only response needed to counter that having "better hardware" is to point to the Prime.

HP experienced growth and is still the dominant player in the market. Nice spin, there idiot.

Apple only gets counted as a serious player (globally) if you include the iPad. So if you squint just right and cock your head and pretend a lot, then Apple is the dominant player. Otherwise, it's barely consequential with it's 5% market share, vs. HP's 17%.

PC manufacturers aren't losing to Apple. Apple currently has 10% of the PC market. 10% =/= winning.

Also, companies definitely are scrambling to come up with iPad competitors (and succeeding). Last year iPad market share was about 90%. This year it's 60%. Next year it'll b 30-40% and it's only downhill from there.

I don't understand how you fruityfanboys can continually ignore the power of choice in the market. It happened with PCs, it's happening with smartphones, it will happen very soon with tablets. It's not coincidence that it's happened in the 2 largest tech markets of the 2 last decades, and it will continue to happen.

I can't wait to show this to all my iSheep friends shoving iPhone 4S sales numbers in my face the last few weeks. Even with all those phones sold, Android's market share still increased more than Apple's did. Laughing my f'in a$$ off.

Hey, Kudos to Apple. They know how to make a profit off of stupid hipsters and grammas. And that's cool. I applaud this. After all, it helps me know who the smarter people are. :)

What bothers me is that there is no Android version of the C-SPAN Radio App. There's an IOS and RIM, but no Android. I contacted the developer and he said he is waiting for C-SPAN to request one. I've tried contacting C-SPAN, even mailed a letter to CEO Brian Lamb, but no replies as of yet.

Looking at the dates of these findings Sep-11 and Dec-11. Dec was shortly after the 4s release, being a U.S. smartphone market poll. the Verizon Nexus just came out when these numbers were taken. if these are 3 month increments I am curious to see in March the results of the Nexus being out long enough possibly on Sprint by then, and the Note on AT&T and etc. I would almost expect bigger numbers for Android by then, as 4s hype would have died down by then. Then shoot up again when the iPhone5 releases. Ebb and flow!

From a free market view point, choice makes good business. As well, spending all your profit to present a slightly changed phone is just suicidal too. Now for the pre_apocalypse history lesson for Apple. Internal power plays, division and sell-off productions, dissecting and selling the place piece by piece. Apple iPad 3 in the community college museum alongside Texas Instrument TI-99...