In Short

"Mercury" is a codename associated with the early-2017 keyboard-packing BlackBerry Mobile smartphone announced at CES 2017. As it stands, Mercury is still a codename and not the official name of the product, despite the fact that BlackBerry Mobile has actually shown off the phone and confirmed that it will officially launch in February 2017.

In keeping with the limited information, BlackBerry Mobile is also choosing to not release official specs for the handset. Various rumors based on leaked information show that the Mercury will have an unusual 1620x1080 resolution display at 420 ppi, which works out to roughly a 4.63-inch diagonal display size, and some level of mid-range Qualcomm processor such as the Snapdragon 625.

Though the official specs will be unveiled in due time, we do know the Mercury's final design. The general look is not unlike the sliding keyboard Priv, though the keyboard is fixed at the bottom of the handset making the screen smaller. The lack of a slider mechanism means the Mercury can be smaller overall, as well as built from a solid metal unibody. The keyboard has the same set of features found on the Priv in that it is backlit and operates as a touch surface for gestures, but the space bar also doubles as a fingerprint sensor.

The Mercury is also set to be the first BlackBerry with Android 7.0 Nougat, though the software currently being shown looks very similar in terms of design and features to the Marshmallow builds currently available on the DTEK50 and 60.

We'll see it all unveiled at MWC 2017 in barcelona at the end of February.