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+Russ Clark asks,

I have a G2 and it is a great device, but this attention by Moto towards the Moto X makes me wonder if I should sell my G2 and switch. I know you used the G2 for a bit, what input would you have about that idea?

We're hearing this a lot. Not necessarily about the G2 or the Moto X, but anytime a phone makes the news because the manufacturer is doing something right, people get interested and start thinking about switching. While the people who make these phones probably love seeing and hearing about this, does it really make sense?

Consider why you bought your G2. Chances are you really liked what it had to offer just a handful of weeks ago when you bought it. Nothing has changed. It's still fast, still has the best camera on any Android phone, and still has a killer LCD to look at it all. The Nexus 5 having Google Now built into the launcher, or the Moto X getting KitKat before anyone else didn't change any of that.

Soon, the Moto X will stop being on the front page of any of the blogs. The phone you're holding — whether it be the G2, or something from Samsung or HTC or any of the other OEMs — will have it's turn there. You have to remember, that your phone not being plastered all over the blogs means it's working well and as intended for most users, the same way it did when it was brand-new. 

Keep that G2, Russ. Use it well and enjoy all that it can do for you. And when it gets KitKat or something else happens that should be front and center, be sure to let us know.

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Ask AC: Should I switch phones because updates?


Typical argument we see everyday from useless guys.

You must be one of those guys who says every year that this is the 'year of linux desktop' or how much G+ is enhancing your life compared to FB..

Yea, we know you.

They should put you guys under 'endangered species' column.

No one buying any phone other than a nexus can expect timely updates.

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Moto X just changed the game on that. I wonder after the 4.4 update will all the updates that follow be just as quick...food for thought I guess.

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Timely updates sure aren't solving a crappy camera are they? You buy the phone for what it can do, not for the couple of updates that come from an Android OS upgrade. Everyone knows that Google's services being decoupled from the base OS means the OS updates are not something worth wetting yourself over these days.

You better if its a LG phone that isn't a Nexus... LG takes the cake for not getting updates out to their phones.

If he still doesn't want it though feel free to sell it to me :) I still want a G2

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The only way the Galaxy Note 3 is going to make it on the front page is when carriers or Amazon start giving Gear's away for cheap/free.

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Sell it because it's just not as good a device overall!

I don't know how many people would agree with me, but after having used numerous devices from 4.0 through now 4.4, the difference between the versions are getting smaller and smaller for the end user.

My phone was on 4.1 and I was running 4.2 and then 4.3 through ROMs, and then had a Nexus 7 with 4.3. When I dropped my phone back to the stock 4.1 ROM I couldn't figure out what was missing that I used in 4.2 and 4.3.

When I had to get my phone serviced and dropped back to an even older phone for a few weeks that had 4.0, aside from Google Now I didn't seem to mind.

And now with having used 4.4 on my Nexus for a week, I can't see anything over 4.2 to worry about.

So Android is at the point IMO where updates aren't as big a deal and I certainly wouldn't change phones over it.

I just got KitKat on my N4 and I noticed right away that it is snappier and I like the visual changes. After sideloading GEL, the improvement is even more apparent. I've even abandoned Nova (temporarily?) for the new launcher.

I haven't gotten 4.4 on my Nexus 4, yet. But, I am liking the Google Experience Launcher. I have yet to install Nova on my Nexus 5. Hopefully, Google adds some customization options to the launcher.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

I am in the same situation. I was using Nova beta before upgrading to 4.4, don't get me wrong it is great and still the best 3rd party launcher. But GEL on the N4 at least is great. Love the animations, resizing of the app icons, transparent nav bars, and Google Now integration. Very impressed so far.

That happens almost anytime you get an update. As often as not its a mixture of the fact that your cache partition was wiped and then placebo effect

Posted via Android Central App on my daily driver, the Droid MAX

Or...it could be actual incremental improvement in OS efficiency as OS developers tend to affect.

Yes it could be, but if I had dime for every time someone said their phone was faster after an upgrade only to find a week later it was back to about what it was pre-upgrade, I'd be rich!

Part of this "phenomenon" is due to Google moving the core applications to the Play Store. Google Now is probably one of the (if not the only) major applications that requires 4.1 or higher. Other than "Now," I believe most of the apps only need ICS to run.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

The smoothness of the entire os has vastly increased with the updates.. And stability... So it may look similar but it you can tell easily if side by side.. Esp pre 4.1

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"Should I switch phones because updates?"

I know this is the Internet but couldn't someone have proofread the question in the headline?

Maybe if you are a spelling-challenged cat that has a hankering for a meat sandwich. In a respectable tech blog it's silly.

If this trend continues we'll soon have AC staff using the dubious verb "rocking", proclaiming missteps as "fails", and remarking successes with the odious "FTW". I will rue that day.

No. It's rue.

rue[ roo ]
verb (used with object)
1. to feel sorrow over; repent of; regret bitterly: to rue the loss of opportunities.
2. to wish that (something) had never been done, taken place, etc.: I rue the day he was born.

Yeah, this headline freaked me out too - if it's a word count thang 'due to' would have worked better than 'because (no of)'.

But Jerry is still the man.

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Agreed, I can't tell you any features in 4.4 that I don't have or can't get on 4.3. I guess if there is more butter, that is good, but outside of that, 4.3 is fine until Kit Kat drops for the S4

OSes should be environments that allow the running of applications that provide features. Expecting the OS to supply features beyond the basics is looking in the wrong place, in my opinion. That's how OSes end up bloated.

And Google really understands this. Look at KitKat; what they've accomplished up until now.

The keyboard is separate. The launcher is separate. Every additional function is being broken out of the OS.

Look at the focus of Kit Kat: improved multitasking. Improved touch response. Better performance. Reduced memory requirements. Kit Kat is all about the core, and they REALLY did enhance it. The OS feels faster on the Nexus 5 than simple hardware buffs could allow.

That's my first impression as well. I thought 4.3 on my N4 was plenty fast but now everything seems just that much quicker. Even something as simple as unlocking the screen has been made more snappy.

It isn't important for me to have the latest and greatest as soon as it releases. For me what is important is tweaking my phone to work for me and work efficiently and honestly once I get it to that point it is hard to move to a new device and relearn.

It's funny. I set my devices up the same way everytime. It one of the reasons I go to the custom ROM route.

It is stupid but I like my clock centered and some of the other tweaks

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It depends on your personal preference, if you are like me and must have the latest software don't even chance it, go with nexus. Moto seems like their on board to be quick on the updates as well, and keep it close to stock. If updates are... Meh...to you. Then go with specifications that suit you best.

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One word! XDA... hmmm isn't that actually three words.... never mind

Anyways, the bad thing is that at some point the manufacture is going to nix that phone for updates. So far the only phone series to get great OS upgrade treatment is the Nexus line and even then they have to cut the cord on older devices.

I think that it is hardware first then OS. I have the LG OG and it is a great phone with a crappy camera(Sprint version). I am on KK now due to XDA so I see no need to jump ship just because of the OS, but for the camera.... yes.

Lg also is very quick either their updates either and the moto x is a very awesome phone.

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"still has the best camera on any Android phone" - Is this really the case? I just got the G2, coming from my year old HTC EVO 4G LTE (worse phone name ever btw) and I actually think my HTC took better photos. A lot of my photos from my G2 seem overprocessed.

I was playing around with a Moto X and a G2 the other day (I own neither) and if I had to choose one it'd be the LG device.
I was one that ragged on LG during their Optimus G line (riding Samsung coattails), and laughed when we found out they were making the N4....then I used the devices!
While I think the X is a great phone it didn't feel as "finished" as the G2 in my hand, it also felt tiny, even though it's still a 4.5+ inch phone.

These are my opinions yours may differ.

I always do a lot of research before getting a new phone because I know I will be stuck with it for a whole year, that's why I get a phone that I know will be future proof, I got a HTC one back in September and all the new phones released after it hasn't enticed me enough to make a switch

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I came to the realization when I sent my Nexus 5 back: Google doesn't update but once, maybe twice per year. And those updates are rarely ground-breaking. They have a few nice new features, but not generally something you can't live without. And a lot of the manufacturer skins actually have better features.

Stock Android just doesn't hold the appeal it once did. Yes, it's always fast and fluid, but so is Sense 5(.5). Yes, it's bloatware free, but you can almost always root and remove bloat.

This has been something I've been thinking about a lot lately as a T-Mobile S4 user. To date the T-Mobile S4 hasn't received a single software update since it was launched. That lag that plagued early reviewers? Still there. Apps on the SD card? Still a pipe dream. I was hoping some of my larger issues would be resolved when we got the 4.3 update on Monday, but the update was pulled before T-Mobile deployment ever began.

There are updates for the sake of updates (Android updates), and there are updates for the sake of bug fixes. I really don't compare about the first, but after seeing the speed with which Motorola and HTC have been handling bug fixes (along with Android releases) the software issues that Samsung and T-Mobile have been promising would be resolved soon are becoming less and less tolerable.

Switching devices because I don't have 4.3 or KitKat? No chance. Switching devices because the device software is buggy and my carrier doesn't seem to have an interest in fixing it? Yeah, I'm considering it.

I have a T-mobile S4. I feel your pain. Honestly, every time I open the gallery, the camera, the messaging app, or the keyboard I FEEL YOUR PAIN.

They need to get that taken care of, and it's already past time to do it.


I'm with you. I had the Att gs3 for about a year and the little bugs that were addressed in my nexus 7, we're not being addressed by Samsung or Att. I got fed up and bought a nexus 4 when it went on sale. It is might and day. Everything works now! I get picture messages from people with iPhones the correct way. My keyboard is what I set it to.

Now I'm upgrading to a nexus 5 for a better camera and bigger screen. I trust that it will work and that bugs will be addressed better than when using other phones. I've decided to stay away from non Google phones until other manufacturers and carriers figure this out. Motorola seems to have it figured out, but let's see how fast other carriers follow T-Mobiles lead...

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I think the LG is a giant POS. The screen is Meh, its bright and compared to AMOLED's I dont care for it. But the UX, OMG, its an abomination. And the camera is NOT that great on it.

I actually like the HTC ONE better than the LG. Ive used them all as well.

Right now I have a Moto X (was going to get a Nexus 5, but wanted the Active Notifications & Moto Assist).

The screen kind of sucks on it, but the phone is great in every other way.

Thats why Im getting a Nexus 7.

Jerry, +Russ Clark here, thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my comment not by just posting a comment on G+ but in a article. I didn't go into a ton of detail on G+, so here is a little bit more background. Part of the reason I was looking to switch was because I had the GNex on Verizon, I loved that phone and what it offered, even though updates seemed to come quite a bit more slowly than other carriers (I was using ROMs to stay current). I may be vainly hoping, like I did with the GNex, that it will be the exception to the rule of Verizon taking months longer than others. As it stands I miss using Wallet, I know not many people use it but I did and had a few places I was able to, I miss stock Android (yes I know there are 4.3.1 ROMs, they all seem to have some issues, I am actively watching Gummys thread and the development of 4.4 which may take care of my first desire). As for the reasons I got the G2, I was impressed with the screen, speed (and hopefully long life: read usability) and the hope that its similarity to the Nexus 5 would allow easy porting. All of that said, I am on Malladus (Modded Stock ROM) using G2 Xposed to make the stock interface closer to stock Android. A couple of things I was very impressed with from the G2 were the battery life and the IR Blaster.

The biggest thing I am worried about is what seems to be LG's tendency to not update devices, I have to agree with another poster that updates starting at 4.0 have seemed to get smaller and smaller but the jump from 4.2.2 to 4.4 is enough combined to make me worry that I made a mistake. I was one of the lucky Verizon customers to take advantage of the bug allowing Unlimited Data customers to keep their data and use a contract upgrade. I just wanted to make sure I didn't make a rushed mistake. I wasn't sure if the Moto X would be Verizon's faux Nexus device or their and Google's "something in the works". Add to that everyone's glowing reviews of the Moto X and the features like Active Notifications, Touchless Control, ect.

Thanks again for your response!

So use the phone and it will either get updated or it won't. If it gets too out of date for you sell it on eBay and get whatever looks best at that time.

Like T-Mobile's Uncarriering, a couple of companies are starting to differentiate themselves by updating promptly and are getting lots of good press. I think we're entering a time where you'll see most all top of the line phones get timely updates or both the manufacturer and carrier will lose business.

For me updates are important. I have a Moto X on republic wireless and found out the phone won't get kitkat until "early 2014" I'm not having that. I'd rather pay more and get a GSM version with a wood back that'll get timely updates. You also have to think about security updates and whatnot. I hate waiting for updates.

Updates? You're talking about updates? Updates? (ala Jim Mora "Playoffs"): ;P

Updates are not without risk. :( IMO, I value stability over frequent updates, which often made me feel like a beta tester when I had a Nexus 7. :(

In the end though, I go back to this AC article, in particular the part about "Update anxiety". :)


With that comes a sort of “update anxiety.” If you’ve dropped by any smartphone message board, such as our own forums or XDA’s, you’ll know what we mean by this. Threads abound asking when ICS, or Jelly Bean, will be available for certain devices. In the event of delayed or even canceled updates, Internet denizens swear they’ll never buy another phone from that manufacturer or carrier again. It’s an entirely negative ownership experience.While this isn’t representative of the entire user base -- not by far -- it’s an example of how many power users experience Android smartphones. They’re always behind the curve, always waiting on an update, never fully enjoying the product that they’ve bought as they’ve bought it. Part of that is the fault of the tech press -- we’re always focused on what’s new, and that means talking about software that hasn’t yet reached most folks.

Always buy your phone for what it is at the moment -- rather than what it may become in the future.

Exhibit A: the Galaxy Nexus

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I mostly think some ppl are way to much in to updates. All the updates since jelly bean arent any thing so drastically different that it is such a big deal. And if the phone works just fine then there shouldn't be even an issue at all because of not having the latest software. I mean how many things we use that arent always the newest? Car's, TV, to just name a few. Or do we always buy the newest Car or TV that comes out? I don't think so.

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I was agree when it comes to the various iterations of jellybean. Those were mostly just lock screen widgets, so not a deal breaker. However, kitkat is noticeably faster and the ram optimization has improved. It's mostly under the hood improvements, but the experience is zippier.

Also, the comparison doesn't exactly translate. You aren't factoring in complexity. I don't need a different operating system on my microwave or TV because they are pretty simple. However, with a more living, breathing OS, it matters more.

Plus it's fun. We pay good money. We should get a great experience for our money.

But there instances where u sometimes just should leave a software be if it worms. Then pretty much everyone one of us know that sometimes an update does more Harm then Good.

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The only real negative to following sites like Android Central closely is that you face each and every day the newest tech that you do not have. In their defense, this cannot be avoided on the part of Android Central or any other tech site. However, being constantly aware of what is out there that is "better" than what you have breeds dissatisfaction where there might not be any for those who are not Android fans like us. We see it every day in our friends and family who think we are crazy for always wanting the latest and greatest. But rest assured fellow Android fans "we covet what we see everyday."

Even though the G2 offered the most, in terms of features, that I was looking for in a new phone - I removed it from my short list, given LGs lackluster performance in providing timely updates. I've chosen to go with Google/Motorola for the foreseeable future even though they're not as spec'ed out (for now) as the other OEMs. That, and the skinning just kills it for me.

I will always recommend the Moto X, and not just because of the updates. Actually, until two days ago that wasn't even a big selling point for me.

Sent via my Verizon Moto X

I will stay with the Moto X because it's compact build, no bezel, fast updates, and the customization option.

And most importantly, from just holding and trying out the phone, you can feel the passion and work Motorola into this phone from the physical build to the optimization to the Active Notifications and Touch-less Control. That's what got my attention.

I got Verizon to give me a Moto X to replace my Maxx HD. Picked it up at the right time.

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Spent the week with a Nexus 5. Even taking out the pen features, there is nothing that the N5 has that the Note 3 doesn't. Both are fast, both can be customized, the Note takes way better pictures.

The advantage for the Nexus is updates, but who needs them when you have all you need in a phone. Sure they sharpen the rough edges maybe add a trick or two. But to date, it hasn't been a substantial upgrade since ics to jb.

I like the new launcher though but not a deal breaker

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That was about the most predictable conclusion possible. In other news Repbulicans prefer Ted Cruz over President Obama.

The Note 3 and the Nexus 5 are two different classes. If you value the Note 3 for what only it can do of course the Nexus 5 isn't going to be satisfying.

Hey, you gave it a try, instead of blindly making a conclusion. I can respect that, brother. You got a great deal on your Note 3 (that keeps getting better); I wouldn't switch to anything else, for awhile.

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Hello! It's a LG!
As an owner of a Optimus G, I have a different opinion. I chose the G over a Nexus 4 for some simple reasons: LTE, Micro SD, better screen, and $99, I needed a plan anyway. I felt that being LG's FLAGSHIP, I'd have some support. Yea, right. I've gone from 4.0 to 4.1.2, and it's not AT&T. So while it still works wonderfully, no lock screen widgets etc. Updates can open up brand new features, and while Samsung, HTC, Sony all seem to support not only their flagships but down line also, LG doesn't. A G2 is an incredible phone, but you may NEVER see an update. Never again for me...

No manufacturer is perfect and HTC, Samsung and Sony have not upgraded devices in the past for no good reason. Remember the Sony X10 flagship device that they never bothered updating? HTC deciding not to update the One S a mere 15 months after release?

And the G2 has already seen updates. I've had one on my European G2 already (and yes, an incremental bug-fix update is still an update and still counts as manufacturer support).

A phone upgrade should be considered for reasons better than simply keeping up with the Jones's.

SwiftKeyed via Android Central App

I think you're missing the point, Jerry. It's not so much about the phone you have now, it's about where that phone is going to be a year from now. Sure, it works great right now, but is it still going to be on the same OS version that it shipped with, or is it going to be on the latest version?

Personally, I would absolutely change manufacturers from one who was slow with updates to one who was quick with them.

...but then I already have an HTC One. ;)

I would always stick with my choice of phone and wouldnt let upgrades dictate a switch. You buy that phone based soley on the facts that does it meet your requirements at point of purchase? If the answer is yes then wey hey and if not you look for that device that does. Its flucuation Motorola is at this point getting speedy updates but that may change and then if you have based your purchase soley on rhat premis then your going to be dissapointed, being content and patiant is always best :-)

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"...being content and patient is always best..."

Couldn't agree more, brother.

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I can confirm this. My son's N7 was updated last night via OTA. It was a pleasant surprise as I gave up waiting on 4.3 and sideloaded it last summer.

It works pretty well. Does anybody know when Google Experience will be officially released?

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This is exactly why I haven't switched from my Pantech flip phone. Consider the reason I bought it: to make calls and take calls. None of that has changed. It still has great phone-call quality; the battery lasts nearly all week on one charge; and it has none of the bloated, overpriced fluffery of a smartphone.

Very well put Jerry. Got the G2 and love it. There is always something shiny and newer but in the end it works awesome and when it stops working then it will be time to replace it

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Just got Kitkat on my Nexus 7. There's very noticeable speed and ram improvements. It's the first time I've seriously considered rooting my HTC One.

I had this same thought this week. I had a little Moto X 4.4 envy ( I owned a moto x for about a month give or take ) I thought about selling my Note 3 and getting the Moto X again since I know the Note 3 most likely, won't see 4.4 for months.

I changed my mind. The Note 3 is awesome. I love it. And 4.4 really isn't that big of a change from 4.3 that I have now.

Love my Note 3

(besides) I will be buying a 16Gb Moto G just for the fun of it soon as it hits. =)

Rubbish. I say switch to an OEM that cares about its customers enough to push timely updates to many of its devices. It's time we started throwing our support behind OEMs that who make a real effort.

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Updates past 4.2 aren't that big of a deal on my opinion, not worth trading for unless you don't like your current phone. I traded my S4, but that was more because I was tired of the locked boot loader and I missed on screen buttons. Particularly a dedicated multitasking button

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As an OGD, GNex, and now VZW G2 owner I'm over stock android. I will take all the bells and whistles on the G2 that stock android doesn't have any day, especially on a previous generation hardware of the MotoX. I have root and custom recovery, if I feel like it I'll throw a ROM on it but don't feel like wasting a couple hours doing it. Call me when CM isn't buggy or there's a custom ROM that offers me all the bells and whistles along with stability that I have today, never going to happen.
Now go enjoy your phone and the weekend, unless your trying to get a custom Kit Kat ROM to actually work with complete stability and battery life that you enjoy today then good luck to you. Hopefully you'll get some sleep between ROM flashing and reading XDA & RootzWikifor possible fixes.

I appreciated this question. I'm a G2 part owner, Sprint still has me for another year, but reading the tremendous amount of info about the new OS, nexus, LG, Note etc etc etc ...got me thinking do I need a new phone, a better phone? I was impressed with the answer Russ got & it made me feel much better! Thank you! Proud owner once again if my G2...p.s. I love my Nova launcher!!!

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If I had a choice to be stuck with an update for some time, it would have to be 4.4.

Posted from my "CrackDroid" Nexus 4 via the Android Central App

If anybody should complain, it should be us note 2 users, still on 4.1.2. My wifes s3 updated to 4.3 this morning and it is much more snappy with a few changes to the lock screen and notification bar. I have been listening to the jeopardy jingle for a while now waiting on a update for my note 2. Samsung is making me justify switching to a Motorola that much easier.

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