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Android shipments for the past quarter surpassed 255 million, making up nearly 85 percent of all smartphones shipped in the three-month period. According to a quarterly report out of IDC, Android set a new record for shipments in the quarter, growing 33 percent over Q2 of 2013. The big growth came in the lower-end device market, with 58.6 percent of Android phones shipped in the quarter retailing for less than $200 off-contract.

Android's share of the smartphone market has almost doubled in the last three years, according to IDC's numbers, though the distribution among Android manufacturers has flattened out. Samsung commands just under 30 percent of the market now, compared to 40 percent two years ago — with manufacturers like LG, Huawei and ZTE cutting into their sales.

Q2 2014 smartphone shipments, IDC

Though Apple's shipments in Q2 grew by 12 percent year-over-year, its overall market share dropped to 11.7 percent from 13 percent. Windows Phone holds on tight to its third-place position, but IDC reports that Microsoft's platform commands just 2.5 percent of the worldwide smartphone market.

Source: IDC


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255 million Android phones shipped in Q2 2014, according to IDC


Hopefully some of the more 'worthy' OEMS get more substantial portions of the Android world. That said, though marketshare took a hit Apple isn't doing bad at all. The market is just growing faster than they can...

Everyone says that people buy Android since it is "cheap", but according to those numbers almost 10x more people paid > $400 for android than iphone did. ~51m for android compared to ~5m for ios.

No, you read that wrong. It sells more than any single Android, but all high end androids out sell it by many times over.

FYI without the US propping up iPhones sales the iPhone is absolutely nowhere. Its slowly being wiped out in most of the rest of the world.

Not at all, I have facts on my side. In fact im rooting for Windows Phone. Android has already won, its windows i want to see grow now.

What am I calling 'flagships'? Well im not basing it on iphone specs since even a Moto G outspecs the pitifully outdated 5S (and 30g of aluminium isnt worth an extra $500). Frankly the 5S might be a flagship, but its not high end by any definition, its not even all that wonderfully made.

You were already proven wrong by AOSPrevails below so suck it up.


Math :
19.82% of 255 million Android device >$400 =50.54 Million
84.60% of 35.2 million iOS device >$400 = 29.78 Million
1.01 Million Windows phone in >$400 range
Apple Controls less than 36.62% OF THE >$400 range(29.78/81.33) market.

Keep in mind the N5 doesnt qualify for the >$400 class, yet is high end and sells reasonably well, as do several others that vastly outspec and out quality the 5S.

The other problem for Apple is that it doesnt really keep prices lower in poorer markets, whereas Android OEMs do, so a few other phones that would qualify for the >$400 market in the US sell for less in others.

If the s5 sales suck, at around 50+ million... Then I don't know what to say to you. The note 3 sold 30 million.

Right there is 80 and we only hit two phones

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I'll admit that I was wrong about the graph. But, that is only for one quarter. Apple controls about 60% of the >$400 market ongoing.

Its over priced thats why its even in that segment, it shouldnt be. Androids dont even need to be >$400 to be superior devices.

The myth is that Android wins by being cheap, that not true, it wins by being better value, better AND cheaper.

Okay, whatever. Bye.:)
BTW, I have an iPhone 5 and a Droid Maxx, and love both of them. Maxx for large screen and battery life, and iPhone for the user experience out of the box. But the large screen iPhone 6 will probably bring a lot of Android users to iOS, as they want a bigger screen than the iPhone has and now it will be available.

People like you spend an awful lot of time trying to justify their overpriced 2010 spec device dont they?!

Where did you come up with the >$400 figures? You do realize that Apple controls about 60% of that market, don't you?

Reading comprehension would help you! That is saying that iOS smartphones >$400 controls 84.60% of the >$400 market, and Android has 19.82%. It isn't talking about % of shipments. You're welcome. Get it right if you are going to post it.

You could use your own advice. He is correct! Look at the last graph, it shows 84.6% of 35.2 million Iphones have their prices are more than $400!

Look at the last graph at the bottom of the link pappy53, you are the one lacking reading comprehension. I am not totally surprised that an iSheep would make that mistake.

Also: 84.6% & 19.82% would add up to over 100%, so your interpretation of those numbers is false. Again I am not surprised that an iSheep fails at math and can't read.

S4-- 50,000,000
S5-- 15,000,000
M8-- 500,000
M7-- 5,000,000
Nexus 4-- 375,000
Nexus 5-- ?
G2-- 3,000,000
G3-- ?
Note 2 and Note 3 combined-- 40,000,000

iPhone in 2013-- 150,000,000 (and will top that this year)

By on the note. They sold 20million in the first on the s5 selling only 15m.

Actually all your numbers are off except maybe the g2 and I only give you that because I am not sure

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Your figures are way off, and you ignore about 80% of the flagships out there. There is world outside LG, Sammy and HTC.

Oh i know, its not like its a secret or anything, im just letting you dig yourself in deeper. Its working. Fanboys like you love to do it.

You dont think I know about Sony(!), Huawei, ZTE, Motorola(!), Xiaomi, Acer, Asus.. the list goes on...

All make high end devices, all better than the iPhone in my opinion.

It's good that you have that opinion, but we aren't talking about which is better. I love using both platforms. I listed 9 flagships, and you claimed that they were only 20% of the flagships, so I am asking you to list the other 36 current flagships.
Anyway, I'm outta here. Catch 'ya later! :)

You realise OEMs can have more than one flagship right? Why did you ignore Motorola, Sony etc? I it because then the figures wouldnt support your argument? The maths has been done, you were proven wrong, end of story, I dont need to list every high end Android and I dont have the time.

I was wrong on the graph for one quarter, but not on the 60% fact. If you can't list the flagships, then don't make your claim.
As I said earlier, and as Curly Bill would say, "Well, bye". :)

You were wrong, it was proven, these are worldwide figures, you know that, right? The US is something else and there Apple does have 60% of the >$400 market, indeed without that market Apple is nowhere, at all.

I dont need to list every device when the maths already proves you wrong. Face it. You need to stop fixating on minor points and accept the big picture.

Nobody gives a shit about the tiny amount of marketshare apple has left...even if it is more significant at the higher end.....the war is over, and apple got their asses handed to all that's left is for android to take the last 11%.

well, let's make it 9%, so apple and Microsoft can fight for the scraps with equal insignificance....lololol

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Not to mention how many iphone's have broken and had to be replaced with a new iphone.

Everyone I know that own's an iphone has had it break at least once for that model. Half the people I know have each broken their iphones crappy fragile design at least 2-3 times that they have owned them.

Do you really want to go there? The iPhone forums are mainly questions about how to do something with the phone, while Android forums are full of problems with the phones. I own both, with no problems with either one.

Blackberry, it's time to call it a good run. The other category shipped more units.

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At this growth rate, Android will literally own 90%+ of the market by next year. Reminds me too much of Windows monopoly. And that's not good. Google needs to be cautious with having that much power over the market, the EU is hoping for even a single reason to cut them down to size no matter what.

I don't think we are anywhere near that, or that it's necessarily a bad thing even if that was the case. Remember, Android is an open system and there are people making innovations to it all the time. It's not some monolithic thing where there are no variants, or there is only one manufacturer. People tinker with it all the time to add functionality and I don't think it's prone to epistemic closure.

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Love how Blackberry is clinging just barely above the "others" category yet the folks over at crackberry still predict a comeback.

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Then look in the back of the pic... The poor little secluded iPhone.

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Somewhat disappointed for Windows Phone. I was hoping it would pass iOS by the end of 2015, thats looking less likely now, but we will see.

The sad fact is most of the low end androids have better specs than the massively overpriced fruity phone.