Vodafone Call+

Vodafone today announced Call+ Android users, rolling out new services to help improve the quality of calls placed on supported handsets. The UK network has ensured that the new Sony Xperia Z5 smartphones work out the box with the new services, meaning you'll need to do absolutely nothing to take advantage of enriched calls, should you purchase a new Xperia.

Call+ and Message+ follows the company's previous launch of Wi-Fi Calling on select handsets. But what exactly is it all about? Vodafone has worked on features the network believes you'll need during a call. Such features include adding information and a level of importance when placing a call to add context. Things get more advanced on Xperia Z5 or Z3 smartphones with content sharing in real-time during said calls.

You'll be able to draw on a map or photo and do other cool things to add more layers of interaction while speaking to someone. And if you can't get through to a contact who is using Call+, you can opt not to leave a voicemail and add a text note to the call to explain why you're contacting them. And to view your history will unlock useful information from previous calls, including pictures, maps and whatnot.

As noted above, owners of the Xperia Z5 (or Compact) or Xperia Z3 (or Compact) running latest firmware will have Call+ already integrated into their phone. For everyone else on Vodafone, you can grab the Call+ and Messenger+ from the Google Play Store.