In last week's poll we asked What your favorite new phone of 2016. It's been a great year so far for phones with great options like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the HTC 10. Trying to decide on which phone is your favorite can be a struggle with so many options. Still, it seems that the HTC 10 is the phone that's won your hearts for best new phone of 2016.

The HTC 10 came in first place this week, snatching up 41.63 percent of the vote. The Samsung Galaxy S7 was a close second with 37.75 percent. In third was the LG G5. grabbing up 14.02 percent. The Huawei P9 managed to roll into fourth place with 3.69 percent. In last place with only 2.91 percent of the vote was the Sony Xperia Z5.

Did we forget a phone that should have been a contender? Are you on team HTC 10? Let us know where you stand in the comments!

HTC 10


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