Galaxy Note 4

Carphone Warehouse has altered its availability dates for the Galaxy Note 4, meaning those who pre-order the device now won't receive their package until the last week of October. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has already been delayed in the UK and was confirmed to be launching on October 17. Those who have already pre-orderd will still receive their units on time.

Both EE and Samsung's own store still report that both sources will have units available this week. It's not currently known as to why Carphone Warehouse has moved its delivery dates for the Galaxy Note 4 to the 27th for new orders, though this could be demand outpacing available supply. As touched on above, if you already have an order standing with Carphone Warehouse, you should receive the smartphone at launch.

Be sure to check with the retailer for more details on your order status. We've reached out to both Carphone Warehouse and Samsung and we'll update you all should we learn anything.

Source: Carphone Warehouse, EE, Samsung via: Android Central Forums

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